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Typically most people are gathered together in communities. bp gas card login There are very few who venture out into the wilderness to make a life for themselves. The Royal families rule the kingdoms. The noble families rule communities. The fey rule wilds. Merchants are extensions of noble families. Men often negotiate with fey for farmlands, use of rivers and pay for protection with various means. Most royal families follow a primogeniture line of succession. Eldest sons inherent, if they are none it goes to grandsons then uncles. Some the wife of a king will be a regent until they marry and then their husband becomes king. Even though the men rule, women hold just as much power. You would be wise to respect a queen or a lady of our court. They have access to both Druid and Ranger.

Since the beginning of time Britonia has been domain of the Spirit of Creation. physics c electricity and magnetism study guide Faries, trolls and goblins have walked from shore to shore. Almost 2000 years ago the first man landed on the shores. They have learned the laws of the fey. v lab electricity Studied their customs and have learned to live along side them. This is one of the most well guarded secrets. The customs of the fey have kept invaders out of Britonia successfully.

There is a single Royal family that govern over each of the five kingdoms. Their are the Alba of Northumbria and Scotland. From Wessex there are the Godwins. From Mercia there is House of Cerdic. House Eóganachta from Ireland. In wales the Morgan Le Fey resides as monarch. The nobility is directly supported by the nobility through economic, social and military means.

The druids are the intermediary between the human world and the fey. They are respected and honored in society. They exist outside of the constricts of nobility. A druid can come from any family, life style or house hold. They often help communities when the fey are involved. electricity 2pm mp3 They provide an oral tradition of customs that hold the peace between humans and the fey. There are the rules that the common folk follow however the druids are the ones that truly prevent disaster.

Britonia is mainly a barter economy. Good such as salt, herbs and silver are in high demand. Most coins are minted from copper or gold. Silver coins are almost nonexistent due to silver being used in every part of society. silver is worth twice as much in Britonia as other places. Due to its protective nature with the fey. So 5 silver coins( 1 oz) are worth 1 gold coin(1 oz)

The nobility are the sole people who are allowed to either be armed or have military training. gas company The first born are often trained by their families men at arms however they rarely sever in the military. That honor goes to the 2nd born and after. Women are often included in training since they are rarely sit on a throne. It is common for a noble lady to have several sons then immediately go serve in the military. Rank is determined by skill and competence as is advancement. gas weed Your armor and weapons are provided by you so wealthy families will have better armor, weapons and horses. Heavy armor and chariots are favored. The military often use bows or throw javelins before entering melee combat. It is uncommon for people to have magical weapons, armor or talismans. k electric bill payment online However due to the consistent interaction with the fey. It is significantly more common than any where else in the world. The military is often supplemented by irregular troops made from goblins, trolls and sometimes Elementals. These are rarely under the direct command of the military.

Laws are pretty universal through out Britonia. Do not steal or kill. Peasants are considered property of their lords. If you kill a peasant without due cause then you are financially responsible for that damage to the lords property. You will be required to pay for that peasants work for an entire year. There are laws on how you are to treat nobility and their are laws against intentionally damaging relations with the fey and a human community. Most of which involve giving you over to the fey. 3 gases in the atmosphere Any slights against the royal family are met with execution. Anything below that can typically be resolved with compensation. Due to the vast resources and lower human population, crime is typically low.

The Law with the fey must also be addressed. Each type of fey have rules and laws. It is impossible for a fey to counter their own rules. It is embedded into their vary nature. However if those rules are not followed by an individual who is not bound by those laws then the fey is allowed to seek reprisal. Contracts are binding with the fey and are enforced by both the queen of the fey and the spirits.