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A major dividing time in history is the bc ad in relation to the birth of christ. Contemporary thinkers may say before common era,and after common era though that is still referenceing the same thing, the Roman translation of the scriptures is the Vulgate (vulgare = common)– I digress. According to the accepted history octavian orders the world be taxed and Joseph goes to the city of david to be taxed with his pregnant wife. This is the stage that is set for christ’s birth. First the in the year of our lord– must be in reference to octavian — he is the one who receives the tribute at this fictional point of divison. Further this is actually a roman saying he conquered god’s chosen(Israel–old v gashi 2012 testament Yhvh promised to establish David perpetually, the tax breaks it to submit to him( they payed his tax).

The alternative history: is that Caesar(ion) was the christ child, rather the crucified son of god. Caesar(ion) was the universal son of god. His birth is recorded on the walls of the Temple of Mentu at Armant. There it says he is the divine son of Amen Ra (through Caesar). On coins of cyprus he is depicted as a child Eros with his mother Cleopatra as Aphrodite. After Caesar ‘s birth Cleopatra is called astrid y gaston lima reservations Mut em oa, mother of the one, she is also received as the living Isis. In Rome J.Caesar depicts Cleopatra as Venus Genetrix in a statue and displays it publically. The son of Venus Genetrix and Anchises, was Aeneas the first king of Alba longa(J. Caesar’s geneology, Venus viewed as mother of Roman people). Last the Ptolemies advanced Serapis (w/o too much detail) as the one all powerful god. The Septuagint (first bible) was housed in the Serapeum (daughter library to Alexandria). In Trinity they appeared gas in babies treatment Serapis, Isis(cleopatra), and Horus(Caesarian). The father on the other side, and the son on this side and the Scriptures are shared similarities with modern christianity. Caesar(ion) was not portrayed as son of god in a hebrew sense because at that time YHVH could not have a son it would have been blasephemy. His namesake Ptolemais Philometor gave refuge to onias and other Hebrews fleeing persecution. Philometor built the only other temple to receive YHVH’s sacrifice at Letopolis, it was established according to doctrine, and staffed with levite preists. Also generals of Judea were instrumental in securing the throne of Egypt for Cleopatra.

About 34 bc Caesar was crowned King of Kings, his territory did include portions of southern judea. At the coronation Herod saw his prospects for wealth decline as dominions were given to Alexander Helios (Parthia Media, Armenia) Celeopatra Selene (Cyrene Cilicia) Ptolemais Philadelphus (Syria). Caesar(ian) was officially both King of Kings and Son of God. Octavian marched on KMT because he said that Marc Anthony was giving away the empire/cleopatra was stealing it. The reason that octavian was in Judea making gas tax in ct decrees about taxes was because he marched on Egypt to murder the rightful legitmate heir, Caesar. octavian has no authority to tax the world until after he removes the King of King, and Heir of God. Further the new testament scriptures says that the two murdered with christ were theives and malefactors who shared the same condemnation (accusation — meaning they were also accused of being kings). This alternative view is that the children Alexander Helios and Ptolemais Philadelphus were crucified next to their brother, theives and male-factors. Contemporary history holds that the children were sent to rome — although no historian ever says they grew up, married or contribute any other detail other than asserting they were sent to rome gas jet size chart. One source even said they died because of the colder climate in rome. REcognize that the two dynasties (Roman State, and Herodian Judea) are presented as stable old authorities in the bible) in actuality they had both just displaced the Ptolemaic House in Egypt, and the Hasmonean house in Judea. Herod conspired with electricity equations physics octavian, HEROD BETRAYED CAESAR TO THE HANDS OF OCTAVIAN. Proverbs 1:10-19, words in the septuagint and extant when these events happened). octavian gives large land grants to herod, extremely large, to the extent that Herod’s Judea matched the size of some of Judea’s greatest kings. Point being Herod had nothing to give, when Pompey raided Judea a few years earlier he said there was nothing there to take. Herod has nothing to give, and no way to earn such patronage outside of giving something to Octavian that he valued a whole lot, and the only thing worth That Much to octavian was Caesar(ion). For octavian’s part he runs a propoaganda campaign he prints coins with a big star-looking comet and his face saying Caesar, the revered son of god (ref Jesus and the tribute penny–hypocrits). Octavian accused cleopatra of stealing, but he invaded electricity names superheroes egypt, he stole that boy’s name, he stole that boy’s father. The will naming octavian should be taken with the view that the readers of the will were among the conspiring parties that murdered him. And If Caesar really intended to name octavian, he would have never made the statue of Cleopatra depicting her as Venus Genetrix (that is an overt declaration of their son as righfut ruler, if not then the Roman mythos/belief system must be rejected)

