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D R Senevivasagam Park is located few km off the Ipoh town. It has many trees and most of them are quite old which provide shade to most areas of the park. It suits all walks of life of the people, may it be children, lovers, the families and even the old. The park is famous and a good place to have a picnic and to do recreation and to watch of birds as many bird species come there. Children have a free area to move around in playing and the parents don’t have to worry about them once they are at it. Few people do jogging in the mornings and do walks during the evenings. There is a bicycle tack and a walking paths also It is a clean and calm place. Almost all of the facilities are provided for the lovers, kids,youngsters and the the elders. The park is well maintained.There is a man-made lake named as the Japanese Garden.There are large fishes and tortoise seen in the ponds. One boundary of the park is the Kinta River which makes the park even more beautiful. The bamboo section is near Japanese garden near the Kinta river . The main thing is,the Park provide opportunities for the people to get fresh air as the town area gets polluted with exhaust smoke thrown out by vehicles. .

I am an avid walker and photographer, and when I visit Ipoh I can think of no better pastime than to put my Nikon into my backpack, take a towel (the weather can be hot and sweaty electricity 80s song most days, so this is a must), one of the excellent maps available free at the kite electricity generation Ipoh Tourist Bureau on Jl Tun Sambanthan in the Old Town, and of course a bottle of water, and just hit the streets. I often go up Jl Dato Onn Jaafar, past the two beautiful old Art Deco cinemas (now so sadly semi-derelict and looking like they are slowly falling down, relegated as they are to other uses in this non-cinema going era), the large The Store with its five floors of incredible bargains of every sort and even a supermarket, and the Waller Court low income housing blocks, surely a classic example of early 1960s Brutalist architecture at its horrific finest – beyond all this a left turn will lead me to… a truly lovely and refreshing green area known as the Taman DR Seenivasagam, Ipoh’s best green area and one of the hidden delights of this delightful small city. The park is not particularly old, but has a number of attractions well worth stopping to look at. On the east side, walk along the sidewalk past the sports ground to the old (colonial era) electricity sub-station, then turn left just after this building and walk into the park. One or two minutes away you will come to the Japanese Garden, a lovely and beautifully laid out small Japan style garden given to the City of Ipoh in the 1990s as a gift from a sister city in Japan. The garden will take you about ten minutes to stroll through, but is well worth stopping here and there to admire the beautiful trees and other vegetation and record some of this beauty on film or pixels. At the south side of thelake is a gazebo with most welcome shade from the hot Ipoh sun and, directly in front, a small red bridge leading to a man-made island where you will get by far the best view of the lake overall. Perfect for photography, an ideal place for a selfie or ten. Take the time to walk completely around the small lake and admire the lovely views from different geographic positions. Enjoy the cool. The heat and humidity so common to Ipoh seem to dissipate if not entirely disappear in this garden, and for the duration of your time here you can easily believe you are not in Malaysia but in a small Japanese town in the cool mountain highlands. The gardens could do with a good clean-up and a little more water in the lake, but these are only minor imperfections. It’s an enjoyable place. At this point you will be faced with a decision-making experience: where to now? You could go one of four gas after eating ways by the calendar points. Let’s take them in sequence. One, go south and walk away from the Japanese Garden (you must exit at the small gate which is to the east of the gazebo and then turn right) and explore the green areas and the children’s playground before exiting at the Waller Court complex and turning left to return to Jl Dato Onn Jaafar and the shopping area. Two, go east, out the gate and walk in a more or less straight line to the sports ground, then turning either left or right to take you to the north or south boundaries of the park. Green areas, the sports ground, majestic trees, probably sports matches. Three, go west, out the north gate (the way you most probably came in) and turn left to take you to the Kinta River, bypassing the northern main exit to the park (near the electrical sub-station). Two and three are nice walks but not overly exciting in tourist terms – lots of green, cool, nature, sports being played, nice people out to enjoy the day. Do the east and west walks if you have ample time and electricity 4th grade worksheet just want to enjoy being in the nice cool green surrounds of the park. Say hello back to everyone who greets you. Ipoh people are friendly folks. You are never in danger in this park during the day. Four is, to me, by far the most interesting as it will take you along the Kinta River. Turn back and walk out the way you came in, turn left, and in a few minutes you will be at the Kinta Walk, where you can follow the river on either side back to Ipoh’s Old Town, a 20 minute stroll, much of it under welcome shade. As an avid photographer, I favor the east walk – ie the left side as you face the track as I find there is much more to see on this side, notably views of the western area of the park, an amenities block (which may or may not be open, it seems to keep distinctly odd hours!) and a little further along, a restored npower electricity supplier number old tin mine smelter, a project by the Kinta Riverfront Hotel and Suites (the tall building directly on the opposite side of the river,accessible by a small foot bridge if you decide to cross at this point. The tin mine buildings are worth well a stop to examine further as you will see some truly unique and ‘local’ constructions ever typical of the industry as it existed in Perak State from the 1870s-1880s until the mid 1980s when tin suddenly became worthless on the world market and it all got shut down. Large pipes and a pump house and a sluice are all a delight to photographers but be warned, high ISO speeds will be the norm here given the low light levels under the trees. Try 800 and chimp your shots often. Lots of scope for detail work here. At this point you can go back into the park or opt to continue your walk along to the Guan Yin temple, a very old Chinese temple complex dating to the 1870s and perhaps older, situated almost at the bridge over the Kinta at Jl Sultan Idris Shah. Time here for some more photography and a rest in the shade enjoying the lights and the sweet smell of incense being burned on the temple altars. A bit of back-tracking here. When you were at the start of the Kinta River walk, did you happen to glance across the bridge to the large Hindu temple on the north opposite side, and, a little further, the Chinese temple nestled into the limestone hill? Both are very old and well worth a brief visit, albeit with a few words of caution: keep a wary eye on the dogs running around loose, especially so at the Chinese temple. they seemed to be quite wary of me when I recently visited, but I did fear that one or two of them were intent on proving that their bite was as bad as their bark… The guidelines here appear to be, keep your distance and they will keep theirs. Maybe. The park is an ideal place for families with children or couples seeking a quiet spot for an alfresco picnic or just a short break from the hustle of the nearby city streets. Look for one or perhaps even two children’s playgrounds in the south and west areas. I am not sure if dogs are allowed in the park (they appear to be along the Kinta Walk if two signs I saw stating so in English are up-to-date) but I did meet and make friends with several friendly cats who came over gas in back shoulder to say meow-hello and enquire about food, which they got. In all, a delightful break from the hurdy-gurdy of city life. Allow up to one hour and you will see it all. Plan for several rests in the shade along the way and enjoy a snack and water. You will feel truly refreshed afterwards.