Campaign 2016_ candidates in state, federal races field questions in voter forum – indiana, pa – october 28, 2016

With 12 days remaining before the general election, area legislators and their challengers spelled out their positions, all on one stage, Thursday evening at the Oak Place Community Center in Indiana.

Candidates for state House, state Senate and Congress faced off in an hourlong debate organized by the League of Women Voters, in front of about 100 people in the audience and hundreds more listening to a radio broadcast of the league’s semiannual Candidates Night forum co-sponsored by Renda Broadcasting and The Indiana Gazette.

With a scant 60 minutes to divide among them, debate organizers and moderators quizzed the candidates on topics relevant in both Harrisburg and Washington, D.C. Electricity production in india — alternative energy policies, energy industry employment, term limits for legislators and what seems to be a universally despised yet universally accepted practice of drawing legislative district boundaries to favor certain political parties: gerrymandering.

Rep. Wd gaster x reader Dave Reed, R-Indiana, and his Democratic challenger, Indiana University of Pennsylvania student Patrick Edwards, were divided on the energy policy issues.

The questions asked for their position on climate change and switching to renewable energy in Pennsylvania, and how to restore and preserve jobs that have been lost because of regulation.

“We have a responsibility in this country and our state to diversify our energy portfolio, but not to put all our eggs in one basket,” he said. Electricity word search ks2 While local representatives are responsible to support the coal and natural gas industries that have been mainstays in the past, the nation needs to grow renewable energy sources such as solar, hydroelectric and wind, Reed said.

“Once we get regulatory policy back to the states, it can be what it was intended: to protect the environment and our citizens, not moving forward with somebody’s political agenda … and we have an incredible opportunity in this state … to be energy independent within our borders and but also create energy independence within the entire country.”

“Government shouldn’t be in the business of deciding winners and losers,” Edwards said. Electricity labs for middle school “We should be giving no subsidies to any companies whether they are wind, solar, gas or coal. Gas x coupon 2015 Businesses should be allowed to decide what energy they want to invest in, and we need those jobs here in our state so people get paid good wages.”

He called for recognition of the tax burden placed on businesses, and charged that companies have “shipped jobs out of the state in record numbers” after the Legislature, with Reed’s support, imposed the nation’s highest gasoline tax in 2013.

“I don’t believe that we need to put all our apples in one basket with reference especially to solar and wind, and both of those are subsidized by the taxpayers,” White said. 3 gases that cause acid rain “We have 200 years of coal reserves, and Marcellus shale is here — and that industry will be back. Gas after eating meat At the same time, the administration in Washington is doing everything it can to kill that industry.

“In this area, 85 percent of the jobs lost in the 41st District have been related to energy and surrounding businesses that support it,” White said. Electricity facts ks2 “There’s a candidate who says he hates coal, she hates Marcellus and she hates fracking. Year 6 electricity assessment It’s time that we concentrate on the assets we have here in our backyard, under our feet … and if the White House flips, put the EPA in their place.”

“We need the DEP to work with businesses to figure how to keep our industry here while keeping our land safe,” he said. Gas monkey monster truck driver “And what we need to do is … invest in retraining displaced workers from the coal industry so they have an opportunity for another job. Power outage houston txu If there are alternative energies, we need to do what we can to bring those jobs here in the 41st District.”

Stanley Buggey, who petitioned to appear on the ballot on the USAMinutemen Party, promoted a key plank in his platform, development of geothermal heating and cooling systems, as an energy alternative.

“In conjunction with solar panels, geothermal heat can reduce electricity demand to a level the panels can handle and we can go off the grid,” Buggey said. Gas tax rates by state “Once we do that, we can develop the natural gas reserves. Gas constant for air We have the ability to turn natural gas into liquid acetylene and convert it to products like gasoline we can pump into our cars.”

He said the government could help convert homes to geothermal power with low-interest loans to be paid back as homeowners save on utility bills. Gas welder salary Buggey, a former coal miner, criticized both state and federal environmental regulators, charging that they implement regulations without background studies of their efficiency.

Only the challengers for the 9th District U.S. Electricity names superheroes House seat took part in the debate as incumbent Rep. Electric utility companies in california Bill Shuster, R-Hollidaysburg, was absent.

“It can be burned cleanly — we all know that,” Sedlock said. Electricity and magnetism review sheet “But the energy consumption should be a concern, so we have to look at a combination of factors: solar, wind, along with hydro and even geothermal. Gas out That’s what will happen whenever I am elected and when Hillary Clinton is also elected into office. Gas near me open now We need everyone on the same page, we can no longer have a divided Congress that will thwart energy policy.”

“We need to create CCC camps that we had in the past, and that means spending money — money that is obtained by taxing the rich,” he said. Electricity kwh cost calculator A new CCC program, he said, would bring changes to upgrade and improve roads, water systems and supplies, bridges and dams.

“That will bring jobs here,” Sedlock said. Types of electricity consumers “Manufacturing jobs for clean energy will keep our young people here. Gasbuddy nj We must look at science, research, education and teaching in order to make this happen.”

Art Halvorson, a Republican who earned the Democratic nomination as a write-in candidate in the primary election, said he opposes government-mandated standards for energy policy.

“Particularly with climate change — I think it is unsettled science, I believe it is a political agenda that needs to be considered when we talk about how we are going to respond. Gasbuddy I believe in free markets, I believe that businesses and individuals should be allowed to make choices without mandates from federal government.”

“We don’t need the EPA in Washington, like a lot of departments that are duplicative of corresponding organizations in each state,” he said. Bp gas locations “If you have an agenda, like a climate change agenda or a war on coal agenda like we have at the federal level, it’s going to adversely impact jobs and drive them out. Gas stoichiometry examples They keep moving the goal posts… and coal-fired power plants cannot keep up; it costs so much money it puts them out of business.”

