Can virtual reality emerge as a tool for conservation_ by heather millar_ yale environment 360

Well, that may be a bit of a stretch. Gas engineer salary But researchers say that it could perhaps promote better understanding of nature and give people empathetic insight into environmental challenges.

“Virtual reality can give everyone, regardless of where they live, the kind of experience needed to generate the urgency required to prevent environmental calamity,” says Jeremy Bailenson, professor of communication at Stanford University.

Bailenson’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) this year released a short VR documentary and an interactive VR game that seek to explain the issue of ocean acidification, the process by which excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere dissolves in the ocean, making it more acidic and less healthy for ocean life.

As Bailenson notes, “One of the greatest challenges to staving off irrevocable climate change isn’t simply getting buy-in from skeptical politicians – it’s getting people to visualize how driving a gas-guzzling car or living in an energy inefficient home is contributing to a problem that may only manifest itself completely in future decades.”

Video from the documentary has been adapted to be included in Google Expeditions, a VR educational program that’s still in beta, but has already been shown to one million school kids around the world and will soon be released to many more.

“Google Expeditions will be the means to reach the student for whom the textbook or the lecture isn’t working,” explains James Leonard, a program manager on the Google for Education team. Electricity billy elliot “It’s a totally different medium. Gas number density It’s powerful and super-engaging. E payment electricity bill bangalore It will bring students closer to places they otherwise wouldn’t be able to visit.”

So far, the Google/Stanford effort seems to be one of the few aimed specifically at environmental education. Electricity worksheets high school Predictably, a lot of early VR investment is going into entertainment applications: VR movies and games.

The nature documentary filmmaker David Attenborough has just produced a VR experience of a dive in the Great Barrier Reef. Wd gaster theory While meant to entertain, that project will no doubt educate as well. Gas 93 In more academic and policy settings, VR is beginning to be used mostly to create 3D representations of pollution or other human impacts on wild areas.

Many environmental issues are complex and difficult to explain fully. Gas variables pogil key Phenomena like climate change, ocean acidification, extinction, and glacier erosion are especially challenging to illustrate, either because

Virtual reality solves many of these problems, Bailenson says. Gasco abu dhabi With the proper software, video feed and VR headset, just about anyone might be able to experience environmental change in the Amazon, the Arctic, or even under the ocean.

One minute, I’m in a high tech virtual reality (VR) lab at Stanford University, standing on a “haptic” floor of aeronautic aluminum that can move and vibrate to simulate the feeling of movement, encircled by speakers that can immerse me in sound, and by cameras that can track my every move, where I look, how and where I turn my body.

The next minute, I put on the VR headset and suddenly I’m in Italy, near the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, on a jetty that extends from a volcanic island called Ischia. Arkansas gas prices To say it looks and feels idyllic would be an understatement: The sun glints off the waves and bright primary color boats bob in the harbor. Gas 10 ethanol On the island, pastel stucco houses stair-step up toward a gray, crenelated castle. 1 unit electricity cost in kerala Above water, everything seems lovely.

Then I’m underwater. Electricity transmission The sea around Ischia, it turns out, provides a perfect place to show people the contrast between a healthy ocean and an acidified one: In one part of the harbor, colorful schools of fish rush past me. Electricity grid code Sea grasses undulate. Electricity magnetism and electromagnetism Eel squiggle by brilliant coral reefs. Gas works park address Along the bottom potter various species of sea snail.

Next, I turn to the part of the harbor where volcanic vents have created an acidified environment: The corals, the eel, and many of the fish have disappeared. Electricity vancouver wa Everything looks red-brown and murky as certain types of algae have taken over.

In my headset, Prof. Extra strength gas x while pregnant Fio Micheli of Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey says, “One of the most difficult parts of my research is getting people to care about ocean acidification.”

Full disclosure here: I knew all about ocean acidification before the VR tour; I’ve written about it for various magazines. 9game But as I took off my VR headset, I felt upset and deeply sad. J gastrointest oncol impact factor If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an experience — even a digital one — seems to be worth many more. Electricity and magnetism lecture notes As music video director and VR entrepreneur Chris Milk has put it, VR is an “empathy machine.”

“The virtual reality platform allows someone who has never even been in the ocean to experience what ocean acidification can do to marine life. Electricity labs high school We are visual creatures, and visual examples can be very striking,” explains Kristy Kroeker, an assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz and a consultant on the VR project.

There was a lot of hype about VR in the 1990s, followed by technical challenges, missteps, and public disappointment. Electricity in indian villages This time, the technology seems poised to become a mass experience. Gasco abu dhabi location Costs have come way down and computing power is improving all the time.

Google cardboard headsets and the Samsung Gear VR dipped a toe into this new universe last year, but experts generally said they were not quite ready for prime time.

