Byu law hosts 4th annual law and corpus linguistics conference, launches version 3.0 of leading-edge technology platform electricity and circuits ppt


PROVO, Utah, March 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BYU Law, a leading national law school focused on innovation in the legal field, held its fourth annual Law and Corpus Linguistics Conference February 6-8. The symposium brought together prominent legal gas prices going up in michigan and corpus linguistics scholars, as well as state and federal judges who have employed corpus linguistics analysis in their decisions. The conference is part of BYU Law’s pioneering Law and Corpus Linguistics Project electricity for dummies amazon to further the study of corpus linguistics – the methodology for understanding the meaning of words by analyzing naturally occurring language in large collections of texts called corpora. In addition to hosting this annual academic conference, BYU Law created the first course on law and corpus linguistics in the U.S., and continues to develop new legal research corpora and foster influential scholarship using this method.

It is exciting to see how far we’ve advanced the a shell gas station near me study and practical use of corporate linguistics in the law since BYU Law first embarked on our Law and Corpus Linguistics Project, said D. Gordon Smith, Dean, BYU Law. At this year’s conference, Larry Solum, an internationally recognized legal theorist from Georgetown Law, noted that when we started this conference four years ago no one had heard of corpus linguistics. Today, legal arkansas gas tax scholars at Harvard, Yale and other notable law schools are taking notice, and while many are skeptical, it’s a monumental pendulum.

In September 2018, BYU Law launched the first Law and Corpus Linguistic Platform – a legal technology tool of massive proportions that makes available the first large-scale data sets of all U.S. Supreme Court rulings and founding-era documents to provide historical context for the usage and meaning of words. These new legal corpora include the Corpus of Founding Era American English, the Corpus of Early Modern English, and the Corpus of Supreme Court of the United States (the SCOTUS Corpus). Each contains millions of words e sampark electricity bill payment from thousands of texts representing the language from a relevant period or court. This tool enables legal professionals to analyze the meaning of words in legal context to interpret statutes and the legislature’s meaning in certain words that electricity news philippines can be applied to current cases.

Ahead of the 2019 conference, BYU Law launched version 3.0 of its Law and Corpus Linguistics Platform. The update includes a simplified and more intuitive interface as well as the ability to compare terms within all the law-related corpora using concordance, frequency and collocates modes. The latest version of the platform and corpora are available to the public at

BYU Law also hosted the up electricity bill payment online first Judges’ Workshop to provide hands-on training on use of the databases and how to signal to attorneys that they would like to see more corpus linguistics evidence. State and federal judges from the 6 gas laws United States Court of Appeals of the Sixth Circuit, Georgia State and Supreme Courts, Idaho Supreme Court, and Utah Supreme Court received training from BYU faculty members on how to actually use the corpora using a number of real-world legal cases. They also discussed the applications and the limitations that jurists sometimes face in attempting to use corpus linguistics gas usa in their analysis and the challenges of applying one field to another.

The conference agenda included panel discussions about Law and Corpus Linguistics Theory, Law and Corpus Linguistics and the Second Amendment, Constitutional Applications Panel and Corpus Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics and Legal Comprehension. Fourteen original papers addressing a broad range of topics and hot button issues related to the emerging discipline of law and corpus linguistics were presented, including the Emoluments Clause, Establishment Clause, and Twenty-Fifth Amendment. More information about the conference is available at

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