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1. 3rd world is "Non NATO and NON Soviet bloc." This IS THE DEFINITION. Words have MEANING. One person creating their OWN meanings is NOT how language works. The Soviet Bloc no longer exists. Thus there are no longer "3rd world countries." There are "DEVELOPING" countries, if that is what you meant.

2. Your idea that only "0.015" is confusing. "%" refers to part of "100". But Your use of decimals does the same, thus negating your number. So, if you mean that 1.5% of Mexicans have decent jobs, this is simply untrue.The economic statistics do not support your number.

3. " Mexico has…Literally no basic infrastructure( water, plumbing…" My house definitely has those things. My relatives homes all have these things. So do the thousands of people whom I see paying their utility bills at the machine on Hidalgo avenida. Many pay via the internet. Certainly ALL of the 100’s of bars and restaurants where I go have these things. So your "literally" point is quite false.

I am a business owner and do business in Mexico for many years. RFC number et al. My relatives own businesses, their friends own businesses. I’ve traveled throughout Mexico (27 states) in the last 38 years. I have obtained CONACULTA Grants to work with indigenous populations in the mountains of Puebla, as well as sip wine with "elites." I have seen FAR more of Mexico than you can imagine. I have actually seen more of Mexico than most Mexicans. Edited: 21 May 2018, 22:23

Oh believe me, he is not only a real person, but real stand up guy at that. And I can assure you he has been to Mexico numerous times. I have to agree with his "3rd world" comment. Most people today do not recognize the origin of the original meaning and it is commonly used to describe countries that are still developing. Mexico although farther along than others, is still developing. I have a godson there in Zihua who lives walking distance from Sam’s Club. For electricity, they use an extension cord that is plugged into a neighbors house. Their water comes from a communal faucet down the street and must be carried to their how in 5 gallon buckets. I have a girl there that we put through school who lives in Coacoyul under the same conditions. These are just 2 families that I am personally aware of so I can assure you there are many more.

When you drive just 2 miles out of any town there and find the road side and any depression in the landscape being used as a garbage dump, you’re in a third world country. When the only difference between criminals and law enforcement is a uniform, you’re in a third world country. When any political candidate, honest or dishonest, is assassinated before they are elected, you’re in a third world country.

Yes, they are. And to recriminate against the US is, well, childish. Name the last US train robbery. Or the US political candidate(s) murdered in the last 6 months. Name the last time a member of a US teacher’s union hijacked a bus, blocked a highway and set said bus on fire. And then looted a Walmart. And subsequently burned a number of government buildings. For many years in a row without impunity. Or when a gas pipeline was tapped to steal fuel. Or when 50% of cargo trucks are subject to robbery and thus need armor or bodyguards. Name which 45% of US counties are controlled by criminals. Likewise, it’s universally accepted that you can drink tap water in the US. Name the last US journalist murdered. And I’m sure I speak for Canuckleheads as well. Mexico is an absolute disaster politically, economically & environmentally. The only thing holding the country together is the resiliency of it’s people. And they deserve a hell of a lot better than what they’re getting. From their politicians and elitists that condescend to them by making themselves feel better by playing in some lame music festivals. Kinda like how the government tries to appease the people by giving them free access to museums on Sundays.