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    CAFR1 – Walter Burien, since 1998 has diligently worked for you bringing forward into the light of day what you need to know about the collective scope of government finance and investments held. Operating funds are needed now. Government is not funding me to do what I do, in fact several from within government have taken much from me over the last ten years. Several friends and spectators have pitched in since 1998 to assist CAFR1 in its efforts. "That is why CAFR1 is still standing today". If you can assist with direct operating funds, Please call 928 458-5854 A.S.A.P. .I know for a fact, one (1) person can make all of the difference in the world for a positive outcome! That one person may even be you. My genuine and valid request is made of you this day: 05/15/12. Please do a Google search for" G overnment Wealth" You will get over four-hundred-fifty-five million hits now with the website and the CAFR1 video "The Biggest Game in Town" being the first two hits. This was possible because of the supporters of CAFR1 that have stepped forward. PLEASE assist CAFR1 if you can. Exposing nests of scorpions for visibility to the public is dangerous. (Scorpions don’t like it when you show others where and how they nest) Thank You – WJB

"Governor Florio, myself as a financial advisor, if I had a stock offering and sold 100% of the stock in my company and made a 10-million dollar profit this year but told my share-holders I made a 1-million dollar profit and paid dividends only on 1-million dollars to the share-holders this year, #1 that is misrepresentation, #2 that is fraud, #3 I would be arrested and thrown in jail. The State of New Jersey has inacted statutes that allow them to do what is totally illegal for any public company to do."

Well, I thought he would try to skate around that comment or ignore it. The reporters were on the cliffs edge squeezing in their hand held recorders and boom mics being on their tippy toes to get as close as possible to hear the reply. What Governor Florio said to my amazement was: "I know, I have been trying to do something about that."

Well, every recorder and network film camera caught my statement and his reply. The reporters almost fell over when they heard the Governor’s reply. Now if this was truly a free country "in any respect" you would expect to see that statement and reply on every front page and on every network news broadcast that night and picked up by the National Broadcasts.

What happened in reality was: Not a peep from any. Not a word in print nor a network News film shot second. This was the first stop of a scheadualed two-week tour for Governor Florio to stop throughout the state promoting the largest tax increase in the state of NJ to date. He was supposed to make three or four stops a day over that two-weeks. They cancelled the tour and the first stop was his last.

Mr. Klatt died 07/11/04. The following link at will bring you to the archives of the pages from his site as a "snapshot" updated the month before his death. After his death someone, somehow deleted and modified much information from the pages on his site. The links on each page, most are archived and when clicked on go to the same date archive of that page:

Mr. Klatt died on his birthday, July 11th 2004. I found out about his death when Gerald’s son from a previous marriage in 2006 could not find his father. I checked his house in Tucson, AZ – Sold. I checked his phone, email, and website information – no longer valid. I then searched the SS death records and discovered he died on 07/11/04. I  then called and informed his son from Gerald’s first marriage of his fathers death. The circumstances of Gerald Klatt‘s death to me are still UNKNOWN. The son who was living with Gerald Klatt, Skip (Troy) Klatt was an attorney. What happened to him is also UNKNOWN to me.

Use the example of his work to conduct your own CAFR reviews. Do a Google search for CAFR "and" your local City, County, School District, State University, State Retirement Fund, etc., download their CAFR reports and do reviews for yourself. Mr. Klatt can no longer do it for you and it appears no one else from within government will do it for you either. They are much to busy spending and taking your money. Also to include you in the "loop" it appears to be a violation of their exclusive club rules…

Please download, share, and view the following .pdf file. It is a copy of a letter from Gerald R. Klatt to Walter Burien from 1999. I attached at the beginning a cover letter I composed 11/27/12. Gerald wanted me to keep his name confidential in 1999 but being that he died in 2004, I am releasing his letter at this time. The file is an image file of 7 MEGS so it will take a while to load. Copy and distribute – h ttp://

** Keep in mind that the TRF as recommended on CAFR1 is the long term FIX! After you look at a state CAFR review, then look at your many city, county, school district, State University CAFR. Government Enterprise operation such as Toll ways, Bridges, Ports, water, sewer, power, recycling, CAFRs should then be looked at.

Pensions, self-funding debt financial authorities, self insurance authorities CAFRs should be looked at also. As of 2012 there are over 184,000 "individual" Annual Financial Reports (the CAFR) produced by just our local government operations. Each with their own investments and cash accounts..

The composite totals of investment assets held internationally by USA government is staggering. Between local and Federal government, the total of liquid investment assets held Internationally as of 1998 was a conservative sixty (60) Trillion dollars. Come the year 2007 the collective totals topped a conservative (110) Trillion dollars.

It appears that many attorneys have now taken over the City Councils, County Board of Supervisors, House, Senate, and Governor’s office. The separation of powers doctrine mandates attorneys being officers of the court (Judicial branch) that they should not be able to run for public office being from two branches of government. (Executive / Administrative branch)

The ROOT of the corruption / graft / destruction of our country is coming from this breeding grounds. Here is why you are being bled dry! The very corrupt from the judicial branch have slithered their way into elected and appointed positions within the executive / administrative areas of government.

Remove these attorneys from public office NOW! Mandate a ten year lapse from being an officer of the court BEFORE an attorney can run for public office and ten years after leaving office. This is a must to do NOW. It is NOT an option. Make this the LAW NOW in your City, County, and State. You now know why you are being bled dry. It is the NATURE of this beast.