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Many utility operators can relate to the increasing demands for more energy or clean water. Gas meter reading Their dilemma-a significant jump in production cost-goes hand-in-hand with this demand. Gas 69 On top of expenses, they need to meet these demands within an aging infrastructure that is only at the preliminary stages of adopting smarter technologies, albeit at a rapid pace. Gaston y la agrupacion santa fe To successfully meet modern demands and streamline operations, workflow processes need to be evaluated and understood by those operating the utilities. Gas in dogs stomach By measuring and monitoring human activity in the geospatial information context, these workflow processes can be optimized to support energy demands, improve technology and data collection processes, and reduce cost.

Mobile devices are an essential component for utility operator communication and information gathering. Gas welder job description Adoption of these devices is rapidly growing, enabling utilities to work smarter and more efficiently. R gas constant Mapping and geographic information system (GIS) professionals serving the utility space can leverage a variety of devices, including their own smart phones, to tap into the satellite and mapping features for asset location and positioning. Electricity recruitment 2015 The bring your own device (BYOD) trend, which is essentially the use of commercial-grade devices for work purposes, is showing no signs of slowing down. Gas stoichiometry [Native Advertisement] Security and Accuracy With BYOD

Before utility operators implement BYOD, they need to understand the risks. Power in costa rica Security threats are easily introduced when personal devices access company networks. Gas prices under a dollar The use of company-issued mobile devices offers a more controlled and easily monitored option for data access. Gas after eating fruit In addition to security, there may be applications where a mobile device’s location capabilities are not accurate enough to efficiently and effectively locate an asset and collect data. Gas density formula Typically, this would occur when location accuracy needs to be dialed in to less than five or six meters, which is the standard accuracy of a commercial-grade mobile device.

Accuracy issues with cellular devices are easily countered by pairing them with handheld receivers that offer positioning technology. Z gas ensenada telefono This simple combination of technology has potential to help mapping and GIS professionals locate important utility assets with sub-meter accuracy and work faster by supporting their daily GIS workflows. Electricity distribution vs transmission Ideally, these receivers will perform in the range of difficult environments a professional may encounter.

While utilities use sophisticated systems to collect and treat wastewater and supply clean water, the effort to manage incidents and outages leaves room for improvement. Quadcopter gas engine Water utilities often rely on manual processes to handle customer reports of leaks, loss-of-service or quality issues. 4 other gases in the atmosphere The manual approach can hamper the effort to correlate problem reports to specific assets and locations. Grade 6 electricity experiments This can lead to slow response and subpar interaction with customers and other agencies. Electricity notes class 10 pdf The solution has emerged from a parallel utility: electricity.

The electric utility industry uses automated incident and outage management solutions that combine asset management with GIS technology and customer relationship management to improve response and cut costs. Gas mask bong review The automated systems have produced good results, and other utilities have noticed. Gas variables pogil The Impact of BYOD on Metering

For utility companies trying to optimize systems for water, electric and gas utility providers through data analysis and process consultation, the development of automated meter infrastructure (AMI) and advanced meter reading (AMR) systems is an effective modern solution. Electricity voltage in norway AMI systems support, however, relies on accurate data because of the critical nature of utility operations, which require rapid response to any issues that arise.

To coordinate field activities for audits, repairs and data collection, companies need to be able to leverage data to help utilities optimize their advanced metering systems. Maharashtra electricity e bill payment Utility companies rely on electronic data collection rather than pen and paper, but until recently efforts to increase efficiency were hindered by an inability to combine old data with new data quickly. Gas vs electric dryer Data integration was the missing piece of the puzzle. Storing electricity in water Companies need to be able to merge new information to old records to maintain consistency among account data.

To audit assets-such as water towers and pump houses-companies collect attributes such as global positioning system (GPS) location, structure height, the presence of a power source, and altitude. M gasol nba Because these companies require accurate GPS coordinates, most are adopting data collection apps for the ability to synthesize different kinds of data across a variety of devices, including iPhones and iPads, and Windows Mobile and Android devices. Arkansas gas tax Geospatial software apps can be deployed in a wide variety of utility settings beyond water utility applications, such as locating buried utilities with maps created from mobile data collection, electric meter audits, project management through data collection, and energy analytics generated from data reporting.

Before construction begins on a site, it is important that all underground utilities are located. Electricity voltage in india Buried utilities-such as sewer and septic systems; water pipes; and lines for gas, electricity, telecommunications and cable TV-are easily damaged. Gas news This can result in harm to people or property, disrupted services and costly fines. Elektricity club Some companies use ground-penetrating radar and other technologies to provide underground utility location services. Electricity electricity schoolhouse rock In the utility world, comprehensive and digital site maps are proving to be an invaluable tool. Geothermal electricity how it works Collecting the geospatial data necessary to create these maps is being done quickly and efficiently with handheld mapping technology that has allowed companies to streamline project workflows.

GIS professionals in the field need to be able to quickly gather data in a BYOD setting, and combining those devices with a highly accurate receiver allows the data collection process to occur in real time, sending that data into the project management software to more effectively use analytics for efficiency. 2 chainz smoking on that gas Securing Accuracy

Cellular positioning can be limited when there is no network available. Industrial electricity prices by state In remote or industrial settings, this could potentially cause issues in determining location. Electricity production in chad In water/wastewater, for example, when a GIS professional is in a ditch looking for a valve or a meter and there isn’t a network connection, the accuracy level provided without GPS may not be sufficient for that application. Electricity laws uk When assisted-GPS is not available because of a lack of network, GIS professionals also have to deal with convergence time.

When location needs to be pinpointed, a handheld receiver can enhance accuracy. Electricity dance moms episode The autonomous positioning that enables access to multiple satellite constellations from locations around the world will support highly accurate location. Save electricity images for drawing And, additional accuracy of these devices is supported by Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS), Virtual Reference Stations (VRS) and RTX (Real Time eXtended) correction services to achieve sub-meter accuracy.

In addition to location, a receiver that integrates with the workflows of various mapping and GIS software, as well as third-party applications, will pair up with a mobile device. Gas water heater reviews 2012 Some receivers are available across operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows, and are available to upgrade to the latest smart device whenever needed.

Handheld receivers work alongside commercial grade smart devices to offer solutions for a variety of utility workflows including asset location, building geospatial site maps, increased productivity of AMI and AMR systems, data integration and improved incident management. Gaslighting Because BYOD technology’s location accuracy peaks at about five meters, a handheld receiver may be paired with a smart device, no matter the operating system, to easily connect to the mobile device and enable completion of all workflows with sub-meter accuracy. Gas and water socialism UP

About the author: Ron Bisio is vice president of Trimble Geospatial. Grade 9 electricity worksheets Bisio joined Trimble in 1996 and has held several marketing, sales and general management positions prior to taking over worldwide responsibility in 2015 as vice president. Gas station near me He holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Denver; a Master of Regional Planning from the University of Massachusetts; and an undergraduate degree in Geographic Information Systems & Cartography from Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts.