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Brublind, Jancer, and Rorik go down to see how things are going in the lab. As it turns out, Liriel is also a member of House Torixaxos, and is helping Maxiref in his experiments. Maxiref asks Rorik, who is afflicted with the strange death curse that has overcome him, if he’d like to be augmented by the Mother, but the eldritch knight declines. Jancer says he’s up for it though, and does as Maxiref says, offering himself up to the tumorous creature and allowing it to swallow him.

Meanwhile, Rorik and Brublind go upstairs and consult with the lieutenants of their army of former slaves. Tobin wonders aloud what is in the basement, but they reassure him that, while it is a boon to their cause, it is best left alone. After coming up with a plan of attack, Rorik looks through the books taken from Kabal Koribesh and finds that among them is the entire detailed process of becoming a lich, as well as several powerful spells. He is concerned that there doesn’t appear to be any phylactery among the artifacts. Pleedleploplina tells him that if the lich returns, they’ll kick his teeth in again, she’s sure!

• The first comes from Pazuzu, who’s whiny, mocking voice once more tells Jim that he’s been left unable to fulfill any of his so-called "duties" to his companions, leaving them to fend for themselves. gas exchange in the lungs is facilitated by What’s worse, the fate of the entire world hangs in the balance with Graz’zt and Lolth working to pull their world into the Abyss, and Jimothy is completely helpless to stop it. Pazuzu offers a way out of the diamond however, IF Jim renounces his oath.

• The second is from Maxiref’s goddess, Kiaransalee, the cold mistress of revenge! She knows of Jim’s past with the drow loyal to Lolth—how they enslaved and butchered his kin, betrayed him and his friends, and countless other acts—acts crying out for REVENGE. She will free the paladin from his imprisonment if he swears an oath of vengeance on both her behalf and his own.

• The third comes from a servant of Zariel, the Angel of Zeal and archduke of Avernus. Their master has taken an interest in Jimothy, as he has proven to be an unyielding force for law, just as Zariel has always been, taking the fight to the demonic hordes when most angels are content to simply sit in Heaven and watch from afar as chaos tries to take over the multiverse. They want HIM to swear and oath to Zariel’s cause and turn the tide of the Blood War in law’s favor!

Heading towards the temple aboard their folding boat, Brublind channels the power of his ‘Control Water’ spell through the transmutation segment of the Rod, and the water level of the lake beneath them rises and rises. The lower terrace of the vault of Urvae Ch’lloth, including the farms and waterfront of the city proper, is completely flooded, with the first floor of the temple itself going along with it.

A massive, serpentine wastrilith and a gang of hezrou burst from the water in retaliation, as the wastrilith claims that it is the "lord of these waters". As it prepares to attack, Pleedleploplina ‘Jump’s out of the boat and brings her trident down into the top of the demon’s head. The party’s army advances aboard mushroom cap rafts and engages the other water demons as Pleedle shouts,

With the temple growing closer and closer, the flock of vrocks, chasmes, and nycaloths spiraling around the edifice begin to swarm towards the party. The vile spores of the vrock rain down on the party, but Sporp blocks them out with his own spores. The myconid fires off ‘Eldritch Blast’s at the fiends and leaps onto a low-flying demon’s back atop his spider spore servant as, suddenly, dozens of fleshwarped creatures emerge from the Torixaxos Estate, meeting the aerial guards in battle. Sporp relays a single message back to his friends via his rapport spores,

The party disembark onto the second story roof of Lolth’s temple and try to burst through one of the windows, but the window seems to absorb the blow, revealing to Rorik’s shock that the "glass" was an undead shadow in magical stasis! It attacks, but Jancer takes control of it using his necromantic mastery. Rorik slices through the wall with his macuahuitl of sharpness instead, entering a vast chamber beyond.

Stalls and booths covered in all manner of goods fill the convention hall on the second floor of the temple—the heart of LolthCon 668. Twelve drow guards engage the party as they enter the hall "without passes"! Jancer’s back-up dancers hold off a majority of them. gas leak chicago Brublind animates a horde of stuffed animals that smother one guard to death, while an animated pair of tables crush another. Rorik gets into a one-on-one duel with a guard, each of them grabbing foam swords off of a table as they battle on the stairs leading up. Jancer blinds many of the guards using his jacket of scintillating colors, sending one thrashing blindly into an inflatable ballpit full of tiny beholders.

A twenty-by-twenty chamber welcomes them, filled with the dazzling light of a ‘Prismatic Sphere’ that has been erected around the two floating fragments of the Rod of Seven Parts held by the drow. In each corner, a statue of a bent male drow holds the ceiling up upon its back, while the battle raging outside is visible through the tall windows.

