Can bihar be the most developed state in india – quora electricity jeopardy powerpoint


The Bihar is developing, but there is no substantial growth in Infrastructure, Education, Employment, and health care. I instead believe that Bihar is growing at it’s natural pace. Since the end of Laloo Term in Bihar, Nitish and his policy is bare minimum that can be done to develop Bihar.

I remember Nitish Kumar himself quoting in an award ceremony long ago, where he said, That the Bihar with the present growth rate will still need 25 Years to catch up with Present day Maharashtra, And if Maharashtra keep developing with its present pace, Bihar might not even be able to catch up to it in a century too.

• Increase in quality of Education, The irony is that a graduate from a University of Bihar is not able to match up to the skill set of a Higher Secondary student from a developed state. A good education will act as a foundation for the growth.

• Healthcare, The people of Bihar travelling to Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, and other major cities around for quality health care under affordable cost. Though there are govt sponsored medical colleges, but are inadequate to the India’s densest state by population.

• Society is still feudal and will continue to remain so. Only change that has taken after the famous ‘Total Revolution’ of JP Narayan is it has turned the social order upside down instead of propagating any meaningful social equality and empowerment. The dominant OBC which includes Yadavs, Kurmi have replaced the earlier oppressor like Rajputs, Bhumihars.

• Least Urbanized state with huge population: Having traveled extensively throughout the state there is hardly a city apart from Patna. Urbanization acts as a great antidote to prevailing caste-ism while providing greater economic opportunities.

• Industrialization policy of center and state: The current trend of Industrialization be it defense manufacturing under ‘Make In India’ or other is going to semi arid states like AP, Telengana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu. I am not blaming government for this as ‘Land Acquisition’ in Bihar where almost 100% of its area is fertile plain irrigated by numerous perennial rivers. The price of land is even rural areas is above the roof since they can support three crops a year easily. This over dependence on agriculture will continue to make Bihar a feudal society.

• we continue to remain unparalleled in terms of producing quality leaders. Here’s a list of great leaders: 1. Shri Upendra Kushwaha (union minister of state for HRHaven’t heard of his any great initiative apart from accentuating the caste divide and old ‘Reservation in higher Judiciary and Promotion’. Union minister Upendra Kushwaha calls for quotas in judiciary at event to commemorate Ambedkar Jayanti – Firstpost Upper class people opposed to reservation stopped my car, says Upendra Kushwaha

Yes it can be. I am doubly sure that it is imminent too. If so many p[eople are thinking on this line. It will act as catalyst and it has been already acting through right political initiatives in the form OF Nitish Kumar. He is certainly the best Chief Minister of astate we have in India .

Migrants will be the main harbinger of this change. They are adopting the good practices of every state like Gujrat, Magharashtra, Delhi, Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra and in combined way they are going to implement in their state .This forced migration will be game changer for the Bihar. All things like Land, water, Good Climate, Human resource are there and only thing is needed is just an initiative and right atmosphere (which is best at present).

Southern states whether Tamilnadu,Aandhra, Karnatalka are just the results of their migratory population who went outside country and start their own software centers . Obviously Legendary leaders like Ramkrishna hegde Chandra babu naidu well supported them . And what is there at present is not believable just forty years ago.