Brexit was triggered by climate-driven collapse in the middle east gas out game directions


New research from the European Council on Foreign Relations, confirming my own reporting two gas 1981 years ago, has warned that far-right anti-EU parties are now on course to win a third of seats in the European Parliament in elections this May. That would give them sufficient clout to block or veto EU legislation, block approval of the EU budget gas 10 ethanol and essentially erode the EU from within.

According to co-author Dr Raya Muttarak, a senior lecturer in geography and international development at the University of East Anglia: “The effect of climate on conflict occurrence is particularly relevant for countries in Western Asia in the period 2010–2012, when many were undergoing political transformation during the so-called Arab Spring uprisings.”

Several other studies m gasol have highlighted how climate change triggered the unrest and conflict that erupted across the region since the Arab Spring. As I reported for The Guardian in 2013, the Arab Spring was triggered by food price shocks which were, in turn, driven by a series n gas price of climate shocks leading to droughts and extreme weather crises across the world’s major food basket regions.

Many Arab Spring countries from Syria to Egypt to Yemen had slashed subsidies for food and fuel in preceding years, largely due to the collapse of state revenues — many of them had been former major oil exporters, but in the mid-1990s had experienced peaks gas emoji of their domestic conventional oil resources. As production thus declined, so did export revenues.

Unfortunately, this risk is not on the radar for policymakers. Bob Ward, policy director at the the London School of Economics’ ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, points out that the ‘summary for policymakers’ document prepared by the UN’s climate k electric bill statement panel (IPCC) makes no mention at all of the coming intensification of climate catastrophe across the Middle East, and what it might mean for Europe.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and the Brexiteering ideologues he works with want a Britain that is free gas bloating after eating from the restraints of any external regulation. This is not to empower working people, or to put an end to austerity — far from it. It is to empower a very particular cohort of big City financiers gas 1940 hopper like himself, who aspire to turn Westminster into a playing ground for British banking and energy lobby groups connected to his own friends and networks.

This is a vision which seeks to maximise fossil fuel exploitation — ignoring evidence of the declining resource quality and steepening production costs of oil, gas and coal, while pursuing extreme deregulation and privatisation designed to concentrate wealth in the hands of a few: while simultaneously gas bubble disease promoting forms of parochial white nationalism, erecting unflinchingly draconian population controls that, at worst, threaten the citizenship of non-white citizens with foreign ancestry on shaky legal grounds.

Burying our heads electricity sound effect in the sand, shouting the odds, blaming foreigners, complaining about the bureaucratic tyranny of the EU, and pulling up the drawbridge, is not going to change this. What it will do is change the very fabric of our societies and set us on a path toward the termination of democracy as we know it: a far-right dream come true.

The other alternative is to grow up, face reality, and get to work on rapidly pushing through the wide-ranging electricity lessons ks1 social, economic, and cultural transformations necessary to end our dependence electricity jokes puns on fossil fuels, draw-down carbon emissions, and to begin the task of repairing the damage we’ve done and healing the planet. That is the only true path to prosperity, freedom and stability. Anything else is little more than the madness of self-delusion.