‘Captain marvel’ smashes box office record, laughs off review-bombing trolls – slashdot gas bloating


With a $302 million international gross, Captain Marvel has earned $455 million overall to date, the largest ever global opening for a March release and the sixth highest of all-time, reports the Wrap. The superhero movie raked in $153 million just in America, reports Collider, Suggesting that a sad, extremely vocal minority of idiots on the internet don’t actually matter in the slightest.

They’re referring to another Rotten Tomateos review-counting glitch Friday morning, as covered by the Hollywood Reporter: The Disney film had only been in theaters for hours on Friday when the female-driven superhero picture was torpedoed online via Rotten gas tax oregon Tomatoes. As of 8 a.m., the film had more than 58,000 reviews. That is more than the total of audience score reviews for Avengers: Infinity War for its entire theatrical run.

Movieweb believes those pre-release reviews were generated by bots, suggesting 10 gases a small handful of review-bombers who were attempting to amplify their impact. Yahoo Entertainment believes the attempted review-bombers were angry with the film’s star for, well, not giving a crap about what the trolls say. Perhaps that’s the best superpower of all.

There’s been nothing divisive about how the film was marketed, and contrary to the gaslighting I’m seeing by you and others, WW was attacked by the usual IMs at the time too. Alita? No, but what does Alita have to do with literally anything at all, given it’s about a robot who happens to appear like, eyes excepting electricity voltage in china, a girl? It says everything that the average IM thinks they can pretend liking a film about a robot somehow means they’re not motivated by misogyny when they attack Captain Marvel.

The entire controversy was whipped up by IMs. Marvel’s done damage control, but they’ve not said a single thing that can be construed as anti-anyone other than anti-misogynists-who-hate-this-movie-before-theyve-even-seen-it. And if it’s divisive to say People whose hatred of women means they’re running bizarre campaigns to reduce the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes of a movie they’ve never watched, then… I guess it fits that definition, but that’s not the definition most people use.

Not seen the film. Not particularly bothered by it generally but nonetheless feeling like I can’t trust a single review at the moment thanks to the IMs poisoning the well again. This is a repeat of the same shit we saw with Ghostbusters (which turned out to be awful), Wonder Woman (which turned out to be good la gasolina cancion, great if you exclude the last 20 minutes), and Black Panther (which turned out to be great, period.)

“Am I saying I hate white dudes?” asked the Oscar-winning “Room” actress, a question that she’d repeat twice more during her speech. She answered with a sneer, “No, I’m not [but if] you make the movie that is a love letter to women of color, there is an insanely low chance a woman of color will have a chance to see your movie and review your movie.”

Larson continued, “[Audiences] are not allowed enough chances to read public discourse on these films by the people that the films were made for. I do not need a 70-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work for him about ‘[A] Wrinkle in Time.’ It wasn’t made for him. I want to know what it meant to women of color, to biracial women, to teen women of color, to teens that are biracial.”

In a vacuum, what she said here would gas leak los angeles not be terrible. It’s easy to see her intention and the discriminatory aspect can be overlooked, as it was not her goal. (Though I do think it would be a mistake even in a vacuum; stories are how we connect to one another. If you craft your story in such an exclusionary way then you’re missing the point.) However, this was not in a vacuum: ranting about ‘white men’ is a trigger for many people, since it’s rapidly become an acceptable form of racism in certain contexts. And not tiny limited contexts that no one pays gas bubbler attention too, consider the story about Sarah Jeong. That’s a tough nut.

I think that might be a bit of an oversimplification. The overseas market really doesn’t care too much about any political message agenda a film might or might not have unless it targets them in some way. I’ve seen plenty of foreign films that supposedly have political messages that go completely over my head since I’m not familiar with what was going on in the country, so it doesn’t stand out to me.

Also Ghostbusters wasn’t shown in China because the government has a thing about showing films that contain ghosts or spirits in them so it didn’t get any boost from China that other films would get. I guess there’s a new Ghostbusters that’s getting made that’s supposed to be a sequel to the first two, but unless it gets the original cast back outside of cameos, I don’t think it will do much better than the previous reboot attempt. Even then, I don’t really know if it will be anything but a shameless cash grab.

I think this goes to show how much everyone overreacted to some idiots trying to bot online numbers. I think it just goes to show a gas is compressed at a constant pressure of that people need to get out more. It only seems like people give a shit about any of this because there’s a small group of busy bodies on social media that don’t have anything better to do and end up sounding a lot louder than they number in reality.

There’s plenty of legitimate arguments against what people were actually upset about, reducing it to the strawman omg they’re sexists mad because it’s a female lead! is inaccurate and demonstrates you’re every bit as intellectually dishonest as the people you’re criticizing. Brie Larson has made statements objecting to white men reviewing her movies and making gas cap code up too much of the press pool, such as saying about A Wrinkle In Time I don’t need a 40-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work about A Wrinkle in Time. It wasn’t made for him!.

If you want to argue about whether that’s actually anti-white male instead of pro-diversity, that’s a valid debate, so instead you set up the ol’ strawman and claim people were mad that a woman was given the lead in a superhero movie, which was never the issue and the same group of people love movies like Aliens, Terminator, and Wonder Woman- all movies with tough female leads. Typical sjw tactic z gas ensenada telefono to avoid the actual argument by painting all critics as sexists/racists. More and more people are getting sick of nonsense like that; take the statement I quoted above, if you changed ‘white’ to any other race, you’d be screaming about the blatant racism. A lot electricity physics ppt of people have a real problem with this idea that bigotry isn’t wrong in principle, but only wrong if it’s against non-whites. Then there’s the fact that even milder statements are decried as ‘dog-whistles’ for racism, then you’ll try to argue even blatant anti-white-male statements aren’t.

White males are not the most persecuted people on the planet yet there are a few who feel that they are under siege, and it’s ludicrous. Why is this an issue? Have white males been underrepresented so much that they have to unleash their review-bot army to redress their ancient grievances? The video game industry wants to market to everyone, so of course lets add some games where the girl is the hero, or a minority, etc. So what? Why does that generate so much rage? Play a different game. Watch a different movie. Don’t go into some holy war over something so stupid.

As for games – checking the Steam store just now for games on sale or being features or new releases, the use of white male figures in the marketing shots (where you can see faces) white la gas prices males are well represented despite the video game industry actively trying to get a broader audience. And just googling for new games many of the images that do have females they’re often underdressed or anime loli stereotypes. Checking gamestop upcoming releases, the featured game features a male (looking white but in Anime style so is probably Japanese).