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The first part of the guide will show you how to beat the Panzermörder (Klaus) and retrieve the artifact on the map The Final Reich for trophy “Fireworks”. To make this whole “easter egg” a lot easier you should keep pressing the touchpad button on your controller, as most of the objectives will be highlighted in-game. It can be completed solo offline or with any number of players in co-op. gas zone edenvale Now, the steps you have to complete are: Step 1: Turn on the power

There is a generator in the middle of the map with 3 red lights on it. Your objective is to make all of them green. For this you have to turn 3 gas valves around the map for about 6 seconds each. The first one is located right behind the Geistschild machine in the village square area, the second one is also in this area to the left of the bunker door you are trying to open. For the third and final one, you have to open the door towards the pub. You can simply look for the power cables connecting the generator and the gas valves on the floor. Just follow them to all the respective valves.

Now that the generator is working again, activate the flamethrower trap in the middle of the town square. This will blow up the wooden lid covering the entrance to the sewer area. Once you are down there, there is only one path you can follow and you should see the actual power generator for the map on the left side next to the exit. Simply hold to turn it on. Step 2: Rerouteing the power in the bunker

Once you are in the bunker, you have to buy the doors to the morgue and the laboratory for 1500 jolts each. Next, you have to activate 2 different control panels within 30 seconds. One of them is in morgue and the other one in the laboratory. The morgue one is just down the set of stairs on the right (when entering the area), the laboratory one is on the second floor, above the Schildblitz machine.

Head down the mine until you reach a big circular room called “The Emperor’s Chamber”. This room is where most of the objectives will take place in, as it is your task to retrieve the artifact from this machine. Go up to the device and hold on it. You now have to kill about 15-20 zombies to charge the machine. All zombie types will count for this.

Next up is the assembly of the tesla gun. To get the 2 missing parts for the tesla gun, you’ll have to escort the Geistkraft Device into the laboratory first. There will be a red area around the device and you’ll have to kill zombies within that area to make it move. electricity diagram flow Once you’ve reached the end of the escort, the device will stop and power up a generator. Simply wait about 45-60 seconds for the generator to finish. You can now pick up the Tesla Gun barrel.

After the device has moved back to the command room on its own, you’ll have to escort it again by killing zombies in the red area, but this time it’ll head over to the morgue. Once it’s here, you have to wait 45-60 seconds again for the giant blender to finish. Once you’ve picked up the Tesla Gun core, head back to the command room and place both parts in the weapon forge (be careful though as a powerful Brenner zombie will spawn in first. Make sure to get a somewhat decent wall weapon for this part). gas and bloating after every meal You can now pick up the Tesla Gun, which will also unlock you the “Lightning Handler” trophy. Step 5: Power up the Right Hand of God

Head over to the Emperor’s Chamber again and hold on the right hand of god (the machine to the left when you enter the room). Once this is done, go back up to the command room and activate the big control panel behind the weapons forge. Your objective now is to activate the smaller fuse boxes 1 to 4 in sequence and to change to color of each display to the one you saw on the control panel. The 3 colors are Rot (red), Grün (green) and Blau (blue). You will have around 45 seconds to activate all 4 boxes, so you’ll have to quickly memorize the 4 color sequence, change the first display to the respective color and then make your way over to boxes 2-4. Here are all the locations:

Your next objective will be to head over to the tower and to activate and defend the central lightning rod. This is fairly simple and shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you use your special ability. Once this defence is done, you’ll have to activate and defend the 2 smaller lightning rods o the left and right. youtube gas pedal This can be a bit tricky solo, but should be fairly easy with a 2-4 man party. Just keep checking both rods frequently and kill the zombies as fast as you can. Be careful as another Brenner will spawn in once this step has been completed. Step 6: Repair the Left Hand of God

After holding on the Right Hand of God a zeppelin will spawn outside, flying in circles over the town. You have to shoot one of the 4 orange lights on the bottom of the zeppelin until a “Überschnalle” (battery) is being dropped by the ship. For this you should focus on one of the 4 lights and damage it until it’s red and eventually drops the Überschnalle. Run over to the location it was dropped to ensure that the ship can’t steal it back (which would force you to damage the zeppelin again).

