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Whenever the the word “secession” is uttered, it is assumed that angry, racist honkies from the South are trying to stand athwart history, keeping America from reaching the great beige future imagined by the Founders. Gas variables pogil worksheet answers After all, the story of America is Yankee New England imposing civilization on the rest of the nation and, from time to time, those barbaric slack-jawed yokels from the South threatening to leave. H gas l gas brennwert Everyone knows this, because it is in our history books and movies.

In reality, the birthplace of secession in America is not Fort Sumter, but Salem, Massachusetts. E suvidha electricity bill lucknow In the late 18th and early 19th century, Federalists based in Massachusetts agitated for the New England states to leave the Union. A gas mixture is made by combining It really got going when Jefferson and the Republicans swept the 1800 elections, giving his party control of the Congress and the Presidency. Electricity consumption The Federalists thought it was the sign of the apocalypse and ratcheted up their efforts to secede, culminating in the Hartford Convention.

It is a useful bit of history to keep in mind when thinking about the current grumbling from the Cult over the most recent election. Electricity schoolhouse rock Progressives are not a tolerant bunch. Ideal gas kinetic energy Even though they lack the self-awareness to see it, most of what drives them is a bone-deep hatred of their fellow Americans. Ag gaston birmingham You saw this with Bush the Minor, who embraced all the crackpot policies of the Left while in office. Gas station jokes He was basically a post-modern LBJ, but the Left hated him because he was from Texas, a Christian and a Yankee apostate.

As the fever breaks and America begins the long march back to normalcy, the Left is looking around and imagining themselves surrounded by the people they hate. Gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 It is why they like making up stories about Trump supporters assaulting good thinkers on the streets. Electricity review worksheet answers They really believe that the next step is to round up the people of [the blank space where God used to be] and sending them off to internment camps. Gas key bolt carrier Therefore, any nutty tale that confirms that fear is accepted and waved around in the news.

The point being is that the spiritual sons and daughters of John Winthrop have never really wanted to be Americans, if that meant embracing the rest of us as equals. Gas 91 octane Rather, they are fine with America as long as it runs something like Iran, where the Progressive leaders run the country and the secular institutions of government are mostly window dressing. Gas vs electric stove safety If Iran ever gets popular government, the Mullahs will head into exile. Tgas advisors Now that America is on the road to free government, the Progressives are talking about secession again.

The big one is CalExit, a movement to have California break off from the rest of the country. Eon replacement gas card This has been spurred by the election, where normal Americans broke mostly for Trump, but Californians voted in heavy numbers for the anti-American candidate. Gas leak in car If you look at the bill of particulars on the CalExit site, the inability to dictate election results to the rest of the country is one reason they want to leave. Gas and bloating pain Their history may be a little off, but the reasoning is well within the tradition of Yankee scolds going back to the founding.

That is not a terrible development. Find a gas station close to me The lesson of the Hartford Convention is the rest of the country should have encouraged New England to leave. 10 gases and their uses Fifty years after the convention, Puritan lunatics were invading the rest of the country, ushering in a century and a half of cultural lunacy that has just about obliterated America as a self-governing republic based in individual liberty. Gas in back symptoms Letting the heirs of those original lunatics break off and create their own countries is an idea who time came 200 years ago.

There would be other benefits to California leaving. Physics c electricity and magnetism One is everyone would get serious about boundaries again. 76 gas credit card account login Californians would now be foreigners in America. Electricity electricity music notes The only way to regulate this is by tying citizenship to place of birth. Gas calculator People born in California, for example, would no longer be Americans. Youtube gas pedal lyrics Those living in, say, Colorado, would have the right to return, like Jews to Israel, or remain as resident aliens. Hp gas online refill booking status They would no longer have the right to vote, hold office or serve on juries. Electricity 4th grade worksheet Colorado and Nevada would have a chance to avoid the same fate as Vermont and New Hampshire.

Another benefit is that it could encourage New England to break off and form a separate country too. Gas 4 weeks pregnant At the minimum, the members of the Cult, who have moved to other places, like Virginia and North Carolina, may decide it is time to return home. Gas 87 89 91 Maybe New England does not secede, but perhaps it can go back to being a reservation for Progressive nutters that is granted a degree of autonomy. Gasset y ortega filosofia It would be a bit ironic if the end result was a demand from the Cult for a return of Federalism and state’s rights.

The major benefit of losing California is we would lose their trillion in bad debt that threatens to destroy the bond market. Gas bubble retinal detachment California has been able to kick its problems down the road because of its statehood. H gas l gas unterschied It is the stinky pile of sub-prime mortgages in the AAA rated MBS. Electricity deregulation Independence would force some responsibility on California. Electricity sources uk It could also force reform on the Cult of Modern Liberalism, which has thrived by shifting the costs of its polices onto others. Electricity cost per watt If not, the rest of us would be free of them anyway, which is what matters. Gas density at stp This entry was posted in Hot Topics and tagged States’ rights. Electricity quiz ks2 Bookmark the permalink.