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Hi – please bear with me… my questions appear crazy! I mean, honestly, in May, who needs to know precisely where to buy yogurt on the morning on Thursday, July 12?? Well, I do… Please do not think I am some nutty micromanager, scheduling my family’s trip down to the second!! I am asking these questions to save my own sanity, and keep the family happy and fed, on a trip to a place I’ve never been before. We have lots that we want to see and do, and I don’t really want to waste time just looking around for food, eating dry granola bars, or wandering around with crowds looking for which store I’m supposed to go into for a deli sandwich! I just don’t know how big the "towns" are inside YS, how easy it is to find what we are looking for, which store, general store, park store, etc, has food. So, please keep that in mind; my intentions with my questions are only positive and for the best!!! 🙂 Ok, on to my actual questions…. (sorry for the length).

We have decided that what fits our family best is "light cooler" use on this trip. By that I mean, most breakfasts on the go, and many lunches on the go. BUT… not buying ice blocks, multiple trips to ice machines in hotels, keeping raw lunchmeat iced overnight, etc. We are bring a small cooler for day use only. I’m happy to grab some ice to keep lunch cold and some drinks, but that’s about it. We’ll have most dinners at restaurants in the park.

So, what I am in need of is advice on where to buy breakfast and lunch foods basically on a daily basis… what can we get? Where can we get it? Sandwiches night before? Breakfast sandwich to go in the morning? Is there enough in the park stores (don’t mind paying a little extra there).

For lunch, I really want to picnic. I have a good route and itinerary planned with lots of options to stop for lunch and be outside. I used picnic recommendations here, and this site too: https:/…picnic.htm. (Happy to hear your fav picnic spots). But, I need food to eat on my picnic! Help! Here are my ideas.

7/11 – Coming from Bozeman/ Gardiner. I know I can get supplies in those towns, but again, I am not looking to do tons of grocery shopping. Lunch around Mammoth area. Does Mammoth have sandwiches to go? Picnic right outside Mammoth? Lava Creek?

7/12 – Wake up at Canyon – Western Cabin. Heading through Hayden, to Lake, Fishing Bridge, and W. Thumb. Breakfast – granola bars? Is there yogurt or breakfast sandwiches at Canyon, quick and easy? Where can I get sandwiches or lunch stuff between Canyon and W. Thumb? Lake Hotel Deli? We may picnic around Lake; Steamboat Point, looks like tons of picnic spots there; or closer to W. Thumb. Just depends on where we get hungry.

7/14 – Wake up Roosevelt, plans to hit Lamar early! Probably fast granola bars or something for today. After Lamar, heading back thru Canyon, to Norris (see basins), Madison, and night OF. Long day with picnic lunch when we get hungry. Where can we get sandwiches to go? Maybe at Canyon on our way back through there? Is there food at Norris or Madison?

7/15 – Wake up OF – Snow Lodge Cabins. Geyser day, good day for breakfast to go, granola bar, or maybe fast breakfast sandwich. OF Bake Shop? Hoping for lots of geysers and Fairy Falls Hike; maybe picnic on hike. Where can we get sandwiches to go for OF area?

If the thought of packing a cooler makes you nervous, then don’t. The information here are not requirements. You don’t have to have a cooler, you don’t have to wash out your clothes at night, you don’t have to run to Beehive. You can relax and enjoy your vacation as your travel style suits. Want a stop-photo-go trip? Do that. Want days in the geyser basins (Steamboat went AGAIN last night!), do that. Want to drive in, turn a direction and stop at will? Do that. Want a daily plan of options to work from? Do that.

But to not provide the information for those who ask questions, and do want a ton of plans, information and lists because others don’t would be unfair. On all topics here, please, just take what works for you. Most are here because they want help planning. We are all adults that can take what works for us and ignore what doesn’t, and understand that it is OK, no one is checking at the gate to see if you have a cooler or not.

EBCmom had an excellent post. There are reasons for wanting coolers. If they are not your reasons, that is fine. No stress, no worries, no need to be nervous. If they are and you want cooler and food and picnic help, it is here. Edited: 9:48 am, May 20, 2018