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Well, get tested if this is something you can afford. Knowing the exact parasite can often times help you choose the best way to help your body get rid of it. If you cannot get tested or if you have a confirmed parasite but money is tight, you can turn to a gentle, affordable, easy to find potential remedy to see if that offers you any relief.

Coconut oil has plentiful Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) which can defend you from parasites. There isn’t anything super sciency about how it works either. gas jokes Parasites and MCFA just don’t mix well. The other role of coconut oil during a parasitic “cleanse” is that it will help your liver during the detoxification process. v gashi 2015 Your liver will be taxed heavily as the parasites come rolling out but coconut oil and give it the strength it needs to stay the course.

An interesting benefit of coconut fiber, not found in other fibers, is that it can expel intestinal worms. Eating coconut meat to get rid of parasites is a traditional practice in India that was recognized among the early medical profession and is still used in some parts of the country today. Researchers have tested this method and have found that eating a sufficient quantity of coconut can expel 90 percent of intestinal parasites within 12 hours. Dried coconut is more effective than fresh in removing tapeworms. gas prices going up in michigan The researchers recommended eating foods made with coconut flour, a form of dried coconut, as a safe and relatively easy way to treat tapeworm infestation.

Using coconut meat to get rid of parasites and worms is not just a traditional practice in India. The effectiveness of coconut meat as a vermifuge (a medicine or agent serving to discharge worms or other animal parasites from the intestines) has also been tested in a study that was conducted in 1984 in a village in Rajasthan India where there are many cases of tapeworm infestation. As the people there are non-vegetarians, they usually get to east raw or improperly cooked beef. q mart gas station The study used fifty individuals infected with parasites volunteered for the study and they let them take different coconut preparations combined with Epsom salt which is a strong laxative. The subjects that were given either 400 grams of fresh coconut or 200 grams of dried coconut followed with Epsom salt successfully expelled parasites. After 12 hours, it was learned that those who were given dried coconut expelled 90 percent of parasites while those who took fresh coconut expelled 60% of parasites. Therefore dried coconut is much effective than fresh coconut as a vermifuge.

Thank you i will try this! I havent had a regular bowel movement since my now 5 year old was born. types of electricity generation methods Ive been antibiotics most of my childhood and adolescence years. I get movement in my intestines every now and then and almost like a scratching feeling too. I took sugar out my diet and had a late period now again 3 days late still waiting. The natural doctor i went to some months ago just took a saliva and urine sample and told me i need to heal my gut and organs and sold me over $200 worth of vitamins. I was going okay but stopped because of money and weird headed feelings, lightheadedness,aim, ect. Im a little skeptical of putting high doses of poison in my body to heal it especially since my regular doctor did a blood test and found nothing. I took a at home 14 test kit and only found kidney damage. I check my blood sugar once a month and it is usually below 120 after meals. I pee alot at night and really dont sleep well. I know diet is key so i only eat veggies and fruits and lean protein to try and rid my body of whatever. Should i be taking acv on top of my organic greek yogurt and coconut oil too? I cant stomach the coconut oil alone so i drink it with my tea cinnamon and honey. gas constant But i find if i drink too much tea or coffee i get symptoms of heat palpatations or lightheadedness. thank you