Hadrain records about 160(130ad) years later that the followers of Serapis called themselves christians and bishops of christ. At surface this seems absurd– after recalling Caesar(ion) in relation to Serapis-Isis-Horus. It is most reasonable that they would have felt they were the christians and bishops of christ. In Later years other Roman emperors would sack the Serapeum persecute their followers, and steal their books. After this Romans develop and enforce nicean christianity.

The vatican is centered on an obelisk — it makes no sense to choose such a monument for gas oil ratio for leaf blower a hebrew. At about the same time caligula murders Ptolemais (son of Selene) he takes down the Tekhen of Anu — a major thing and removes it to Rome. Now St. Peter’s Basillica is centered on it , it is surmounted by a cross, and is dedicated to the divine augustus and tiberius. One can say that this is a monument celebrating Jesus. But this monument is really celebrating octavians murder of the divine son. A tekhen is also used to mark the site where the french king was beheaded. Herod also used an obelisk in the hippodrome of Caesarea (the city he built as a token for octavian). None static electricity review worksheet of those monuments could have moved if there was a lord of the two lands. The christians say they used obelisk to demonstrate their victory over pagans — but that still boils down to octavian murdering Caesarion. Octavian is the saviour of rome.

I apologize for my delay in responding but I was unable to access this web site from my home computer. Cockroach is correct, I was immediately banned before I returned to the site a second time. The administrator must have defined me as a crackpot and he/she has electricity and magnetism worksheets middle school that discretion. What alternate history theory isn’t crackpot to the prevailing view?

If I have offended any that was not the intent. I desired only feedback from people interested in Alternative History. Because of the religous nature of the post the information can be unnerving and few are willing discuss it. Much of the information is from antiquity. I posted here to get feedback from those likely familiar with Roman/Greek/Egyptian theology history. Our culture has placed extreme importance on Jesus Christ and Caesar Augustus. However the FACT IS around 30 bc Caesar was King of Kings, and Son of God — it appears that their intent was to express that one idea in every possible way (universally gas unlimited;Hellenistically). Hadrian said ‘Serapis’ followers called themselves Christians and bishops of Christ.’ Is the conclusion that Caesar was christ unreasonable?(He was King of Kings, and Son of God). The authority Caesar Augustus has to decree a tax of the world is authority he had to have taken from Caesarion, King of Kings. Is 30 years out of 2000 is significant? (particularly if one takes into account the many times the calender has been altered/improved over this 2000 year span).

Am I the first? NO! There are atheists who will say religion is a fairy tale; I do no such thing yet encounter more resistance. Others have proposed numerous other christs and divine personanges, ranging from Yashua ben Padira to Haile Selassie. Many Jews don’t believe in Jesus christ , each have reasons for their beliefs. What is it that I have said that is more offensive than what is already stated by many others? Or is the offense that the hypothesis is not easily grade 6 electricity project dismissed?

The only criticism I have ever received has been regarding Roman inheritance. Those critcs said that J.Caesar would have been killed for trying to leave an inheirtance to Caesar, and that such practices were not done in Rome. To that criticism I counter that Caesar was killed, and only a few years later Mark Anthony passed on his possessions in Life to Alexander Helios Cleopatra Selene and Ptolemais Philadelphus. Additionally J.Caesar departed from many standard Roman practices(e.g senate), can one then define him in terms of standards he did not comply to.