Can’t connect to my dns-320 gas 4 less manhattan ks

I had set up my dns-320 and I thought I had everything working properly. I tested the two computers on the network fairly thoroughly and it all seemed to work, but then after a few minutes of use it suddenly wouldn’t connect anymore. That is I couldn’t find the mapped drive from either computer, and I couldn’t login to the GUI via the browser ( tried several browsers ) … I tried this on the Windows 7 machine and XP machine …. but I have my doubts about it being to do with one of the computers because the device doesn’t seem to be booting properly. The power light stays flashing and never goes solid blue no matter how long I wait.

The thing is that this happened before, and no matter what I did it wouldn’t work. I spent hours trying every conceivable thing. The worst thing was that I wasn’t even able to get it back to factory settings or run the setup wizard on it but how I got it working in the end was to connect it to my old xp machine and for some reason it worked fine there … ( and from that I was able to set it up properly as well as access it via the network from my windows 7 machine, but as I wrote it is now exhibiting the above behaviour )

Thanks. I know what you mean about being plugged through a router and of course that’s the setup; but in this instance given that I was no longer able to access the device on the network; for troubleshooting I decided to take the router out of the equation and plug directly into the NAS via Ethernet and I cant access the NAS there and like I said I’ve used netscanner and it doesn’t show up.

As regards static IP. The answer is yes and no …. what I mean is that it was on dynamic but I switched it to static and then ended up switching it back to dynamic … but it still ended up sticking with the static address so I was pretty confused by that during setup …. but anyway it worked perfectly ( until it disappeared completely during normal use that it ) …. anyway at the moment it cant be found (by browser or netscanner ) on either the static IP that it had when it was static OR the default IP – (the one ending in .32)

UPDATE – I just plugged it in and it seems to be back to normal in that it properly starts up and power led goes solid and that I could access the files. I am beginning to suspect an overheating problem ( but it was on a solid surface with adequate ventilation and the fan setting was set to the default auto ). I am going to try to log in now and set the IP to a static one so I know I can always know where to find it but my guess is that I haven’t seen the last of this failure to start properly problem.

I mean I’ve plugged directly into the (DNS-320) NAS from the PC via ethernet – exact same as during running setup wizard. There is no switch or router in the picture at the moment ( for troubleshooting purposes I have tried to connect through the router and was not able to so that’s why I simplified the scenario and tried to connect directly. If I cant connect directly ( as is done during setup ) then I won’t be able to connect via a router I maintain. )

Anyway though I think it’s clearly not a networking problem I have here as the exact same setup worked perfectly today (after it cooled) whereas it wasn’t working at all last night ( no changes in the meantime ) … further to this after working perfectly for about 20minutes just now it has just stopped working so I’m going to let it cool down now and see if it’s a heating problem.

Thanks for the tip on the temperature but it doesn’t seem much use to me unless I also somehow know the temperature that the device goes into shutdown … but it might come in handy anyway. Do these devices experience temp shutdowns typically?

ps I have now got it set up with a static ip ( though it crashed before I was able to test this but I think it’s right … will know later when it cools assuming that’s it ) …. I also set a reserved ip on the router for when I introduce that back into the chain

To cut a long story short I still dont know for certain what the problem is but I’m fairly sure that it is connected somehow with the automatic fan control. When the fan switched itself off it always seemed to crash. I can’t tell whether this was due to temperature rising above the max temp on account of the fan going off or whether it was some bug in the firmware which caused the device to crash when the fan off control ran, but in my case I changed the auto fan setting from Off/Low/High to just Low/High and it seems to be having an effect. I have the hibernate temporarily disabled so I can monitor it and I tried to copy a couple of huge folders to put it under stress and it still hasn’t crashed an hour later, which for me is a bit of a result. I may end up having to leave the fan setting as it is and abandon the "off" setting which is not very energy conscious but ce la vie.

Does anyone know if theres any way of getting a temperature record I would really like to know whether the device crashes because of temp or not. My suspicion is not because the manual says it’s programmed to shut down if the temp exceeds the allowed.