Business to business directory submission – how to register with the b2b directories origin electricity faults


The directory is not the same as their PPC program, although it is easy to get sidetracked into signing up for the advertising program while submitting to the directory. There is both a pay per click sign-up (see our PPC advice for more) and a directory inclusion option.

The link above takes you to annual directory inclusion. It is human reviewed and costs $299 for the first year & then $299 per year after that. You can also choose four additional sub-links in your business listing (use it to spotlight key services, niche markets, primary pages, etc). We do not recommend submitting if your site sells primarily to consumers (B2C). If most or all of your business is to other businesses (B2B), than this is a recommended directory.

This directory is a small, relatively new directory that is human reviewed. It costs $50.00 to submit a permanent listing. Drill down and choose an appropriate category for your products or services first. Then access the submit process, press the BUY NOW button to get started from there.

The Network. Joining their "network of business directories" comes with a hefty price tag of between $99.00 (on special) and $579.00 annually. Seems pricey to us. However, with submission, you get additional links for your business blogs and are on a few dozen business directories of varying worth. We only recommend the cheapest option if you choose to join the network. You may also want to go to Directory B2B (listed below and part of the same network) to see who’s offering the best price at that time for the network submit option. Business Directory Network Details.

Submitting to just Business Scent. Scroll down the submit page to the second option — "Single Directory Inclusion" (submission to just this one directory). This runs from free to $99.95 a year. We recommend going for the cheapest paid option unless there is lots of competition in your category. We do not recommend the reciprocal link option for pretty much any directory.

Drill down to choose a category and click on "submit link". Review is either free or you can pay $30.00 for a featured listing. If you’re in a hurry, or a lot of competition is in your category, it might be worth it to pay for higher placement, but if you’re not worried about getting traffic from this link, we recommend the free option.

Do not submit to this directory if you already chose the "business directory network" option at Business Scent (above). This directory was included in that. However, if you did not join the network, look along the right side of the submit page here to choose an option – either free (with reciprocal link), $19.95 for a basic listing, or $99.95 for a featured listing. We recommend only the cheaper paid option unless most of your competition is already listed here. You can join the business directory network here, if you want, which is from $99.00 to $498.00 annually. Seems pricey to us.

This one actually requires real communication, and they’ll get in touch about prices and such. You do have to actually be about the subject you’re hoping to be in the category of. Because of that, this directory has hand-edited and accurate links, which are usually worth more.

We also have information about directories for more specific fields, like investing and webmastering (the list is nearly endless). We only list more general B2B options here. We will happily consult to provide you with a custom list of recommendations based on a particular field. Also, when we register for you, we do include reputable specialized directories for our specialized B2B customers.

Jigsaw is an online business contact directory. Get your company listed there, create a card for every important business contact at your company, and start making use of it — there is an active field of businesspeople looking around jigsaw. This is ONLY for reputable business people willing to verify their company identities and provide sensitive details. Don’t fake this, use your real information. It’s a useful tool you would do well to maximize.