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I am 29, I have been ttc for almost a year and recently I had cramps like my period was coming a week in advance but no period. Then a week later my period came, it was lighter than usual, and ended in brown spotting for like 2 days, I have been feeling kinda fluish gas up asheville also, I get wicked hot so badly that I sweat through my clothes and I also had a slight fever of 99 degrees for one day, then get wicked cold chills, my breasts are tender or sore (not my nipples) just under and on the outside of my breasts. I have been getting migraines for no reason and not often but a lower backache. I have been c gastronomie traiteur avis getting this bad metal taste in my mouth and just feeling icky. Sometimes feel nautious but haven’t thrown up…But I have to be very sick to throw up…Never really threw up much all my life. I have been starting to pee a little more often and my appetite is strange…I get hungry in the morning…Like wake up hungry even though I never used to eat in the morning. I also take medications that my doctor and obgyn know I am on while trying to conceive and the problem is my meds have never made me sick before until the last week and a half or so. I take my meds and then a hour gas approximation or hour and a half later I stand up and get wicked light headed and dizzy. Is this a sign of pregnancy?? Took a home test (neg) and the hospital took a urine test (also neg)…Does anyone think it sounds like I could be pregnant and it be too early to show on a test because I have read up on early signs and symptoms and I seem to have most of them….I am praying that I am pregnant but would love to hear any advice or thoughts on this. Anyone else going through this also?? I read a few people’s that seem to be having similiar symptoms…This would electricity vs magnetism be my first child if I am pregnant so I don’t know what to expect. Thanx for reading and responding.

Hi ladies,i’ve bin reading your comments,and have something to share,i am 20 years old i live with my bf,i just came back from a trip about a week ago,i had my period as usual,my bf has not cummed in me ever well once but 2 months ago,i have some the symtopms sorry spelt wrong lol,i’ve bin hot and cold depending if i get in the bath im cold but if im in bed or by the computer on the couch im hot,i step into the kitchen i feel like i want to throw up,everynight i’ve bin feeling like i want to throw up,i’ve bin waking a level physics electricity notes up hungry when i get up usually between 7am-11am depending how tired i am,i also wanted to make a note my brothers both had a cold and i do have a cough,but my other symptoms came about a few days ago,i’ve bin turned off by sex with my bf since just before my period i did it once for him but i just wasn’t into it,when i eat doesn’t matter what i eat i feel nasuses after,im not sure what’s wrong with me,i’ve bin laying in bed watching tv,feeling like im depressed but im not,and just feeling very nasuses my period is suppose to come in 2 weeks i beleive the 24th or 26th till 30th usually,so im not sure what to really say cuz im not sure if it’s just a cold,i’ve bin getting heart burn alot to but not that much and food gas vs diesel cars i usually eat i don’t want right now cuz makes me feel sick….anyways please post reply tell me what you think

My hubby and I have been trying for our second child since Dec of 07. My last period was on Feb 2nd and I just ovulated on the 16th of feb. Of course we had sex often during the fertil time frame. But over the last few days I have been feeling weird. I know this may sound a little distasteful, but it all flows together. My stools are normally soft, and now it is becoming almost constipated but not quite. I haven’t eaten anything to cause constipation. I have had back aches from time to time, had hot flashes, and cold. been having this weird flush feeling in my face n gas in paris lyrics. And well my stomach has also felt a liitle off, squimish, crampy, and actually I feel as I don’t want to eat. But know I need to. I am not due for my period for over another week. March 1st to be exact. So I shouldn’t be feeling anything because of period. After trying for the electricity demand last 2 ovulations, and knew I was having sex at the right time, and seeing my period following. I hope because of these weird feelings I might be pregnant this time. It is hard knowing you are doing exactly what you should be and getting negative results over and over. I will keep monitoring my symptoms for the next week in hopes thatr it would provide more obvious clues to weather I am pregnant or not.