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This doesn’t happen often to me, maybe 2 times gas dryer vs electric dryer operating cost a month. When I go to bed I feel fine etc. but the moment I cross over from being awake to unconscious sleep, I stop breathing and instantly wake up, gasping for air. It feels like all my air is exhaled but my brain forgets to do the important inhaling part because I have to do it manually once this starts to happen. I get a rush of adrenaline and my heart beats fast when I jolt awake – its quite terrifying actually. But it makes it hard to fall asleep.

When this does happen, it happens every time I finally drift into sleep all night, possibly 100 times (I never bother counting because I just want to go to sleep). I’m not really sure how I fall sleep eventually, but it takes hours sometimes. At one point I must just be so tired that I fall into deep sleep faster than it takes my body to realize that I’m not breathing inwards and wake me up. However, I’m always alive in the morning, hooray. Once I get over the bridge to sleep, obviously my brain must kick back in and breath for me.

I have no trouble actually sleeping, I am the deepest sleeper in my family and only wake up because of thunderstorms, earthquakes, or having to pee really bad. I don’t snore or choke in my sleep, I’m not tired during the day except when I can’t fall asleep till 3 am, and I don’t have any other sleep problems. I’m 21 years old, female, and not overweight. Also, this is not something that happens throughout the night, only when I’m awake trying to fall asleep, suggesting that it’s not sleep apnea. There are many other people I have found with this identical problem, and most of them (except for the ones that also have sleep apnea) have failed sleep tests for apnea. Also it only happens once or twice a month. I’m guessing that it might be triggered by stress or anxiety, but this also causes me to freak out every 5 minutes when I start to cross into sleep so trying to be calm isn’t really a viable option.

I want to know if anyone has been given a name for this strange condition by a doctor? Anyone have anything they have done to make it stop when it happens so I can just go to sleep? I haven’t found any recent forum post about it so I was thinking maybe there have been super awesome advances in understanding this in the last year? If anyone has any information at all, please share! I want to figure 8 gas laws this out before it starts happening more often. Thanks people!

About 20 years ago I caught a cold, and ever since I was congested. Went to the doctor, got tested for allergies and got scoped. Found out I had developed allergies and had a deviated septum. Surgical and weekly allergen shot solutions seemed to guarantee they would temporarily make you worse, with far less guarantee they would eventually make you better. So I coped with combinations of nasal sprays, Claritin and a Netipot for the past 20 years. Sometime early on in the 20 years I developed the sleep jumps you all described. I believe it was because I was so in tune with my breathing and if I was stuffed or not, I developed the breathing anxiety. Over time I have become much better at remedying my congestion issues, but I still have the anxiety jumps even if my nasal passages are clear. I am married and like many people with breathing problems I like a fan on me and window open, even in the winter, which of course the spouse loves. About 6 months ago I fell asleep in the front room, fan on, window open and got the best sleep I had in a long time, so I started sleeping out there. My wife is not thrilled about it, but she can be toasty and I can freeze my butt off and we both sleep great. Up until two months ago, I could begrudgingly handle everything. Two months ago, the sleep jumps came back, but now the duration I can sleep is also being affected. Now I get 2-5 hours a night max. Saw my doctor yesterday, he didn’t mention sleep apnea, getting tested, etc. I think 76 gas card login I need a new doctor because you tell him what you think is wrong and that is what he treats he doesn’t look at other options. Last night I took the new treatment, had clear nasal passages, but still the sleep jumps. So I guess what I am trying to figure out is if a) I have sleep apnea or anxiety. Short of a test, does anyone know if apnea is consistent or can it leave for months on end and then return. b) If you can easily sleep 8-10 hours and then within a few days drop consistently to 2-5 hours a night would this be more indicative of apnea or anxiety.

I believe it’s caused form stress, even if you don’t feel stressed, I think subconsciously our minds are and they are still running around even after we fall asleep and are overly exhausted. i have alway electricity production in usa had anxiety (never seen a doctor about it) and recently the last few months it has gotton really bad where I have actual panic attacks(where I feel disconnected or out of control of my body and everything around me, it surreal and scary) out of no where even when I’m not thinking about anything. Since I have been dealing with these crippling attacks I started having the same issue with the sleep spells. I have never had a problem with sleep before I could sleep for 24 hrs and not even know it I love sleeping. But the last few months, not every night and not even on the nights that I have attacks, I get woken up thinking I am holding my breath. I believe my mind is not fully shutting down because even though I might not feel stressed my body is. I wish there were more studies done on this because it is a real pain.

I completely agree and I believe its stress related. Few month ago I had breathing issues everyone was describing and it went away eventually. The last nights it came back and last night I had it for much longer than usual, this was when I started to worry. I was scared to fall asleep just to experience it again. I turned on TV and listened to it whilst having my eyes closed since I was so tired. I have a history of panic attacks and anxiety on and off since 20years. My life has been rather stressful and sad recently so I am not surprised it came back. Our mind needs an exhaust and stress must come out somehow. Some people develop a strange nervous habit, some people experience a pressure in the throat (like feeling something is in there) although everything is medically fine, can be anything and some stop breathing when they fall asleep. Does make sense, doesnt it? Some of you may think but I dont have anxiety, it can manifest in different ways and can be rather subtle. If I dont have severe anxiety, deep down I at least gas x ultra strength directions worry a lot. What a waste of time really. But stress alone could do that I am convinced. I guess doing exercise would be a good exhaust or yoga. BTW when I feel anxious during the day I sometimes have issues breathing in deeply. It takes a bit, like breathing shallow few times until I can breathe in deeply. I reckon its the same sort of thing. If you read up on anxiety and panic attacks its all too normal I guess once we accept it, it gets easier whilst working on stress relief.

I like everyone that posted also have sleep apnea symptoms. I have had a breathing problem since my Jan 2011 lung surgery. So it scares the hell out of me when I fall asleep I wake up gasping for air and my heart rate is fast. It would only happen to me once in a while and I would take tums and I would be fine as it seems like acid reflux may be a contributing factor to this problem. Last night every single time I dozed off I would wake back up almost immediately gasping. I did have acid reflux symptoms and took 5 tums current electricity definition physics as well as pepto bismol and nothing helped. Now I am fearful that it is going to happen all the time and I won’t be able to sleep at all. Was awake all night. I was taking Ativan to help me sleep and want to go off it because it is addictive and wonder if that could have happened last night because I stopped taking them without weaning myself off them. If that will prevent the gasping then I will stay on them. Any thing is better than the feeling that you just stopped breathing. I dread going to bed soon because I am fearful of it happening again tonight. The breathing issue that I was left with was difficult enough to deal with now this. If it wasn’t for bad luck I would not have any at all. I do agree that more studies should be done so we all have a better understanding of it. I hope it goes away for all of us as it is really scary.