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Cambridge Village is the latest real estate project development undertaken by the Empire East Land Holdings. They are the builders and designers of landmark residential buildings which have helped shape both the urban and city landscapes to what it is today. bp gas prices columbus ohio They very expertly blend and bring together in harmony, luxury, well-being as well as the lifestyle of its residents. It emerged in the year 1994 and it is ever promising as the years go by and totally committed to the welfare of residents. It continues to fashion and mold lifestyles and the everyday lives of the Filipino city dwellers. It is like a mini-city all by itself. The developers have created Cambridge village with the sole idea of ensuring that its residents experience and live life here to its fullest. They have given prime importance to the comforts and convenience of its residents. It is basically a close-knit residential community who get to live in these French-inspired residential complexes. Every aspect of these residential buildings are all carefully designed and crafted that gives it a classy appearance. electricity font The homes are designed for loft and flat type homes.

If you are looking for solace amidst the bustling Filipino life, then the Empire East Cambridge Village is the ideal residence for you. Cambridge Village is a complete and whole residential community that is now open for booking by prospective buyers. Its developers claim that it is equipped to ensure that you live a luxurious, easy and great life here.

Cambridge Village offers you with world-class amenities to take you and your family through each waking day. Feel safe and secure within its comforts and relax back and feel like home at these residential complexes. They comprise of spacious residential suites unlike other cramped up places around. They also offer spacious outdoors to stroll around and safely bond with your family, friends and other residents at the Cambridge Village.

It offers residents with Middle units which are approximately 30 sqm which comes with a starting price of PHP 1.7 Million and End Units which are approximately 34 sqm with a starting price of PHP 2 Million. gas mask tattoo Apart from these, it also offers the 1 bedroom suite which is a loft type Unit approximately 40 sqm with a starting price of PHP 2.4 Million. The 2 bedroom middle units offered are approximately 30 sqm with a starting price of 1.9 Million. The 2 bedroom corner Units offered which are approximately 42 sqm come with a starting price of 2.7 Million. And the 2 bedroom flat units which are approximately 50 sqm come with a price of 3.2 Million. j gastroenterol Out of the 2 bedrooms, one is a master bedroom and the other is an ordinary bedroom. The 2 bedroom suites also comprise of attached toilets and bathrooms and other facilities along with 1 maids’ quarter and these are offered to residents at a starting price of PHP 5 Million.

Residents with larger families get to occupy the 4 bedroom residential units which are approximately 100 sqm and of the flat combination type units. These bedrooms too are equipped with attached bathrooms and toilets and other basic amenities, one of which includes the Master bedroom. The master bedroom is attached to a separate toilet and bathroom along with built-in closets. The 4 bedroom residential units come with come with 1 maids’ quarter with an attached bathroom. They are offered at a starting price of PHP 6.2 Million.

The last type of residential unit offered is the 5 bedroom residential units. These are offered to larger families. electricity and circuits class 6 pdf The 5 bedroom units are approximately 120 sqm and belonging to the loft combined type unit. The real estate developers and planners have provided these bedrooms also with attached bathrooms and facilities to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. These units are provided with a master bedroom with attached toilet and bathroom along with built-in closets. These 5 bedroom units also come with 1 main bedroom with bathroom attached. These 5 bedroom residential units are offered at a starting price of PHP 7.5 Million.

Cambridge Village offers residences at very reasonable prices. The payment options are quite flexible with easy payment schemes for residents. The first payment option for residents includes Spot cash with 10% discount. The second payment option includes 20% DP which can be paid in 12 months, one can also choose the 80% balance payable through Bank finance or cash. Residents get to live in comforts, work nearby, play at its various top-notch amenities, and dine in style as well.