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In recent weeks, the lead of the "Yes" side – to repeal the so-called Eighth Amendment in the Constitution that gives equal rights to a pregnant woman and her unborn child, effectively prohibiting abortion unless a woman’s life is at risk – has shrunk.

"It’s a rather fantastic situation that we’re going into the constitution to remove a right and we’re actually going in there to remove the fundamental right to life from all unborn children". This was a family home, and all the women in it were facing life imprisonment for the sake of my mother’s bodily autonomy.

"It’s legal in some states [in Australia] and at least de-stigmatised in others, so we do feel like we can talk about this issue without fear of judgement". There is no semblance of compassion involved in ending the life of the innocent child. And, we were moved by Emma Lohan’s melodic ballad ‘The 8th’, which poignantly questions ‘what year we are living in when saving a woman’s life is seen as a mortal sin?’ We hope that come tomorrow, this will no longer be the case. What it will do is continue to turn those people into criminals and temporary refugees, increase their risk of physical and mental harm and compound the shame already inflicted by anti-choice morality and the people who gleefully practice it.

There has been much confusion and misinformation leading up to this Referendum and it is vital that people are aware of the facts: The Amendment prevents elective abortions and does not prevent doctors from providing any necessary medical care to the mother during pregnancy, should the need arise. "The unborn baby will be left with no protection whatsoever", he said. Originally developed by a Hoechst AG unit about 40 years ago, mifepristone is typically used in combination with misoprostol to trigger a termination.

Women have been sharing personal experiences of accessing abortion on a pro-choice Facebook page entitled ‘In Her Shoes.’ Among these are women who became pregnant from rape, women who were told by doctors that their baby would not survive after birth, and women who felt they were too young or too poor to have a child.

Bishop Kevin Doran of Elphin provided several points for voters to consider before deciding how to vote. No matter what you may hear, women do not die because of the Eighth Amendment. Mr. Varadkar himself is Ireland’s first – and one of the world’s few – openly gay heads of government. This is a fact based on global research carried out by the World Health Organization.

Voting begins throughout Ireland in major abortion decision This referendum is not on whether abortion can happen in Ireland: abortions have and will always happen in Ireland. The islands vote a day early in order to allow ballot boxes to make it back to the mainland for tomorrow’s count.

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