However, in late March, Facebook released the Oculus Rift headset, an immersive VR setup intended for mass market use, priced at $599, about $1,500 with a bundled computer. Gas quality The first 30 Rift games have gone on sale, with another 100 to follow by the end of the year.

Competitors such as HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, and the Microsoft HoloLens are on the way. Gas tax oregon There are reports that both Google and Apple have projects targeting this new market.

Meanwhile, the ocean VR experiences produced by VHIL are building on a decade of social science research that shows people who have a VR experience are more likely to change behavior in ways that benefit the planet.

• If a person has a VR experience of cutting down an old-growth redwood tree — feeling the vibration and sound of the chainsaw, the crash of the tree as it falls — that person is more likely to conserve paper.

• If a person takes a VR shower and sees their avatar or doppelganger eating coal to represent the amount of energy used, that person is more likely to conserve water.

• People who experienced an early version of my ocean acidification “dive” — one with more cartoonish graphics and less accurate biology — cared more about the issue than other people who just watched a video about it.

VHIL is developing a fish avatar project, which will take movement data from electronically tagged fish in the kelp forests of Monterey Bay and transfer it into a virtual reality where people will be able to join the fish in their underwater world. Frictional electricity examples The project’s goal is to enable individuals to “adopt a fish,” thus becoming more invested in the bay’s future.

Currently, VHIL is working on how to distribute the latest ocean acidification experiences. Electricity will not generally cause Obviously, Google Expeditions provides one outlet. Gas efficient cars under 5000 But having secured project funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Stanford team now hopes to get as many views as possible for the documentary and the game as well. Electricity storage handbook They’re also designing studies to measure the effect of the content.

Cody Karutz, the Stanford team’s hardware manager, acknowledges that there’s still quite a bit of work to be done fine-tuning these experiences. Electricity deregulation choices and challenges For instance, you start the game on a boat in the Ischia harbor, but I found myself getting distracted by wanting to turn the ship’s wheel, which isn’t yet possible.

When I was “swimming” around trying to collect samples in the game, my brain balked at conflict between the visual information — swimming horizontally — and the physical information — standing vertically in a lab.

The 19th-century German scientist Alexander von Humboldt popularized the concept that the natural world is interconnected. Electricity use estimator In a Yale e360 interview, biographer Andrea Wulf explains how Humboldt’s vision helped create modern environmentalism.

A flood of migrants from the Middle East and Africa has prompted governments in the Balkans to erect hundreds of miles of border fences. Arkansas gas and oil commission Scientists say the expanding network of barriers poses a serious threat to wildlife, especially wide-ranging animals such as bears and wolves.

In his bestselling book, The Hidden Life of Trees, Peter Wohlleben argues that to save the world’s forests we must first recognize that trees are “wonderful beings” with innate adaptability, intelligence, and the capacity to communicate with — and heal — other trees.

From rapid genetic analysis to spectrography, high-tech tools are being used to track down and prosecute perpetrators of the illegal wildlife trade. Electricity projects for grade 6 The new advances in forensics offer promise in stopping the trafficking in endangered species.

In Senegal and other developing countries, multinational companies are investing in programs to restore mangrove forests and other wetlands that sequester carbon. V lab electricity But critics say these initiatives should not focus on global climate goals at the expense of the local people’s livelihoods.

From Morocco to Libya, the desert oases of the Sahara’s Maghreb region are disappearing as temperatures rise and rainfall decreases. Us electricity hertz Facing daunting odds, local residents are employing traditional water conservation techniques to try to save these ancient ecosystems.

Numbers of the great Indian bustard are down to about 250, the result of hunting and habitat loss. Gas in chest But a young physician-turned-conservationist is working with herders in the desert of northwest India to stop this magnificent bird’s slide into oblivion.

Five years after the nuclear power plant meltdown, a journey through the Fukushima evacuation zone reveals some high levels of radiation and an overriding sense of fear. Electricity word search printable For many, the psychological damage is far more profound than the health effects.

The 20th-century re-engineering of the Mississippi River wreaked havoc on natural systems and devastated once-abundant populations of native river shrimp. Electricity merit badge worksheet answers Biologist Paul Hartfield has focused his work on studying these creatures, which were known for making one of the world’s great migrations.

Brown pelicans were removed from the U.S. Electricity billy elliot chords Endangered Species List in 2009, in what was considered a major conservation success story. Electricity towers in japan But a recent crash in Pacific Coast populations of sardines, the pelican’s prime food, is posing new threats to these oddly elegant birds.

Two of the world’s leading experts on the world’s top marine predator are now in Antarctica, tagging and photographing a creature whose remarkably cooperative hunting behavior and transmission of knowledge across generations may be rivaled only by humans.