A second line of questions put the incumbent legislators on the defensive as tenured, senior members of the General Assembly: “What is your position on terms limits for the office you are running for?”

Each challenger said he supports mandated limits of service, while Reed, in his seventh term (14 years), and White, in his fourth term (16 years), said voters have the power to turn politicians out of office at the ballot box.

“The Founding Fathers did not envision career politicians,” Sedlock said. Gas bloating “Their belief was that someone should go on to Congress, represent the people, and then move on after a period of time.”

Sedlock said a two-term limit for the president, lifetime terms for Supreme Court justices and potential lifetime service for legislators creates an imbalance of power in Washington, and called for equal limits for each branch.

Halvorson said he would apply a term limit to himself, if elected, but he didn’t say how long he would serve. Gsa 2016 pay scale He said campaign laws give well-funded incumbents, “career politicians,” a distinct advantage over challengers.

“The term citizen legislator was intended by the founders, and that’s who I would be: come off my farm or business, go to Washington for a period of time, serve my country as I did as a military officer, and make the changes that are necessary that reflect the values and virtues of the people I’m representing in the 9th Congressional District,” Halvorson said. Electricity video ks2 “That has been distorted by the kind of money that the founders could never envision.”

“Maybe voters should have the opportunity to decide who they want to vote for every two years, four years or six years,” Reed said. La gastritis “I look back at the last couple of governors I have worked with and I think a lot of voters would have rather had Gov. Kushal gas agencies belgaum (Robert) Casey or Gov. Gas hydrates energy (Tom) Ridge have an opportunity to serve an extra term or two, and have real leadership provided in Harrisburg during that time.

“More than 80 percent of Republicans, more than 70 percent of independents and more than 60 percent of Democrats support term limits,” Edwards said. Gaslighting examples “I support term limits all the way up, including the Supreme Court.”

“I am term limiting myself,” he said. Static electricity online games “The last three races I did not have opposition. Electricity song billy elliot Why? Because I think I have done a good job, I think the Democrats think I have done a good job.

“It’s very simple. Gaz 67b for sale On Nov. Static electricity how it works 8 there is an election, the people are either going to say ‘OK, we’d like to have Don White back in that office, or say ‘Don, I think your time’s up.’ People have that choice.”

“There need to be regulated term limits, and when you … take that oath, you are forbidden for five years to work for any lobbyist firm,” he said. Electricity jeopardy powerpoint “If you don’t have term limits, you are inviting corruption to your government, and that is exactly what happens. Gas in babies at night The voters decide, but this isn’t a perfect world. Grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test There is too much money and you need campaign reform.”

“When they get their influence bought, I just don’t like that,” Buggey said. Mp electricity bill payment jabalpur “I also don’t like politicians going around giving speeches for $200,000. Nyc electricity cost I have no idea what anybody could say that is worth that much money.

Drawing from questions submitted by the audience at the debate, the League asked the candidates to explain and give their opinions of “gerrymandering.” The question didn’t stump the panel; all knew it’s the process of redrawing House, Senate and Congressional district boundary lines after the census every 10 years to make sure legislators all represent about the same number of people, but designing the districts to be populated with a majority of voters registered to the party in power.

In his first election, “right after my previous opponent had worked to gerrymander my district to make sure that she was safe in a Democratic district, but still being able to win the district as a Republican, I absolutely agree,” Reed said. Gas after eating salad A computer program could easily design fair and balanced districts without human bias, he said.

“I’ve got one of the most competitive districts in the entire state, I’m a Republican holding a district that is only 39 percent Republican,” he said. Gas prices going up in michigan “I work … Electric utility companies charge customers for each and every day to represent Republicans, Democrats and independents because that is my job. Electricity transmission costs I wish more districts looked like my district so we could get reasonable public policy accomplished in Harrisburg.”

DeLoreto didn’t cite a source, but said Pennsylvania is the first- or second-most gerrymandered state in the nation. Gas in back trapped “We need to have that process eliminated and you do that by having citizens make the process right.”

Buggey suggested that districts should be drawn along geographic lines, with plus or minus 5 percent (population difference), “and just let it be.”

White held the division of Indiana Borough along Philadelphia Street as the former boundary between the 9th and 12th Congressional districts as an example of what gerrymandering can do.

“And I remember the days when Pat Stapleton represented four full contiguous counties — Clarion, Jefferson, Armstrong and Indiana. Gas leak east los angeles I don’t see any reason why that couldn’t be done again,” White said.

“I wasn’t happy but that’s how the chips fall,” he said. Gas bijoux nolita “I’d be for an independent board of qualified people, not political people, as an outside counsel to change gerrymandering.”

“We the people need to take it back,” he said. Electricity for dummies pdf “The other party nominated me to be on the ballot, and that’s the people taking the country back.”

“The 9th District is basically a mess,” Sedlock said. Gas laws worksheet pdf “We need to change gerrymandering, and the fact that everyone here has agreed to do that makes me wonder why it has not been done already.”

One additional forum for the candidates for the 41st District seat in the state Senate is scheduled for 7 p.m. Z gas tecate telefono Tuesday at West Shamokin Junior/Senior High School near Rural Valley. Electricity cost per kwh by country It is organized by the students of the American Governments honors class.

PHOTO: Participating in Thursday night’s event were, from left, Vicki Stelma, president of the League of Women Voters; Rep. Electricity problem in up Dave Reed, 62nd District; Stanley Buggey, 41st District; Art Halvorson, 9th District; Tony DeLoreto, 41st District; Sen. Electricity bill bihar electricity board Don White, 41st District; Adam Sedlock, 9th District; and Patrick Edwards, 62nd District. 9gag instagram (Teri Enciso/Gazette)