Breakthrough as us and china agree to ratify paris climate deal _ environment _ the guardian

David Waskow, the international climate director of the World Resources Institute, a Washington-based thinktank, described the US-China announcement as a sign the world’s two largest economies had moved from “making commitments to delivering action”.

“When the two largest emitters lock arms to solve climate change, that is when you know we are on the right track,” Waskow said. Electricity voltage in usa “Never before have these two countries worked so closely together to address a global challenge. Gas bubble There’s no question that this historic partnership on climate change will be one of the defining legacies of Obama’s presidency.”

Ranping Song, the group’s China expert, called the announcement “a tremendous milestone” in the fight against climate change. Gsa 2016 “[This is] the two big countries coming together to acknowledge the challenges and then working together to tackle them,” Song said. Gas up shawty “It’s good news.”

“The world finally has a global climate agreement with both the US and China as formal parties,” said Jennifer Morgan, the executive director of Greenpeace International. Gas numbers stove temperature “This signals a new era in global efforts to address climate change.”

In Washington, the Republican-controlled Congress has questioned Obama’s legal right to ratify the accord by decree, noting that the constitution grants the Senate a role of “ advice and consent” in making treaties.

But the chamber does not ratify treaties, and the US also has increasingly relied on “executive agreements” since the second world war. 9gag Those agreements are not submitted to the Senate but are also considered binding in international law.

The Paris agreement, sealed last December after two weeks of frantic negotiations, must be ratified by 55 countries, representing 55% of global emissions, in order to come into force.

The news that the world’s top two emitters – who are together responsible for about 38% of emissions – would formally ratify the deal is therefore a major step towards achieving that. Gas pedal lyrics Graphic – how Paris deal could come into force

Shortly before Obama landed in Hangzhou, China became the 25th country to ratify the agreement. Electricity generation by source by state It said the move would “safeguard environmental security” and was “conducive to China’s development interests”.

Song said the move increased the likelihood that the Paris deal would be implemented by the end of this year, possibly even before November’s UN climate summit in Marrakesh. A gas is compressed at a constant pressure of “This would not be happening without the US and China ratifying the agreement,” he said.

Climate campaigners now expected a ratification “surge” in September, with other major emitters such as Brazil, the world’s seventh largest emitter, following suit, Song added.

Li Shuo, Greenpeace’s China climate policy adviser, said that if the international community did succeed in bringing the Paris deal into effect by the end of 2016 it would have been achieved “at lightening speed” compared with most international treaties.

Under Obama and Xi, US-China relations have been blighted by friction over issues such as the South China Sea, cyber espionage and, more recently, a planned missile defense system in South Korea.

But Sam Geall, the executive editor of China Dialogue, a bilingual website dedicated to environmental issues, said the announcement underscored how Beijing and Washington had managed to find common ground on climate change.

He said a breakthrough towards a UN deal on climate change had been on the cards since November 2014 when Obama and Xi jointly announced a secretly negotiated agreement to slash greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity song Geall said: “Certainly in terms of US-China relations, it is the one area where they have created a proper, active, cooperative relationship … [There are] a lot of flights back and forward, a lot of cooperative projects on coal, on renewables, on energy-efficient buildings, on innovation. Gas utility austin There is a lot of substance beneath the announcements that come out.

Geall added: “I do think it is part of Obama’s legacy and it’s surprising that it hasn’t been talked about all that much in that context actually. Lafayette la gas prices He managed to help get something really constructive going after the failure of [ the 2009 climate summit in] Copenhagen.”

Geall said China’s leaders, who have vowed to cut coal consumption and draw 20% of the country’s energy from non-fossil fuels by 2030, also deserved praise for their commitment to cleaning up. Electricity laws physics “Not only is it the one area where there is productive US-China cooperation, but it is the one area where China is actively behaving like a superpower and they are actually taking on the responsibility of having that immense weight in the emissions talks. Hp gas online booking They really have shown some leadership and that has been reflected through the UN climate process.”

Beijing’s resolve was the result of a growing awareness of the dangers of pollution and climate change and how “there is a national interest in China in the low carbon transition and in being the leading suppliers of the clean technologies that we will need in a carbon-constrained world”.

Jake Schmidt of the US-based Natural Resources Defense Council said: “Only a few short years ago, countries were trying to drag the US and China into the global climate agreements and now these two countries are among the first to join the new legal regime. Gas in california That is an important shift in the dynamic.”

Nick Mabey of the UK-based environmental thinktank, E3G, said: “US and Chinese ratification sends a strong signal to investors and businesses that they can continue investing on the assumption that the Paris climate deal will be delivered.”

Bob Ward of the London School of Economics said the move would encourage other countries to move quickly and added: “Importantly, it should also make it more difficult for Donald Trump to renege on the Paris agreement if he becomes president of the US.”