All being spellcasters, Brublind, Jancer, and Rorik are able to discern that the protective spell around the Rod pieces is made up of seven layers, each of which must be dispersed in a different manner—that, or someone must go through all seven layers in, and then back out, exposing themselves to the effects of each one. The Black Antlers wisely choose the former and get to work, freezing away the fiery red layer, and dispersing the acidic vapors of the orange layer with a magical gale.

Before they can get to work on the yellow layer, there is suddenly a point of light that zooms towards them from outside, a flash, and an explosion as a ‘Fireball’ lands in the room! Jimothy, from inside his gem-jail, watches in horror, helpless to protect his comrades. The windows shatter, but before the party can recover, a plague of biting insects swarms through the new openings, bade enter by an all-too-familiar voice.

Jorlan Despana levitates towards them from outside, his hand still licked by fire, while the arm that once ended in a gnarled stump is now a limb of adamantine. Shaela Vaeglowers from her perch upside-down on the roof, her lower body now that of a bloated spider, not unlike Ilvara before her. Honemmeth leaps through one of the broken windows with a roll and a grin. gas x strips review Undren Well-Lanned Fightingman Stonehand Drakebrandturns visible on the roof opposite Shaela, scowling as much as she is.

Rorik charges forward and meets Jorlan in battle on the rooftop. He admires Jorlan’s new arm, while the drow scoffs at Rorik’s own. Rorik begins singing the praises of its maker, Jaraltanth Kalparanius as they fight. Honemmeth begins harrying Brublind and Elspeth, creating clouds of shadow that he bursts from with his daggers. Jancer starts throwing out ‘ Counterspell’s to stop Undren and Shaela from using their magic, but isn’t able to stop both of them, let alone Jorlan. Brublind uses ‘Haste’ on Jancer to make his job a little easier. Shaela inflicts Rorik with a disease called Fleshrot that only serves to exacerbate his current predicament, making him vulnerable to each blow of Jorlan’s that hits. Honemmeth knocks Jancer into unconsciousness to stop his helping hand.

Before anyone can celebrate however, a portal opens, and two figures step out: a regally-appointed drow priestess, and a draegloth. She clicks her tongue disappointedly at Jorlan, who’s omnipresent smirk fades at the sight of her. The party notices that Shaela’s face goes pale (as pale as a drow’s can) at this woman’s arrival, and Undren’s scowl somehow gets even bigger. She introduces herself as high priestess of Lolth, Eclavdra Eilservs.

The draegloth— Zinera Eilservs—runs forward to engage Rorik, and Eclavdra orders Undren to aid her daughter. The dwarf doesn’t seem willing, but the eldritch knight watches as blood begins to pour from his nose. gas x strips side effects It’s just as he read in Selvatarm’s notes: Undren is under a ‘Geas’ spell, forced to serve the drow until the Rod of Seven Parts is remade, or someone removes the curse from him. gas definition science Undren grumpily casts ‘Haste’ on Zinera.

Meanwhile, Eclavdra tears open the weakened fabric between the planes, calling forth a glabrezu known as Bezilak the Silken Fang. Bezilak takes in the battlefield with appraising eyes. "I see you do still have my number, Eclavdra. I take it you called me for business rather than pleasure this time? A shame." That’s when the glabrezu notices Shaela Vae, "Ah, one of your young wards. She has grown into quite a succulent woman, hasn’t she? Perhaps if you are lucky, I shall gift you with a draegloth instead, little priestess." Shaela visibly shivers with fear.

Brublind, seeing the tome that Eclavdra used to open the Abyssal ‘Gate’, hears Iggwilv’s voice in his head. She growls in anger—that is HER book, and Graz’zt gave it to "that dark elf hussy!" Brublind uses ‘Telekinesis’ and throws Eclavdra like a rag doll out a window and into the lake. Zinera the draegloth lets out a howl and lopes towards the transmuter, but Jimothy grabs her by the tail and Rorik slays her with his sword.

Shaela is cornered just as Eclavdra climbs out of the water and back onto the roof, angrily ordering the junior priestess to slay them all. Shaela attacks with her death lance, but Jancer resists the necrotic energy coursing through it. The drider is grabbed by Jimothy and sliced in half by Rorik with his macuahuitl of sharpness. The eldritch knights looks down at her as she dies and says,

The Black Antlers proceed to bring down the remaining layers of the ‘Prismatic Sphere’ and engage Jorlan Despana. Though they far outnumber him, the entire party is worn down from the battle, while Jorlan is still relatively fresh. He drops Jim, Jancer, and Elspeth into unconsciousness, while Rorik provides a challenge that the drow seems to be enjoying.