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The State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing [ph: (888) 921-4213] issues an Elementary Teaching Credential (Multiple Subject) and a Secondary Teaching Credential (Single Subject) to qualified applicants. To earn a Preliminary Credential, which is the first type of teaching credential available to new applicants and is valid for five years, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and complete an approved California teacher preparation program. Additional educational requirements for preliminary credentialing are as follows: Elementary Teaching Credential (Multiple Subject):

For Secondary (Single Subject) Teaching Credentials, if you did not complete a Commission-approved subject matter educational program, you may take the appropriate Commission-approved subject matter examination. The proper subject matter test in the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) must be passed in order to become credentialed in that subject. Subject examinations available include:

If you wish to become credentialed in Latin, there is currently no CSET exam offered for this. However, you may have the teacher education department at one of the following California universities evaluate your transcript and issue you a single-subject equivalency letter:

If you attend an in state, Commission-approved teacher preparation program, you must also complete the student teaching portion of that program, under California rules. During this field placement, which varies in length depending upon your college or university’s policies, you will be placed in a classroom specific to the credential you are pursuing and will work under the supervision of a mentor teacher. This mentor teacher will offer you guidance and advice, and track your progress as you lead the class, prepare and implement lesson plans, and perform the day-to-day duties of a classroom teacher. At the end of your internship, your mentor will provide a written assessment of your student teaching program.

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has also enacted special requirements for applicants who have experience teaching in a private school. Under these rules, if you have three to five years of private school teaching experience, you are exempt from the student teaching requirement. If you have six years of private school teaching experience, you are exempt from completing a teacher preparation program and from fulfilling the student teaching requirement. This experience must be documented and supplemented by copies of performance evaluations. More information for applicants who have private school teaching experience is available here. Document and Application Requirements

Once you have completed educational and examination requirements, fulfilled your student teaching prerequisite, and completed the criminal history background check (see below), you are ready to apply for your California teacher credential using the Application for Credential Authorizing Public School Service (Form 41-4). You may complete the application online, or submit this form along with the following necessary supporting documents, to State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing; Certification, Assignment and Waivers Division; Attention: Applications; 1900 Capitol Avenue; Sacramento, CA 95811-4213:

As part of the teacher credentialing process, you must complete a criminal history background check, which includes fingerprinting, and apply for a Certificate of Clearance. To begin the process, print three copies of the Request for LiveScan Service. Submit these copies to the LiveScan operator who takes your fingerprints (locations may be found here). If you complete the credentialing application online, you will be given instructions on how to verify the fingerprinting process has begun. If you submit the application via postal mail, you must attach a copy of the Request for LiveScan Service to verify that your fingerprints were taken.

The fingerprint and character identification process will take one to three days to complete. When you have met the requirements for the Certificate of Clearance, you will receive an email from the Commission notifying you of this.. Contact Information

**Teacher Retention Sources – U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education, Statistics Schools and Staffing Survey, 1999–2000 (“Public School Teacher Questionnaire,” “Private School Teacher Questionnaire,” and “Public Charter School Teacher Questionnaire”),

State estimations based on analysis by Richard Ingersoll, Professor of Education and Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, from the National Center for Education Statistics Student and Staffing Survey, and therefore include a slight margin of error.