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Manufacturing PVC systems and products for a host of applications, S-lon brings excellence towards a range of conduits for water & electrical and telecommunication systems. Being in the manufacturing of uPVC pipes for over 57 years now, whilst being the leader in the supply of uPVC products to the domestic market, S-lon has the distinctive honour of providing water management solutions to key water supply projects undertaken in Sri Lanka. electricity word search pdf The brand is also a major contributor to the development of the telecom sector, with its supply of telecom conduits to telecom companies in Sri Lanka.

Today, S-lon has diversified into the hardware field offering a host of garden accessories, water pumps, chromium plated taps, chain link garden fencing, gutter guard and has also been distributing HDPE pipes and fittings for water supply projects, having the distinct honour of being the first local manufacturer to supply large diameter HDPE Pipes to the NWSDB and the first PVC pipe manufacturer to be awarded the prestigious SLS 147 – 2013 standard.

International Cosmetics (Private) Ltd originated from a company which was under the name MR Distributors – set up in the 1940s. At the initial stage of business, the company handled the distribution of products such as Parker pens and inks, Chesebrough – Pond’s cosmetics and toiletries, Yale locks etc. Gradually the company evolved in to ‘The Maharaja Organisation Distributors’ in 1972. After setting its first factory in 1981, it was renamed ‘ICL’in 1989 and the marketing operations devolved to ICL Marketing (Private) Limited as the manufacturing operations passed down to International Cosmetics Limited.

Today International Cosmetics (Private) Ltd holds a platinum track record in delivering the finest of internationally sourced products as well as locally manufactured products to its consumers. The company now operates as a member of The Capital Maharaja Organisation, which has again, won the heart and soul of every Sri Lankan today. Over the years, the research & development teams of the organization have worked effortlessly to bring the latest innovations out to the Sri Lankan market. Thus International Cosmetics (Private) Ltd has established itself as a strong, dynamic organization which provides a versatile assortment of brands catering to all ends of the mass and niche market.

The Group owns and operates three free-to-air terrestrial television channels and five FM radio channels. One radio channel broadcasts in Sinhalese, one in Tamil, two in English and one is a Youth Channel which plays a mix of Sinhalese, English and Hindi Music. Similarly, one TV Channel broadcasts in Sinhalese, one in Tamil and the third has a mix of Sinhala and English content. The prime English radio channel is the pioneer in formatted radio and radio promotions. All the channels command leadership positions in their markets and the Sinhala TV channel has the highest gross rating points of any channel in Sri Lanka. An all island DTH operation is now in the planning stage.

The Group’s Stein Studios at Ratmalana is the largest and most advanced Television Studio Complex in Sri Lanka as well as one of the best in the region. It produces some of Sri Lanka’s most successful television programmes as well as world class TV commercials and is geared up to be used in the production of movies. It also provides an exciting venue for major corporate events and musical shows. It is becoming the destination of choice in Asia for film makers, broadcasters, international corporates and other organisations.

The channel provides a wide variety of music entertainment programs to the viewer and brings together both international and local content. Moreover, it has a high level of audience share with popular programs such as Roba Eve, Legends of Music and Face the Nation. News 1st continues to be a very strong brand on the channel, and the 9PM news is the most watched, trusted and credible English News Bulletin in Sri Lanka.

Shakthi TV is the Tamil language channel which is the market leader is the exclusive prime time Tamil language TV Channel in Sri lanka. It is the only private TV channel available to viewers in the Jaffna Peninsula and most parts of the North Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. Its programme content includes: Entertainment, Sports, Current Affairs, Children’s Programs and News.

This is the most watched and listened to news programme from an independent broadcaster. To feed it, MTV employs over 400 stringers across the country. electricity in india Broadcasting from 5:55 am to midnight every day, it delivers three main news bulletins and 20 sub bulletins throughout the day on television and 54 bulletins on radio, in three languages. z gas station First and fastest with current happenings, the news operation has its own newsroom and multi camera news studio.

MTV Channel’s main studio facilities are located at Depanama, about a 25 minute drive from the city of Colombo. Modern office and studios building are built on an acre of land. The facilities, which house up-to-date equipment in television production such as three multi-camera studios, one large MCR, a mini MCR and a news-room, also house the facilities for MBC, the Group’s FM broadcasting company.

MTV also has a standard B type TVRO system from NEC Japan, with a 13m diameter solid parabolic dish. In addition, there are 10m, 3m and 2m dish satellite receiving systems aimed at various satellites. MTV has the capability of receiving any channel from any of the IOR satellites. Programmes are beamed to MTV’s station in Colombo from where they are relayed to its six repeating stations around the Island.

For its audience, MTV offers three language-based channels. MTV for English, Sirasa for Sinhala and Shakthi for Tamil. This gives advertisers the opportunity to focus their messages to specific target audiences. A focus further refined by extremely popular programmes and innovative schedules on the one hand and clearly defined audiences on the other.

the Sinhala language channel, enjoys the highest listener-ship across the country. This channel has taken FM radio to new heights of mass popularity in Sri Lanka. Innovative and creative mass appeal programmes cover local sports, radio dramas, local and international news, business and finance, weather and traffic news. Music broadcasts are designed to cater to a variety of tastes, Sirasa FM pushes new frontiers by creating a new standard in listening pleasure.

