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Same here. I’ve had the problem since I was 13. I’m 30 now. A doctor once said it was an ulcer based on the symptoms I mentioned, as far as I can recall, but I know people with ulcers, and they’ve never exhibited the same symptoms. When they see me having an attack, they look genuinely worried, and always suggest taking me to the hospital, but because I’ve experienced the pain so many times in the past, I know I only have to bare with it for about 10-20 mins, and then I’ll be fine.

Almost any alcohol other than red or blush wines, has me writhing in agony. It starts off as a subtle, and as it begins to increase in intensity, I start sweating a lot, and I can’t concentrate on anything but the pain. It’s centralized between my ribs, in the center of my abdomen, and it’s kind of like a drilling pain. The pain ends rather quickly. I mean, once it reaches its peak, it kind of tapers off over a couple mins, then I’m generally fine after that.

I’ve also gotten the same pain shortly after waking up when I drink something carbonated, or if I eat some really spicy food, and drink something carbonated, only they’re generally not "attacks" like the ones I get when I drink alcohol. Often munching on a couple crackers helps.

Wow, I also experience these painful episodes when drinking sugary alcohol. Can’t believe all the people who know what I am talking about. I have had this for as long as I can remember. As a very small child, drinking my apple juice too quickly gave me the pain. Then in elementary school I can recall riding the school bus to school almost daily doubled over with pain from my morning Tang. I just loved Tang too much to give it up! Now as an adult, I experience the pain with sodas at times, but mostly with alcoholic drinks. Occasionally, just beer will bring on an attack. The most recent one started with about 3/4 of a beer! My pain is always in my upper abdomen. It is very intense and makes me want to double over. The pain is so strong that it causes me to shiver and even my arms will begin to ache. Sometimes eating crackers or drinking water will help, but time is really the only way to relieve the pain. As with others, the pain does not last long (at most 20-30 min.), but I am miserable while it is happening. Thanks everyone for your posts so at least I know that others experience the same thing. Any continued posts about what it could be would be really appreciated.

I posted on this b4 as I have this syndrome as well. I just read an article about being deficient in an enzyme, ALDH2, that breaks down alcohol in your body after consuming it. When you are deficient you can have a number of symptoms like facial flushing, rapid heartbeat, nausea, sweating, etc. I don’t have the facial flushing even tho the topic of the article was about Asians who have facial flushing after drinking and I am half Japanese. Other members of my family have the facial flushing so I feel that I am prob a strong candidate for being deficient in this enzyme. It is interesting that I have the other symptoms, most notably the rapid heartbeat, sweating and stomach pain (not really nausea but I’m thinking it’s close enough). It’s just nice to finally have a tangible answer other than "it’s prob and ulcer….". In one of the article I googled I saw that Hungarians also have a tendency to be deficient in this enzyme, so you don’t necessarily have to be Asian. Hope this helps anyone mystified by this painful and scary syndrome. I’ve pretty much stopped drinking altogether. I guess that’s good. I switched to a nightly glass of POM. =)

wow… I too am amazed people are having this problem. Mine has been ongoing for about 2 years now. Every single time I drink alcohol, I reach this point where I get an intense stomach pain and have to go lay down for 20-30 minutes. After the pain goes away, usually I can drink as much as I want. I’m only 21, and my friends all make fun of me for it. I’ve been drinking since I was 16 and am only now getting this much pain. The pain isn’t heartburny at all, but its between my ribs, near my sternum, and it feels like I’ve been lit on fire. I also have noticed that my face feels like I have a fever, but the rest of me is normal temperature. It doesn’t seem to matter what I drink. It happened the other night while I was drinking wine, and it happened two nights on the weekend, one night I was having vodka with juice mix, and the other night, I was having coolers. It was so intense on the second night of drinking, that I ended up going home. I’d really like to know what’s causing this! I also get very hungover, no matter what I do. I can drink a gallon of water, after having one glass of wine, and sleep for 12 hours, and i still feel horrible for 2-3 days. I don’t know if this is related or not… but I also seem to have developed some sort of milk intolerance…. if i have any dairy products im always in pain… and this is something new, because i used to love milk and drink a litre daily!