The voice of god is the machine between the Left and Right Hand of God. To calibrate it, you have to change the 4 numbers below the raven symbols on the side of the machine to their correct number. To find out the correct number for each raven, you’ll have to scan 4 portraits around the map, using a Brenner head. By now you should have already killed 2 Brenners if not even 3. Simply go back to a spot where you killed one and pick up their head. You can also just click the touchpad button to highlight the heads. electricity and magnetism review To scan a portrait you simply have to hold down your ADS (aim down sights) button, which will be with the standard controls. You’ll see a roman numeral next to the raven. The numbers go from 1-5.

It’s advisable to start working on the upgrades alongside the easy easter egg. You can start the Bloodthirst Tesla Upgrade as soon as you have assembled the regular Tesla Gun, the Hurricane Tesla Upgrade as soon as the first Bomber spawns (there will be 4 Bombers when you open the Salt Mine door for the first time), the Midnight Tesla Upgrade as soon as you defeat the first Brenner (one will spawn in after you pick up the second Tesla Gun part) and the Reaper Tesla Upgrade as soon as the first Wüstling spawns in.

Now you have to find 2 enigma machines hidden behind some windows. They have a ribbon corresponding to the color of the spin top (orange, red and green) and they’ll tell you how you have to turn the spin tops. These machines could spawn behind any window on the map, so you’ll just have to look for them. Once you’ve found 2, you can simply turn the last spin top until you get it right.

The enigma machines will have a number between 01 and 12 on them (they are very tiny so you may need to stop closer to the screen or aim at them with a sniper rifle). The spin tops represent analog clocks and you have to set the clock to the time displayed on the machines. After setting 2 of the 3 clocks, you can just keep turning the third one until the drawer with the record in it opens. Step 6: Power the Gramophone

Once the water wheel completed a full rotation, it’ll come to a halt and reveal another set of coils on the bottom of the water wheel. Shoot the coils with one of the upgraded Tesla Guns in order to turn on the power for the Pub. You can now place the record on the gramophone and you have to get kills with the Red Talon sword in order to completely charge it up. You will know you’ve completed this step when it stops accepting zombie energy.

The gramophone will now play a very unpleasant tune and you’ll hear some clicking noises in the background of it. It’s advised to go to your audio settings and to turn off the music. You should be able to hear those clicks more clearly now. You have to listen for the longest break between the clicks and you have to start counting how many clicks you can hear between each smaller break. There will be a total of 4 sequences and they will always range from 1 to 5 clicks. Once you’ve figured out your 4 numbers, you have to return to the Voice of God in the Emperor’s Chamber.

You / your group will have to shoot the chandelier with the upgraded Tesla Guns in a specific order, however the order will always be randomised. 100 gas vs 10 ethanol You can’t fail this step so it’s recommended to just shoot the chandelier with all 4 weapons once to find out the first Tesla Gun in the order. After that just keep firing at it with the remaining 3, then 2 and finally the last one. Once this is done, the red force field around the hilt will turn blue and you’ve successfully triggered the hard easter egg boss fight. Step 8: Defeat Klaus

“A zeppelin will spawn outside, flying in circles over the town. You have to shoot one of the 4 orange lights on the bottom of the zeppelin until a “Überschnalle” (battery) is being dropped by the ship. For this you should focus on one of the 4 lights and damage it until it’s red and eventually drops the Überschnalle. Run over to the location it was dropped to ensure that the ship can’t steal it back (which would force you to damage the zeppelin again). Now you have to get kills near the Überschnalle to charge it up.”

The only thing different here is that the 4 lights at the bottom of the zeppelin will keep switching so it’s best to just focus on the first or second light in the sequence and wait for that light to show up again. It’s pointless to fire at every single light in that sequence as you’ll just be wasting ammo. Step 8.2: Attach the Überschnalle to the Panzermörder (Klaus)