Shakthi FM is the only Sri Lankan Tamil language channel available on the internet. The only Tamil radio channel with island-wide coverage, including the Jaffna Peninsula and most parts of the North Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. Shakthi FM broadcasts music, live news, interactive interviews and a host of other programme formats that are innovations in Tamil radio in Sri Lanka.

The complex is equipped with four continuity studios, a drama studio and a talk studio as well as two editing studios and a multi-track production facility to provide high quality output to listeners. In addition there are edit suites equipped with the latest editing software for enhancing music, recording and online editing of telephone conversations and live interviews.

MBC Channels (Pvt) Limited was set up by The Maharaja Organisation in 1993. This was in keeping with the Group’s strategic thrusts into the areas of media and communication. Initially, broadcasts started with Yes FM, the English language channel. The Channel was the first to offer 18 hours of non-stop English programming in Sri Lanka and in 1994 started broadcasting 24 hours a day.

While, it was initially formed to market pre-recorded titles in compact disc and music cassette formats, M Entertainments simultaneously plans to develop the local music industry through artist and repertoire management – thus creating a window of opportunity for the Sinhala music industry in global markets. 3 gas laws M Entertainments (Private) Limited is the one company engaged in legitimate business practices where pirated music is widespread in the market.

M Entertainments distribute and market an assortment of titles from leading international labels and is the first to introduce original music in Sri Lanka through formal distribution channels priced competitively the range comprises a wide variety from western and eastern classical music to reggae, rock-n-roll, blues, soul, pop, jazz, funk, rap and Hindi and Tamil film soundtracks.

The Company has been appointed as the sole agents/marketers of worldly renowned Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music and Venus Records titles in. These business relationships made it possible for us to collaborate on and release Sri Lankan music on international labels thereby providing a much needed boost to our music industry while providing an international platform to showcase Sri Lankan artists.

The strategic alliances with world’s majors in music keep Maharaja Entertainments at the forefront of digital international music distribution in Sri Lanka and we continue our commitment to further improve this avenue. MEPL’s strong relationship with media guarantees complete terrestrial coverage for our artists. Also, unique content is produced in house via highly talented team of musicians utilizing cutting edge technology and facilities. M Entertainments currently supply both local and international content to platforms in the island and around the globe.

M Entertainments is dedicated to the goals of expanding Sri Lanka’s entertainment industry providing legitimate and original products to enhance consumers’ choice. It has a strong mandate to empower Sri Lankan artists and use the international collaborators strength to recognize Sri Lankan talent and allow the country’s sound carry across international boundaries. Sri Lankan musicians in the M Entertainments family encompass the best of discovered talent and are given the opportunity, longevity and success via out careful exposure to the world. MEPL is also dedicated to finding new talent & giving hungry artists the chance of success.

Maharaja Entertainments is proud of its achievements bettering the prospects of Sri Lankan artists and continuing to increase value to consumers. ME leads the market with original quality, sound & talent as the artists see their dreams fulfilled and the Sri Lankan entertainment industry is revitalized, M Entertainments promises to you that the best is yet to come.

In the 1980s, as the Group strategy of investing in core industries and of sharpening its focus on the service industry evolved, CSL expanded its charter to extend its services to various sectors of the economy. Here the Company exploited the extensive IT skills and the domain expertise that was built in-house to capture market share and build products that met the local industry requirements.

During the’90s CSL grew rapidly, becoming the local partner for many international blue chip’s such as IBM and ISV’s such as SSA and Midas-Kapiti International. Having established its solutions and brands, the Company focused predominantly on the vertical industry sectors of Trade and Manufacturing and Banking and Finance and went on to build an extensive customer base of reputed companies both locally and internationally, including several MNCs.

Gaining momentum from its success in the 90’s, CSL, as one of the leading ICT companies on the Island, was chosen as one of 11 local IT companies to tour the USA in 2002. electricity in costa rica current Today CSL has diversified into other industry sectors such as Telecommunications and Government. In doing so, CSL added best of breed partners such as SAP and Satyam Computer Service Ltd to its alliances in order to address the ever growing requirements in the market place.

The Maharaja Organisation (Projects) Ltd. is a subsidiary of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited. The Company was set up to deal with projects of a national infrastructural development nature. The Company’s first major project was the Prima Flour Mill, set up in 1978 at a total cost of US$50 million and, at that time, the largest flour mill in the free world. Since then, the Company has been actively involved in numerous projects of national importance, ranging from the building of roads to dams and their attendant hydro-electric power stations.

We successfully negotiated and supplied power to the Grid, through our associate company – Euro Asia (Pvt) Ltd., 40 MW Emergency power supply (using equipment supplied by M/s Alstom Power Rentals USA) and are now negotiating the supply of additional 50 MW of The Maharaja Organisation (Projects) Ltd and its associate companies were set up to deal exclusively with Sri Lanka Government business on behalf of foreign principals and have been in the forefront of the Government’s privatisation policy. We have today a project portfolio of over US$ 3.5 billion.

Please find below details of a few of the major projects we have negotiated and obtained, among others, for internationally known companies. In addition to these we have a vast portfolio of principals for supply of equipment and services for Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, Electricity Board, Railways, Water Supply Board etc. MAJOR PROJECTS NEGOTIATED AND OBTAINED FOR INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN COMPANIES