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Oh my goodness gracious! Flingin’ flangin’! Geez, Lee Pete (I know one of my friends will get a kick out of that one, lol)! It’s the holiday season again, wow. What’s your motivation to stay active on things that you want to be active on (for example a blog and exercising for that matter)? I haven’t posted on here since February, that’s horrible of me. electricity schoolhouse rock I don’t want to make it a new years resolution because then I’ll more than likely not keep it going strong. That’s why I should try making a better schedule for myself to write a few and schedule them to post.

Speaking of better schedule I need to be doing that in general because I opened my own business back in September. I’m finally an official and might I add a professional photographer, cinematographer, digital designer, and princess now. Me, a princess, shut up! (Yes I love Disney and did you notice the reference there)? For years on out I always wanted to be a princess and create magic for kids but after several auditions for the company, I realized that I didn’t need to be hanging out with anyone at the parks (and commuting would have been crazy). electricity shock in the body I found out that there are companies around that create magic for kids and have fairytale characters, princesses, and superheroes that go to birthday parties and events. If it weren’t for that energetic, awkward, pigtail braided, fun loving, “Frozen” sister then I wouldn’t be where I am today. gas bubble retinal detachment I feel in love with Anna when that film came out 5 years ago (November 27, 2013). I wanted to dress up as her so badly (and because I was sent the wrong dress) for a holiday party I went as her in her coronation dress. I then finally got her regular winter wear and from there I knew I had to make this a dream come true. Maybe I’ll make a post about my journey to getting to where I am today but maybe another time.

This new adventure of having my own business has definitely been interesting so far. I do have a great support system which I am very grateful and thankful for. electricity symbols ks2 I just hate how hard it’s been to get my name out there. I am located in Florida but love traveling. 76 gas credit card login I got the travel bug from my boyfriend. I love that photography can take me anywhere (and I can design anywhere as well). I’ve already taken photos that’s almost an hour and a half away. physics electricity and magnetism study guide On average I think most people don’t commute for their work. I’m perfectly fine with it.

I’ve loved filming things since i was a kid and apparently I was vlogging before it was a huge thing. (I do have a youtube channel ( and I am inspired by many other creators. A couple that I can easily name that I would love to meet and am inspired by is Brad and Hailey Devine. power outage houston today You can find everything of their’s on their website at: I have made a few slideshow types of videos and am working on adding music videos but not your regular singing music videos but with only music underneath and no speaking. Here’s a slideshow that I did a mixture with photos and not video footage of a friend:

Last but not least, I knew for certain I needed to be using the degree that I have which is in graphic design. (Graphic Design Bachelor of Science – Web and Interactive Design). gas out I’m weird when it comes to design but I’m not your regular artist. I have a few friends that are amazing at drawing and it’s a part of their design process. I need a base to work with (for example photos, and I LOVE typography). I love creating composites but know I could use more practice, however, I do love a couple of my composites that I have made from school and a wedding that I recently did.

I’ll end here with my business being an assortment of services (and knew I wanted that). I hope to add digital prints and the possibility of shirts and maybe accessories at a later time. For right now I’m trying to stay focused on photography, video, princesses and digital graphic design services. If you do want to check out everything my website is If you made it this far into the post, I love you and hope to see you on the internet or possibly in person to work with you.