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Can i have heart problems even though i have normal blood pressure that’s anywhere from 117/74 to 130/84 normal EKG and EEG normal chest X-Ray and normal bloodwork?The reason i ask is i am always getting these sharp pains in my left chest area and from time to time i get pressure in my chest that goes all the way across my chest.I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder but the anxiety (I think) is brought on by the chest pains.The chest pains really come out of the blue and take me by supprise and that’s what causes the anxiety attacks because it does’nt seem normal and it really scares me.I am a 43 year old male non drinker non smoker 5ft 11in and about 220lbs which i have lost about 35lbs in the past 5 months,used to be about 255lbs.My mother who is a retired nurse say’s i am crazy because all tests keep coming back normal but the pains i am experiencing are not in my mind,they are real and they are making my anxiety worse!!P.S. This problem has been going on for almost a year now and i am a generally nervous/tense person that finds it very hard to relax.

I am a 33 year old Male.. I have the same problems.. I used to drink and smoke but started having palpitations and shortness of breath. I quit cold Turkey and haven’t drank or smoked for over 2 years.. But my life is a fraction of what it once was. I have constant shortness of breath, palpitations, skipped beats, dizzy spells, and most alarming symptom is fatigue, nausea and tight chest after physical labor or sexual activity. I have had stress tests, ekg, ultrasound blood work thyroid you name it.. all %100 normal. but I can’t Last a busy day with out feeling sick and weak. Drs. have just shoved it off as anxiety.. I ALSO CHECK MY BLOOD PRESSURE WHEN I FEEL TIGHT CHESTED AND SHORT OF BREATH AND MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS ALWAYS PERFECT.. BUT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.. ?? It really seems like I am suffering from some form of heart disease. I felt sweaty and fatigued and felt chest discomfort today after trying to pull start my lawnmower. Very alarming yet apparently there is nothing wrong with me.. Very Strange.. and Very low quality of Life.. ANSWERS OR IDEAS ANYONE ??

Keith, I have the exact symptoms as you!! Have been to the hospital a few times thinking I was having a heart attack, had all the tests done. $16,000.00 in medical bills just to have the dr. tell me it’s anxiety or in my head. I’ve had these symptoms for 8 months now, and am not getting any better. It’s ruining my life and everyone around me thinks I’m nuts. It’s usually worse in the afternoon/evening, and I have insomnia now because I’m afraid if I go to sleep, I won’t wake up. Sorry I don’t have an answer for you, wish I did. I have been looking up the symptoms for months trying to find an answer and am amazed at how many people have similar symptoms but are told they are fine. No one seems to have an answer as to what’s causing this. The only thing I’m even close to finding is anemia or low thyroid levels? Maybe check those out? I started taking a ton of vitamins and felt great for about 2 weeks, then dive bombed back to the chest pain, heart palpitations and fatigue again. I am still taking the vitamins hoping I’ll feel better again. If you find an answer or ANYTHING that helps please, please let me know. Thanks!

i have been a martial artist and athlete my whole life i am 31 year old and last year i started having massive panic attacks and anxiety out of no where i have had countless bloodtest ekgs 2 resting Echos and 1 stress echo and they have not found anything,i get chest pain dizzyness Leg pain arm pain back pain all over,the shortness of breath i seem to have is more like someone is choking me or standing on my upperchest and i am always clearing my throat/growling stuff up i went from being a national champ 1 day to hardly being able to work out ever cause when i do somethin g i get hard palpitations and chest pains and feel like im going to pass out my quality of life has gone from amazing to where i dont want to be here anymore im sick of being in pain 80% of everyday,and tired of being scared to sleep or workout.i dont feel anxouis very much until my symptoms start then i feel worse and freak out.i just keep thinking what did i do to go from feeling amazing one day to the next being like this.