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We had a 3 days tour organized by JunglePro. It was a great adventure. Oscar and his team were very responsive, friendly, knowledgeable , every request or a question were always responded with a smile and you feel that they really want to share their deep knowledge and help. The organization of every detail of the tour was gas leak east los angeles perfect. The lodges were basic , but provided everything you need. We planned to stay one night in Casa Sandoval and 2 nights in Sachavacayoc Center. I think it is a great mix. Sandoval lake is so beautiful , is full of wild life and sunset is unforgettable. In Sachavacayoc we walked in the jungle , visited small lakes and had a beautiful ride over the river to Chuncho clay lick – Macow and parrots observation point. Do not miss that! My husband got a flue and we decided to leave a day earlier. Oscar adjusted the plan that we still be able to visit the Chuncho Macaw clay lick and then we were transferred gas and electric credit union to Puerto Maldonado. Our trip was a great experience of the jungle but also a meeting with charming people who love the jungle and want to share their knowledge and love with you.

My group of four people just finished about two weeks in Peru, and our three days and two nights at Lake Sandoval with Junglepro may have been the overall highlight. We saw more wildlife than we even imagined that we would, and our excellent guide Efrain was knowledgeable of just about every animal in the lake and forest. Paddling around Lake Sandoval really is the best way to see the abundant wildlife, as your vantage point is much broader than from a trail in the forest (though we got to hike through the jungle too). We saw dozens of bird species, bats, caimans, anacondas, otters, and several monkey species. The accommodations at Casa what is electricity Sandoval were rustic, but comfortable. There was hot water and electricity in the late afternoon and evening, which was sufficient as we were busy before that. The Junglepro staff did a great job communicating answers to our questions, and we were pleased that the claims that there would not be mosquitos and sand flies proved to be true–I think between the four of us there was only one or two mosquito bites. Efrain was focused on ensuring that the members of his group had a good experience. He kept us out on the lake one day so we could see a spectacular sunset as the bats began their evening acrobatics. He would patiently paddle towards any animal that a group member spotted to get a closer look and explain its name and background information. He even arranged for us to go on an extra excursion early on the morning that we were departing. I would particularly recommend Efrain as a guide.

It is easier and clearer to the viewer if I detail the Cons of our experience first, because the Pros are so numerous. Cons – – Our sleeping quarters at Sandoval Lake needs repair. We were fully prepared for rustic and basic facilities, having stayed at such in numerous other countries. But, our cabin had a big hole in the wall over the bed that allowed insects and whatever else in. – Our hot water alternated on and off while showering. – For a 2-night stay, need at least one more activity so as not to repeat. – No hot water hp gas online booking phone number for showers at Sachavacayoc Centre. Pros – – Our guides, Oscar Annabell were terrific. Their personalities seem ideally suited for what they do. They were the strongest part of our JunglePro experience. Annabell even helped and accompanied us to a local orphanage in Puerto Maldonado after our experience was over. She helped us buy 45kg sacks of rice and beans and then deliver it to the orphanage. – Food was quite good at Sachavacayoc Centre. It was good at Sandoval Lake. – The night hike at Sachavacayoc Centre with Oscar was terrific! This was after our canoe trip out onto the lake where we saw Macaw’s and other birds. on the hike we saw a tree boa, another I believe was called something like a Pencil snake…it was very thin and reaching from branch to branch. We saw another snake in the brush. – The Giant Otters were challenging to watch, but we fortunately electricity electricity music notes got 2 chances for morning viewings. The first morning our canoe was placed with the Otters between us and the sun, so we were getting all glare and year 6 electricity very little otter. On day 2, I had them position the canoe in a more advantageous place so we got unobstructed views and photos of them. – The Chuncho Clay Licks were disappointing, but it was not for lack of effort by Oscar. These are wild animals and an uncontrollable environment. We couldn’t really see the parrots well. They are the first visitors to the clay around 6am, and there was thick fog. By the time it lifted, there was little parrot activity left. And the Scarlet Macaws never came down from the trees to the clay. It was still a very good experience, and with animals and the natural world you sometimes don’t get the best experience. – There’s nothing like sleeping in the jungle, where the skies are star-filled and you are serenaded by the nightlife. Our beds were comfortable and clean with functional mosquito nets that thankfully are not tested due to the lack of pests this time of year. The price for the 2 of us for the 5 day, 4 night package was just ever-so-slightly on the high side but understandable to a degree due to the remoteness of the experience. They are building a resort compound of their own, and we were told it would be ready for occupancy by April 2019. They will still be using Sandoval Lake location, too. Work needs to be done there or else the difference between the two will electricity in salt water be glaring. Ultimately, we feel the cost was fair and would endorse JunglePro.