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Many of you that ‘know’ me, know my love of food is only surpassed by my love of: family, 80’s hairbands, my beloved Habs and of course our beloved STEELERS. A few years ago, during one of my many conversations with steeler fever he suggested that we (meaning me, lol) do a BTSC Cookbook. When Jeff came up the game day guide before last season the idea of a cookbook resurfaced.

So… with the Official Summer Kickoff Weekend upon us I thought that the timing was right to post the first half of the BTSC Cookbook. The theme of this cookbook is Summer, you know outdoor/tailgate food (think burgers, chili and …?). The next cookbook will cover off recipes that are cooked inside. Feel free to try out some of these ideas this weekend as you share good times with family and friends.

Put about a dozen plum tomatoes, a white onion chopped into rings, 4-5 peeled garlic cloves and a jalapeño or habanero pepper on a baking sheet and broil them until they start to char. The broiling gives it a rustic, smoky flavor. Then pulse them all together in a food processor (don’t overdo it -€” you don’t want it too liquidy). Then put the chicken in a pan, season and sauté it for a couple of minutes. Then add the salsa mixture from the food processor with a cup of dry red wine, a little vinegar and some salt and pepper. Simmer that up for about 15 minutes, then serve it with rice, beans and tortillas on the side. That’s some authentic Mexican…

Blanche tomatoes by bringing a pot of water to a boil and place tomatoes in it for a couple of minutes. remove tomatoes and place in a bowl of ice water (this will cause the peelings to come off really easy). Core the tomatoes and put in a blender on low for about 30 sec. (if you like thicker salsa you can drain some of the juice to your liking) then place in sauce pan along with the Finely chopped onions, garlic and peppers and place in a sauce pan with the 2 cups of vinegar. add Mrs. Wages salsa seasoning pack and bring to a slow boil for 30 minutes on low to med heat, stirring occasionally. Now you can either choose to can this salsa or serve it (I like it chilled myself) it will keep in the fridge for about a week.

Wasn’t beef, it was venison and pork. Venison doesn’t have enough fat, so about 1\3 of the mix is ground pork. Season with salt and pepper, mix by hand and add Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. Don’t put the sauce on the burger, add it to the meat, before making the patties, combined with the pork fat, it makes for some serious juice. Make the patties about 1 1/2" to 2" thick. Grill to medium rare. Gotta add cheese, Cooper is my favorite, lettuce, tomato slice, good beer. MMM, I gotta go eat.

The ribs get marinated in the soda (the correct term for that type of drink ) for I believe 5 hours in the slow cooker. Then you sauce them in whatever (I prefer Sweet Baby Ray’s) you’d like and grill them up. It’s really very simple but they’re incredibly tender and have really good flavor

I will prep my ribs (shhh, they are really pork back ribs) a few hours before putting them into the smoker. I will pull the membrane off the back and apply a liberal amount of a dry rub of salt, fresh ground black pepper, garlic power, onion powder, and paprika. When I fire up the smoker I will pull the ribs from the fridge to bring them up to room temp. Once the smoker reaches 235 degrees I will halfway fill a drip pan with apple juice. Apple wood chunks will supply the smoke and I leave the ribs in for two hours. I then transfer to my bbq and finish them off by giving them a bit of a char. Last step is to pull them from the heat, cover them in bbq sauce and let them sit and rest covered for 15 minutes.

I made these for the Steelers v Ravens playoff game the year Pittsburgh beat Arizona in the Super Bowl. They’re just chicken and cheese quesadillas, but I made the tortillas from scratch and mixed up some purple food coloring to add so they’d come out purple. It felt good to take a bite out of a Raven meat quesadilla while watching Pittsburgh win that game.

I’ll broil the brats for a few minutes on each side to brown. Cut an onion into strips add that to some drained sauerkraut in the bottom of my slow cooker. Pour in a bottle of Yuengling. Place the browned brats on top and let it sit for a few hours. Magic goodness.

First, I prepare the brine. Combine the water, salt and sugar into a large pot and bring to a boil, dissolving the salt and sugar. Completely cool with the apple juice and ice cubes before placing the turkey into the pot. Before putting the bird into the brine I remove the neck and the package of liver, heart and gizzards and I will use them to make my smoky gravy. I brine my turkey overnight leaving it fridge until the next day.

In the morning I will take the bird out of the brine and completely dry it off. Rub a bit of vegetable oil on the skin and then I will then further season it with some black pepper, sage and thyme. Add the onion and garlic to the cavity of the turkey. As the turkey comes to room temp I fire up the smoker to 250 degrees and add some apple wood for smoke. Once the smoker is to temp I place the turkey on a rack and pop that bad boy in.

For a 15 lb turkey it usually takes less than the ½ per pound that most of my research lead me to believe would be necessary. However, a meat thermometer placed into the breast tells me to pull it out once I get a reading of 160. Once I get it out I cover it with tin foil, wrap it in blankets and put it into a cooler to rest for at least an hour (this step is a MUST or else you will serve up a dry bird).

During this time, I will make a gravy with the contents of my drip pan and a broth that I made from the neck and innards. This will make a smokey gravy that will rock your socks. After the bird has rested it is just a matter of carving, arranging onto the platter and then its time to dig in!!

In a large bowl, mix together beef, lamb, pork, onion, parsley, garlic, paprika, salt, pepper, and baking soda by hand until thoroughly combined. Mix well but, try not to over mix or to pound the meat together. Let the mixture sit, covered, as long as overnight to allow the spices to marinate the meat (the garlic will really benefit from this).

Serve them on a pita bread smothered in Avjar (a sweet pepper sauce) topped with thinly-sliced, sweet onion, tomato slices and lettuce and have a wonderful dinner or lunch. Alternatively, serve it as stand-alone appetizers and watch your family and friends quickly line up for more.

Many thanks go to the posters that have contributed. I pulled recipes from the Game Day Eats posts that I did a couple of seasons ago, from the many food conversations that have resulted in the Friday Five and Six Pack posts and from the BTSC Cookbook post that asked for your recipes. While my search was intended to be in-depth I apologize up front if I missed your recipe. However, feel free to add it in the comment section!