Can 7-keto dhea cause bloating grade 9 electricity formulas


" Hi Wendy, the bloatedness is a bit uncomfortable isnt it. I remember after EC last time I had to go out an buy some trousers 2 sizes bigger than my normal ones as I couldnt fit into the clothes I had taken down to London, by 2 days later that had gone down quite a lot, but I was still very bloated…. hopefully it will all be worth it! When we went to Hawaii, we did a week each of the 4 islands we went to, Kaui, Oahu, Hawaii and Maui, we read more… stopped in LA for 4 days on the way there and SF on the way back. No we didnt get to Napa or Yosemite, but we would go there if we went back that way. I am currently taking 50mg of the 7 keto dhea. I chose that one because it doesnt convert to testosterone and estrogen like dhea does, so hopefully I should be ok with that. However, I might have enough in my body anyway, I’ll have to find out what is the best test to find out. No I havent done a hpt, I tend not to bother I just think its not happened for so long, the chances are very slim and when I have been pregnant before I have always known well before I got a positive… but its a thought! Yes, I think you are right about seeing someone who specialises in fertility. My other acupuncturist appeared very good but he didnt specialise. This lady has degrees in chinese medicine aswell as her acupuncture qualifications, so we’ll see if its any different. I had acupunctcure at the Z. West clinic while I was in London, they did that differently to my acupunturist…so whos knows which is the best way.. Is it tonight you have your trigger injection? Good luck ! Karen xx"

" I’m not sure why there’s so much talk on 7-keto-test. This is NOT what IL is coming out with in their VII-KT prouct. I don’t think 7-keto-testosterone is even a naturally occurring androgen. But would be interested in finding out if it has any activity, either with the AR or cortisol modulation. IL’s VII-KT is going to be a TD 7-oxo product. So if you want to find info on it, search for 7-oxo-dhea or 7-keto-dhea. I for one just don’t know what read more… to think about 7-oxo. I gave Abliderate a try a while back and it did nothing for me; it actually made my midsection INCREASE rather than decrease. It gave me a very distinguishable bloat that I knew was due to using Abliderate. A kind of bloat I never got from anything else. I’m really shocked that IL would choose this compound when there is a study out on it that shows how topical 7-oxo lowers test levels in men – granted it’s over a 5-day trial. It also increased with SHBG. And overall, really didn’t lower cortisol all that much to be of any significance. I dunno, maybe it’s just me but I’d like to see a 7-hydroxy-dhea TD come forth. I am interested to know if applying 7-OH topically would be better than taking it orally. Or you guys can skip all the bs and go with the superior and better dhea metabolite and go with b-AET. The reason why b-AET needs to be done TD is because it has horrible BA. Now the 17a-ethinyl version is a different story. But no need to go there when you can throw b-AET in some Salvo and call it a day, right? Just make it a solo product, just b-AET, nothing else."

" I never ran this, as I don’t have a gyno problem. Although, I am very interested in the idea of a localized carrier for PH’s. I am currently running a 1-test/3-Alpha topical, that may be of some interest. Systematic, of course. I wish I was smart enough to figure out a localized carrier. 6g of 1-test and 6g of 3-Alpha, applied over a total of 30 days. 200mg of each per day. I’ve been running it for 3 weeks so far, and I have 1 week left. read more… /> Strength gains have been good, though they have slowed in the last week. I was lifting at maximal loads when I started, however, so I guess I shouldn’t expect dramatic increases. It’s also been about 3 months straight of 6-day per week lifting, without a week off, so I’m a little burned out, as well. After I get through the final week of this cycle, and 3-4 weeks for post-cycle recovery, I will be taking a week off from lifting, and start something new. I’ll be using a 6-OXO topical for post-cycle, with no other anti-e, so it should prove to be a good test of how well 6-OXO works when applied topically. I have used it post-cycle orally in the past, so I have something to compare it to. I’ll also be running a 7-Keto DHEA topical, to go along with the 6-OXO. Getting back to the 3-Alpha topical, I have never used it orally before, so it is difficult for me to compare. Vascularity and muscle hardness are very good, even though I am on bulking level calories (~5000/day on average). I have gained 10 pounds in the past 3 weeks, and I would say that none of it is water weight. Some of it is fat, of course, although I would say it is limited, as my pants are still fitting very well. As far as side effects. Acne is worse than using 1-test alone, or 1-test with 4-AD. Actually, it is the worst acne I have experienced, although it is still not bad per se, or anything I would consider to be a major problem. Lethargy is about the same as using 1-test alone. Noticeable, and slightly problematic at times, but nowhere near the major lethargy I get when taking SU or UA. The biggest problem that I have had is (workout) stamina. It has gotten worse the longer I have gone in this cycle. It has been very difficult having enough energy to get through a full workout. So, my workouts have taken longer, as I have needed more time in-between sets. Because of this, I have gone to split AM/PM workouts, doing about half each in the morning and at night. This has helped me continue at a high volume and high workout frequency. Recovery between workouts is very good. I’m ready to go again the next day, it’s just that during the workout, my recovery in-between sets has not been good. Also, joint pain is fairly bad. Worse than I have experienced when using 1-test alone. It hasn’t kept me from working out, or forced me to reduce the weights, but near the end of workouts, and definitely right after, it is quite painful at times. The joint pain doesn’t last; I’m fine the next day. It is only during and right after lifting. The only time I have experienced worse joint pain is when I was using Viratase on-cycle (with ONE and a 4-AD topical), to eliminate water bloating and itchy nips. Blood pressure is definitely up. I haven’t actually measured it, but I can tell, as it is normally quite low. Cardio workout stamina is an absolute joke right now. I am having great difficulty getting through HIIT workouts, even at lower duration and intensity than I normally go at. Also, back stiffness is quite bad. I normally get this on-cycle, but it has been worse this time (from the added 3-Alpha?). It’s probably as bad at the 3-week point right now, as it has been in the past at the 7-week point on a 1-test/4-AD cycle. So, it has come on sooner than usual for me. The back stiffness is the biggest thing holding me back during HIIT workouts. I’m not really challenging my cardiovascular system to the extent I normally do, because the back pain sets in too quickly for me to reach the intensity that I am used to. I think that addresses most of what I have noticed. In conclusion, I like the addition of 3-Alpha. I will be trying it again, but next time during a cutting cycle, as I am presently bulking. Am interested in seeing the results. I may also run 3-Alpha alone, next time, without the 1-test, to get a better feel for what the 3-Alpha can accomplish (by itself). Either way, I will definitely be running it topically, as I have no plans to run 3-Alpha orally."