Brooklyn lawmakers on the move feb. 27, 2019 electricity facts ks2


The entire city council now consists of alleged Progressive Caucus members who take turns embracing more outrageous stupidity in an effort to outdo one another to get attention in the media. Last week, it was Rafael Espinal showing off his lack of knowledge of world geography by regurgitating environmental bullsh*t that plastic bags, cutlery, etc., need to be banned in New York City as plastic pollution from New Yorkers somehow pollute the Pacific Ocean 14,000 miles j gastroenterol hepatol away off beaches of Indonesia. Nonsense, plastic pollution in our waters all come from China. All Espinal needed to be before repeating this lie was to look at a round world globe found in all grade school classes. Now, it is Mr. Levin who proposes to give all pot heads with gas bloating pregnancy convictions a free pass. It is an outrage that Mayor DeBlasio has ordered police to enforce the law and look the other way if jerks are smoking pot in public. Just walk down any street in midtown Manhattan during the day and one will smell pot everywhere. If Levin followed the new boss of his party, Alex Ocasio-Cortez, then he would stop driving around in his fossil-fuel poor mileage SUV and electricity transmission and distribution costs start taking mass transit and would know what it is like to find one of the last seats on the subway or bus only to sit next to a jerk who just smoked pot and breathe in this obnoxious odor. The brainless members of the city council along with Ocasio-Cortez (who uses a SUV, not a train, to travel around according to the NY Post) were responsible for electricity research centre costing the city the new HQ of Amazon along with tens of thousands of jobs and billions each year in tax revenue.

I agree with Juan that it is an outrage that DeBlasio has ordered the police not to arrest people who smoke pot in public. Normal people shouldn’t have to smell this drug. I feel that Cuomo, who was against legalization of pot, only changed his mind under fear and pressure from supporters of the new “Führer” (dictator) of the Democratic Party, Ocasio-Cortez. When I was in the 5th grade 30 years ago, there was scare talk electricity resistance questions that by the year 2010, all the east coast would be in the ocean and Montreal and Cleveland would be port cities on the ocean while all of California would be washed away and Arizona would no longer be a desert. This never happened and for teachers to repeat what the ignoramus Ocasio-Cortez speaks about the end electricity generation in india of the world in 12 years is irresponsible. Cuomo has shown himself to remain twisting in the wind as a non-leader who appears scared of his own shadow and feels that he must follow “Führer” Ocasio-Cortez’s steps and act more stupid like he did with the L Train disaster, raising taxes and fees and forcing the state legislature to ban plastic shopping bags even though paper bags are useless in the rain and use more energy to produce, all in the name to please t gastrobar the new leader of the Democratic Party. Proof of Cuomo’s bowing down to Ocasio-Cortez can be seen in his not promoting the good of the Amazon deal after it was signed, legalizing pot, banning plastic of all kinds, and raising taxes. It is a shame because Cuomo appeared to have the interest of the all in the state until Ocasio-Cortez declared herself the boss.