Can someone explain the manufacturing differences between a 2.7 and 3.5 eb – ford f150 forum – community of ford truck fans electricity definition

I read some time ago about the 2.7 being ‘specifically’ built from the ground up as a ‘turbo’ engine, whereas the 3.5 was an evolutionary devolopment from a naturally aspirated engine. I have no idea if that is remotely true or not…. but I am curious and would like to figure out what I want….with RELIABILITY being high on the list. I have read that the 2.7 EB is constructed of a ‘carbon steel’ makeup, like the diesel – – which I assume is a good thing. Is that the case for the 3.5 as well?

What major improvements has the 3.5 EB undergone, and did these updates prove out to be successful to the operation and longevity of the engine?? Does the 3.5 EB have the dual port/direct injection like the updated 2.7 got this year? I am having difficulty finding that info. I assume this was done to keep carbon buildup off the valves?

I thought I had settled on the new 5.0 V8 until I came across a few horror story threads of the 2018 version having all sorts of problems, not starting if the gas tank wasn’t over 1/4 tank full… or on level ground…. metallic knocking, and all sorts of crap. So… now I am effectively scared ******less of buying a 5.0…. and am back to looking at the EB variants…. that is the backstory to this thread. I would like to hear also if the metallic knocking of the 5.0V8 has been troubleshot and fixed, or if it continues to be a problem.

The 3.5 EB is based on the 3.5 NA that has been in production for years and has been a very reliable engine. They share the block, and a few other components, but everything else has been designed to work under the pressures of a turbo. The turbos are water cooled, and the cooling is designed to circulate when the engine is off to continue cooling them after shutdown, so a turbo timer is not needed. The heads use Direct Injection and well as starting in 2017 MPFI. Ford did extensive testing, torturing it under extreme conditions, and with well over 1 million of them made, has shown to be very reliable.

Each engine has it’s purpose and you just can’t go wrong with any of them, provided you get the one that will fit what you are looking to do with the truck. If you plan to do heavy towing, the 3.5 is the best, if you just want to drive a pickup every day with occasional light hauling, the 2.7 is the choice, and if you want a general all around truck for hauling and towing, the 5.0 is the choice. Just remember that in a forum, you only hear complaints, and with the huge number made, the complaints will be .000something of the overall perfectly running ones. Even though the truck I got is a royal POS, the 3.5EB in it has been flawless. Now if only the rest of the truck would be.

I was pretty well decided on the 5.0. But after reading the recent thread where several people complained about ‘metallic’ knocking in the engine and other things, it scared the crap out of me…..Reading the interwebs about ANYTHING brings up fears that are largely unfounded. First, 99% of people don’t post on forums. Ford sells several thousand F-150s a day. A very, very small percentage have any issue.

​​​​​You read 3 people talking about a problem, swearing they have it. One of them is a liar. He in fact didn’t put oil in, ran the engine dry, and now wants Ford to replace it. One doesn’t have the issue, but read about it, and swears they have it. Like a person that reads about a disease and is then sure they have it. The third doesn’t even have that feature on their truck…

Edit – previous post noted TWO tuners that FEEL that the 2.7 is a much more reliable choice than the 3.5. People have posted that Ford mechanics at a dealer FEEL that the 5.0 is better. I feel like a cheeseburger. All same value. None based on actual FACTS.