Bww preview coppelia in nyc-open 24 hours 7 days a week electricity experiments for 4th graders


In the heart of Havana is the ice cream parlor Coppelia, an iconic gathering spot for locals and tourists open since 1966. Inspired by its magnetic appeal, Cuban-born partner Beatriz de Armas, who cherished her childhood memories of many family visits to the popular destination, set out to capture the same spirit, to share it with New Yorkers and provide a cozy, all-day-and-night gathering place for family and friends.

Together with partners chef Julian Medina, and Louis Skibar, they created NYC’s own Coppelia, a Latin diner with a Cuban essence, in the heart of Manhattan’s most dynamic crossroads-Chelsea, Greenwich Village and the Meatpacking District . The restaurant has come to anchor the neighborhood, providing the perfect place for early birds and all-night revelers, lunchtime meetings and dinner catch-ups.

Since opening in 2011, Coppelia’s bright yellow neon sign has beckoned above the front door. Inside, retro diner tables, booth seating, antique fans and pastel-colored walls evoke a sleepy Havana luncheonette, immersing guests in the unique atmosphere. The floors are covered with Latin-style tiles and the long counter/bar is lined with chrome stools in the same style as Coppelia in Cuba. The partially open kitchen is partitioned with multi-colored glass, and the back dining room is lined with whimsical pictures portraying dancing, flowers and exotic animals.

Executive Chef Julian Medina‘s vast menu is rife with traditional Latin favorites elevated with subtle twists, incorporating Mexican, Peruvian, Cuban, Venezuelan and Brazilian influences. The menu is broken into sections: starters, sandwiches, snacks and mains. Starters include the mac and chicharron (mac & cheese bolstered with pork belly pieces, sambal and crunchy pork rinds), and the ceviche limeno, with flounder, aji Amarillo, red onion, cilantro, maiz cancha and sweet potato. A dedicated sandwich section contains a contender for the top Cubano in the city (roasted pork, ham, swiss, pickles, mustard, chipotle mayo), best paired with an order of ultra-thick cut yucca fries and garlic, olive oil and parsley dip. Snacks include empanadas (oxtail, beef picadillo, sweet corn, chicken) and cheese croquettes.

There are a variety of show stopping entrees like the Lomo Saltado, a hearty Peruvian stir fry that happens to be a favorite of singer Rihanna’s, built with melt-in-your-mouth beef short rib, red onions, juicy tomato wedges, shoestring fries, light soy, ginger, sambal and rice. There is also pernil, a traditional Puerto Rican preparation of impossibly moist slow-roasted pork with yucca, mojo, and crunchy chicharron. The Brazilian style of grilled meat, Churrasco, here features skirt steak with moros, sweet plantain, fried Brussels sprout salad, queso fresco and house made chimichurri sauce.<

Breakfast is served any time, 24/7, a policy that results in countless 4am orders of pancakes, made using either blue cornmeal or buttermilk, served with fruit pico de gallo and agave nectar. Huevos rancheros feature a slight twist, comprise of two eggs, queso fresco, crema, tomatillo salsa, moros, and a crispy tortilla that maintains its crunch, rather than the usual soft option. Also available are pan frances–challah French toast with bananas and dulce de leche–and an arepa breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs and guacamole. Rounding out the breakfast menu is a selection of fresh juices and coffees such as café con leche and cortadito.

Additionally, a 26-label wine list pays homage to the same 26 flavors of ice cream offered at the original Coppelia in Cuba, with dessert-inspired names that correspond to each of them. The finishing touch comes from resident Mixologist Miguel Maldonado whose innovative cocktails include the guayabera, built with gin, guava juice (adding a velvety texture), absinthe, thyme and lime juice, and the caballero; Zafra Master Reserve Rum, Carpano Antica vermouth, Peychaud’s Bitters and an orange twist. Sangria is available in standard form or in a Peruvian variation with Pisco, white wine, passion fruit puree, berries and a cava float. Milkshakes can also be spiked upon request, and there is a menu of 8 beers including Hatuey Cuban Ale and Cusquena Peruvian lager.