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I have multiple symptoms going on. The most recent is like my body is on fire pins and needles in some extremities. I also have trouble swallowing and get heartburn. Had some bloodwork but said was okay. Was having chest pain and dr. Did a echo and echo stress test. He was horrible. He said i had a mitral valve prolapse and echo stress was good. My blood pressure was okay the last couple times I was in dr’ s office. But diastolic was running in 90’s earlier and also hit a hundred after going to ER due to chest pain. I get thirsty a lot with dry mouth and then after drinking lots of water will get chills goosebumps. Very weak with vision not the same with warm feeling behind them. I have a lot of cognitive and memory problems which have been getting worse. I do have depression and anxiety. So every dr. thinks your nuts and don’t believe what you are saying. I feel like something is killing me from the inside. I don’t know what other specific tests to ask for. I am feeling very desperate.

With the mitral valve and your other symptoms it is essential you are well cared for. A longer conversation with the cardiologist is important. Not sure why you disliked the cardiologist. Some are intense surgeons and act indifferent but are very good at what they do (the surgeon attitude). Some make you go through a grueling stress test. Since I couldn’t walk I had a chemical stress test. It was really frightening. Especially with the crash cart five feet away.

Once over the shock of your condition it is time to get out there, read, talk places like here, and gain the care you deserve. Be sure you take a list of your symptoms and discuss them all. Also a list of everything you take including vitamins and herbs and anything over the counter like ibuprofen or Mylanta. Ask about how well your heart is functioning, what to expect, if surgery is an option, what any medication will do. Then be sure you have someone to come with you who will take notes and help you stay on track.

I am sure that you will find the underlying cause of your ill health. Heart, of course, is very important. If your weight is high, start reducing by seeing a dietician. If you have little exercise, walk. There is much you can do on your own. If fit, exercise slightly to reduce stress as your heart allows. Let the doctor know you wish to pursue these changes. It all adds up. Karen

I then later after my short term disability ran out got depressed and checked myself in. I got out and felt okay for awhile. My family dr. put me on two different pain meds which didn’t help much. I tried going off all together cold turkey and got very depressed. I went into a dual diagnostic facility. I am very sensitive to meds. They treated me like a junkie. I never took anything without a prescription or ever abused the Xanax I was on. They withdrew me from the pain meds and the Xanax which I said I have been taken for awhile for anxiety disorder. They should of called my psychiatrist and asked about my history. I thought I had a nervous breakdown. My heart was beating so fast and anxiety out of control. They had me on so many medications 8 to be exact. I was always constipated there and didn’t want to leave because I started feeling really out of it and had blurred vision which I didn’t have going in. I could hardly walk very uncoordinated. I had a appt with my psychiatrist the next day. I could barely talk and had slurred speech. He put me back on Klonopin and said to my wife to take him right to the ER. I thought I was having a stroke. I had explosive diarrhea. They did a EKG and CT scan and said it was withdrawl. I started feeling better the next day and gradually started coming off one medication at a time. I am now on only two medications. I thought things were getting a little better and then they got worse and have continued. I know it is something organic, brain damage, nerve damage a blockage or something. I wish there was one exam that can tell you everything with all this advanced technology. I don’t know and just am so tired of trying to fight when I feel so lousy. Thx for sharing and listening.

The thing about thyroid is the symptoms are about the same-yet each person can have completely different symptoms. Low and high thyroid can cause severe heart damage-I think low weakens and ruins the muscles, while high ruins the valves. Low thyroid is supposed to keep a female from having babies. I was like a bunny rabbit and had kids all over the place. I was cold-mine was low-normal- I was hyperactive-still am- but low thyroid is supposed to make you fatigued and depressed-I was born up and stayed up. It creates problems with math in males- I have that problem-had until I was put on thyroid meds. Looses hair-not me. Obese- I was skinny- some even appear quite psychotic- some need anger management- most are sort of argumentative — fuzzy thinking-not me except for math. Everybody here knows that my math skills got so bad that I grabbed some high school kids that got off the bus and gave them my bills- and monthly income and told them to make a budget for me. When my daughter was 10, she was put on my checking account and balanced my checkbook. Yet I could walk through the grocery store, and be within $10 or less in the estimation of how much I spent. I took a couple of high school kids with me, and they couldn’t figure it out. After I got on thyroid-I taught high school math to juniors. Can cause lots of joint and muscle aches—

I had a echo and echo stress test showing a mitral valve prolapse. I could tolerate any of the BP medications. They all made my heart rate. Like a stimulant. I have a blank stare and I have cognitive and memory problems getting worse. Know my nerves are overstimulated and I have burning sensations throughout my body. I can’t sleep it burns so bad. My wife thinks its in my head but I know my body. I get terrible chills and start trembling and shaking. I also get nausea sometimes like right now as well as stomach cramps. Anytime I go to dr. They say it is anxiety. Everybody seems stumped and don’t give you the time or day and think your crazy. I can’t go to good Dr, s because I get lost and we have a 11 yr old son and my wife has her issues and I have nobody that will take me to dr,s and don’t have much money. I feel like a walking disease and nobody wants to do much because of my complex history and all the meds I was on at different times. I know there are a lot if things going on but nobody wants to treat due to all the symptoms. U feel so sick. I don’t know what to do. I could hardly much around the house. I just can’t take this pain. It feels like I am on fire but chills and shaking on the inside.