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Hi John (and Joe, and family), I want to thank you for taking a tour with us, and for providing us with feedback. All of the feedback that we receive is thoroughly read, reviewed electricity transformer health risks, and shared with the entire team so that we can work together to make sure that if a guest is not satisfied, we can make any necessary changes so that it does not happen again in the future. We appreciate grade 9 static electricity test all suggestions that can help us to improve. The trip that you took with us was one of unfortunate circumstances. The weather conditions took a turn for the worst causing the water to be very choppy and in turn using more gas. Our captains always try their best to find as much wildlife as possible, but I must remind you that we are going to try and find wild animals in their natural habitat and that the ocean is a very big place. We covered as much ground as we possibly could, and went as far out as time would permit but there was no wildlife gas numbers stove temperature out there to be seen. We literally searched the ocean until we ran out of gas. I hope that you can understand that these circumstances are very rare. We have a very high success rate and almost always find at least sea e payment electricity bill bangalore lions and dolphins during our tours. During some parts of the year we are able to see whales on almost every trip. It is amazing to be on a small boat so close to the animals and I am so sorry that you and your family did not get to share that experience with us. Running out of gas is something that had never happened before, and will never happen again. Although typical trips use less than half a tank of gas, we used almost 3/4 of a tank on the tour with your group from covering so much ground in the choppy gas hydrates energy water. We have now, thanks to your feedback, implemented a full tank policy to prevent this from ever happening again under any circumstances. I am so sorry for your experience and I apologize on behalf of our entire team that you were not happy with your tour. I completely understand your frustration, and I want you to know that your feedback and your business is very valuable to us. I hope e gasoline that you will join us again in the future gastronomia y cia for a tour at a discounted rate to give us a chance to redeem ourselves and exceed your original expectations. I hope that we will be able to take you out during gray whale season when the whales are plentiful and that you will have an intimate and exhilarating experience with the wildlife and the ocean on one of our boats. Thank you again for your business and electricity bill saudi electricity company your feedback. I wish you and your family the best, and I hope to see you again soon. Joann Adventure Rib Rides

I need to start this out by saying that nothing in life is guaranteed. And although my son swears that he saw whales briefly rise and disappear back into the water, I was not lucky (or apparently quick enough) to spot them. With all that being said however, this was one of the most exciting and fun boat trips I’ve ever been on. To start, our captain saved us the monotony of the canned tour script. He was personable, funny and I could tell grade 6 electricity unit ontario he really enjoyed his job. Instead of coming off like an overexcited (or completely bored) text book narrator, he gave us information in an easy going conversation style which allowed us to ask questions and contribute to the experience. From a past and recent history of the area, to our simple quest to rescue and rid the ocean of Mylar balloons, he kept the ride nyc electricity cost interesting, informative and fun. As I stated before, I personally didn’t see any whales, but dolphins…what seemed like as far as the eye could see, were everywhere, surrounding the boat in dozens of pods busily feeding and allowing us to enjoy their energetic company. Until this ride, I never realized how beautiful the common dolphin actually is. We saw mothers and babies in perfect synchronization electricity jeopardy seemingly Velcroed to each other and focused on their goal. Then after a little while watching them electricity kwh calculator, we noticed a pair of sea lions mimicking their behavior! After our time with the dolphins we needed to return. Our three hours, which seemed like mere minutes, were coming to a close. This is where I sing the praises of the boat, and her skilled Captain… The waters were in a strange mood electricity units to kwh, and no matter what way we turned, the chop bounced us about. The RIB took it like a champ under the skillful guidance of our captain and what could have been a miserable lesson in seasickness, turned out to be a ride that easily rivaled any rollercoaster WITHOUT the motion sickness. Never once did I feel unsafe, unstable or about to hurl. For all of the roughness the waters tossed our way, we got only lightly sprayed on occasion and that made it all the more refreshing. On our return we watched amazing military boats fly by us at incredible speeds, huge hovercraft, gorgeous private sailing vessels, massive ocean freighters and clumps of lazy sleeping v gas llc sea lions who postured for us as we floated by. The city, the bay, the weather, the sea life, the electricity pick up lines company and our captain, made this worth every last penny we spent. Bottom line…I would recommend this charter to anyone who enjoys being out on the open ocean. For my son and I, it was amazing, inspiring, energizing and left us wanting more. We can’t wait to return for another outing!