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Visa Information: U.S. citizens are not required to have a visa before arriving in Barbados (for a stay of up to 90 days) for tourism and business. U.S. citizens only need their U.S. passport and can get a visa upon arrival; two pages must be available for the entry stamp. It is recommended that your U.S. passport be valid for six months following your departure from. Nigerian Citizens, no matter where they reside, do NOT need a visa. All that is required for Nigerian citizens: passport valid for duration of your trip, return ticket to country of residence, intended address for your stay in Barbados, and evidence of personal support (finances) for your stay. A child under the age of eighteen (18) traveling without a parent/guardian must have a letter of authorization from parent/guardian. electricity song youtube No vaccination is required. Additional information on visa requirements for citizens of different countries can be found here. Embassy locations can be found here.

Flight Information: To directly access Barbados, you must fly into Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI). I like to use Google Flights or Kayak to search for tickets. Tickets (and hotels) to Barbados are at their absolute cheapest from June to November, but most especially, September to November, due to the less pleasant weather. Though this is hurricane season, hurricanes rarely affect the island. The period of late December to mid-April is the peak travel time; therefore, this is the most expensive time to visit Barbados. However, the temperature usually stays between the mid-70s to mid-80s throughout the year, so anytime really works.

Currency and Money Exchanges: Barbadian Dollar (BBD). As of March 2017, $1 USD (United States Dollar) is equal to 2 BBD. Note: there are no currency import restrictions (for BBD and all foreign currencies), along as it is declared on arrival; however, export of BBD is prohibited for non-residents while there is no restriction for foreign currencies, as long as it is declared and doesn’t exceed the import declaration. Further Barbados customs, currency, and airport tax regulations can be found here.

As I usually advise in my posts, it is best to use your credit card (a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card with no foreign transaction fees) or debit cardwhile you are in Barbados if the establishment accepts this form of payment; this is what I do on any vacation. This is because your bank or card company will give you one of the best rates you will get on your trip. Make sure to call your credit card and debit card company prior to travel and let them know that you will be traveling; this is important to reduce the chances of your card company flagging overseas transactions as possible fraudulent charges. I, pretty much, used my card for everything.

It is best to carry your ATM card (Cirrus, Maestro, Visa or Master card) to pull cash from the ATMs. s gashi It is best to use an ATM that is within your network; you can go to the website for your bank and look in the “locations” section for ATMs in Rome linked to your card’s network. Italian banks do not charge ATM withdrawal fees, so any fees you are charged will come from your home bank. Be sure to call your bank, before your trip, to find out the fees they charge. Most charge a fee of 1-3%.

However, if you need to physically go into the bank, go during business hours to change money in the overseas section of a bigger bank. Banks and their ATMS usually provide the best exchange rates. gas vs electric range Also, even though the rate will be lower than it is at banks and they may charge you a 1-3% transaction fee, you can also change money at many hotels.

Spending: The exchange rate, such as the 1:2 for USD:BBD, is one of the major factors that makes me consider Barbados as a more expensive country to visit. In addition to my credit card (the Chase Reserve Card is my favorite now), I made sure to have about $110/day on me for taxis (no Uber/Lyft available) and for smaller hole-in-the-wall restaurants and kiosks that did not accept cards.

In addition to the aforementioned Beep Cab app, there are taxis available. You will need cash for taxis. Besides airport taxis, you will, often, be able to negotiate the price of a taxi ride. Therefore, it is always a great money-saving practice to never accept the first price you are given first (besides the airport taxi, of course). If you are looking for a private driver, Ernest (+12462369053), who I used when I was there, was great and I was able to negotiate prices with him (and he stood in as a great photographer on my solo trip).

Let me break down the areas. There are several “parishes” in Barbados. These are basically like suburbs/cities or large neighborhoods. these parishes are either consider dot be on the “west” side of town or the “south” part of town. The center of the action on the west side of town is in Hometown while the center of the action on the south side of town is St. Lawrence, also known as “The Gap.” To keep it simple, the west side of town is more upscale while the south side of town is more down to earth/local. Bridgetown, which is a sort of downtown area, is in the middle of both of these areas.

The second night, I stayed in the Bridgetown area. I stayed at Accra Beach Hotel. I got a studio, pool-view room. The hotel has a good location, across the street from restaurants and shops. It was cheaper than my other two hotels. It had more of a caribbean feel, in terms of the look. The only thing to note is that a lot of cruise passengers choose this hotel as their overnight hotel, so checkout can be quite hectic.

The third night, I stayed at Waves Resort and Spa, in St. James (this parish is home to many celebrity residents and visitors), which is located on the west side of town, a few minutes away from Holetown. I got an ocean-view junior suite. que gases componen el aire y su porcentaje I stayed in room 308; this and room 309 are the most popular/most requested rooms at the resort. The view was BREATH-TAKING. It was a great choice for my last night because it is a beautiful all-inclusive hotel where I could just be pampered and relax. Needless to say, it was the most expensive place that I stayed at in Barbados, but being there will make you understand why it a solid choice.

PRIVATE HOMES: Airbnb or VRBO are good options in Barbados, especially if you are trying to save money. I did research on these mediums before I went to Barbados, and even though I did not end up staying in a rented home, because I didn’t find many available ocean-front options for my stay, I found that a good one-bedroom apartment will run you about $95+/night , while a good-two bedroom apartment will run you about $175+/night and a decent three-bedroom will run you about $250+/night. Note: I gave information on “good” versus “decent” places for rent. There are even cheaper options than the averages I provided.

Note to single females travelers: Men in Barbados are AGGRESSIVE. I don’t think you necessarily need to take pepper spray with you; just know how to be FIRM and leave any environment that you are uncomfortable in. Also, the whole “I am waiting on my boyfriend/fiancee/husband/friends went to get something, but is/are on his/their way back.” 🙂

• Oistins Fish Fry: I went to this fish fry, which takes place every Friday in the Oistins neighborhood on the south side of Barbados. This was a cool experience. In between the different types of fish, the sides, the signature hot sauce, rum punch, and music, it had a great time. gasset y ortega filosofia People dance outside and on stage. Its like a block party with food.

• Holetown: Holetown is to the west what The Gap is to the south. It boasts several bars and clubs ( Duke’s Night Lounge, Lime Bar, and Red Door Lounge are the most popular), which are best place to for a night out on Fridays and Saturdays. TML One Love Bar hosts a street karaoke party on Sunday nights starting around 9pm. Holetown also boasts several restaurants, including beachfront restaurants, such as Zaccios, Tides, Surfside and The Beach House. gas 85 octane There are two malls with duty-free shopping and Chattel Village hosts shops that sell a lot of locally-made goods.

• Animal Flower Cave: This is a sea cave. Even though the cave was formed at sea level, it stands six feet above the high water mark (because Barbados is rising at 1 inch every 1000 years). It has a smooth, coral cave floor an there is an area perfect for swimming. It gets its name from the sea anemones which are locally called animal flowers. There is also beautiful scenery surrounding the cave, including a forum for whale-watching. You should also check out the restaurant there; the scenery is worth the lunch. It is open from 9 am to the last tour at 4.30pm Monday through Friday (except for Kadooment Day, on the 1st Monday in August, and Christmas Day). More information can be found here.

• Cherry Tree Hill: This hill is 850 feet above sea level and gives an AMAZING view of the northern and eastern parts of Barbados. It got its name from the numerous cherry trees that used to exist here. The cherry trees have been replaced by mahogany trees and sugar cane. It is free to visit. The distillery/museum/plantation house St. Nicholas Abbey is in this area too.