Cabin with awesome year round mountain views and hot tub – blue ridge 8 gases


The cabin is absolutely beautiful, the details are well thought-out and the scenery is spectacular. However, the owner does not understand better business practices. After our first electricity in the body causes night, we woke up to 3 wasps in the bedroom and 1 in the kitchen. We let the owner know right away because I am allergic to wasps. At first, he told us to spray the wasps with a roach/ant/spider electricity kwh usage calculator spray. Yea, we were not about to make those insects angry with a spray that was not going to kill them. And I told him this. He then told us he would try to get a hold of his maintenance guy. He was never able to get the maintenance guy to come over because he was out of cell range. He suggested he would drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Blue Ridge (1:45 hrs away) to kill the wasps and although this sounded better than my husband and I having to kill deadly insects during our vacation, I felt bad to inconvenience him like that. Therefore, we told him we would buy the spray and wikipedia electricity consumption we would kill them ourselves. We spent hours being preoccupied with this situation instead of enjoying ourselves during our getaway. I asked b games car him for a reimbursement for the spray and the aggravation and he ignored my requests. After many messages and one phone call around 8 pm where he suggested to my husband that he had made a bet with his friends that he would be requested a refund this weekend, we were uncomfortable and feared for our safety so we decided to leave. I am still confused about this comment. Maybe he felt like he could bet on me requesting a refund because of my Hispanic last name on my debit card. He also stated that if we stayed in a cabin, we should expect insects and bears because we were in the middle of the mountains. I wholeheartedly agree with the owner’s smart assessment. However, if I pay money to rent a place for a nice and relaxing storing electricity in water getaway, I do not expect to find insects and bears inside of the premises even if those premises are in the mountains. I find this owner to lack business sense, customer sense and common sense. This was supposed to be a great and relaxing weekend for my husband and I. Instead, we had to leave there before our checkout time. We left at 8 pm. We live electricity definition chemistry 6 hours away so we did not get back electricity static electricity home until 3 in the morning. Please consider looking into other cabins before renting from this owner. He loves to create the idea that your stay will be relaxing by leaving you a nice welcome note but then, acts completely unprofessional when help is truly needed.

It took me a day or two to answer this review. No one likes a bad review especially if it is filled with inaccurate facts, insults a gas is a form of matter that and attacks on one’s character. In reading the review it starts like all 5 star reviews. The cabin is absolutely beautiful, the details are well thought-out and the scenery is spectacular These are the guest words and I appreciate her saying so. Where I take issue is what she didn’t say. Her concerns and complaints started before she arrived at the cabin.

4. And the wasps. The number of wasps varied gas finder rochester ny from 1-8. Her options were as stated by her but she refused all of them including just getting a broom or vacuum. There were little to no discussion on the problems but mostly on the slight reimbursement that increased with each concern and conversation from $ 10 dollars,30-50, $100 and then full refund. It quickly became apparent that a free gas pump icon weekend was the goal. The guest failed to read or print the check in procedures that cause stress for her and her husband.

Since the facts were not strong enough for a refund she decided that race might be helpful. She stated that maybe this has happened to her because she has a Hispanic last name 76 gas station locations and that I saw that on her debit card. No cabin owner sees the guest credit card only the booking agent so weather or not she is Hispanic did not play a role and I didn’t even know until she said so in the review. The name booked was more likely German.

In the end I had a choice to make. Give a full refund that would somehow make everything pass gas in spanish perfect or get a bad review from the guest. I chose the bad review because common sense told me that no matter what I did she was giving a bad review. I did my part but her or her husband were not willing to allow any solution that did not involve a full refund.