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Capitalist priorities tell us what happens next. gas under 2 dollars On shedding loyal workers to protect the boss’s humongous pay packets and bonuses and fat shareholder returns, the company’s shares rise, and so it was with GM. Share prices rose 5.5% on the news. There’s nothing greater to gladden the heart of a city investor than a few thousand lives tossed onto the scrapheap.

Trump was the man who promised the car workers life would be better when he stopped foreign automobile imports and steel with higher and higher tariffs, a man who has done nothing constructive in his life; everything he touches is regressive. electricity distribution losses Trump held a rally close to GM’s Lordstown plant in July and told workers not to sell their homes because “jobs are coming back”.

This week Trump said, limply, “This country has done a lot for General Motors. They better get back to Ohio, and soon.” And soon means, there’s no rush chaps. It has echos of George Osborne telling crooked banks they had better get their houses in order … and they had fifteen years to do it, sp don’t cancel that month in the Seychelles yet, boys.

With not a shred of irony the company’s boss Mary Barra said the tariffs on imported steel imposed earlier this year by the Trump administration cost it $1bn and counting. $1 billion that should have gone into creating cars fit for the new age. Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac only good as old classic cars you can buy and sell quick for a premium profit.

Buyers took note that increases in saloon (sedan) prices were poor value against owning an SUV. You get extra headroom in an SUV but little extra leg or luggage room. 1940 gas station photos Business me in the US as well as here are not renewing the lease on their current company vehicle because it’s cheaper to buy one released from a lease agreement. la gas prices map A few more toys and a new designed nose isn’t enough to entice the wary and the pocket shy.

I expect other Scottish cities to follow suit: A pioneering plan to introduce a citywide network of electric vehicle charging points is under consideration by Edinburgh councillors. The City of Edinburgh Council and Transport Scotland claim Edinburgh is the first city in the UK to put forward such an ambitious and comprehensive Electric Vehicle Infrastructure business case, prepared for them by the Energy Savings Trust. (I wonder if they’ve thought of adapting the electric gubbings at the base of lampposts rather than add more street clutter to pavements?) By 2023 Edinburgh hopes to install 211 new charging points at a cost of £3.4 million. (No idea why that odd number.) Most of these charging points will be “fast chargers” for on-street residential charging, although there will also be some charging facilities for taxis and at park and ride sites.

Another dark, dank and dingy winter enfolds around us, another load of death wish pedestrians challenging cars, buses and trucks to a game of Squashed Hedgehog. This week alone, notwithstanding stresses caused by disjointed disciplinary committees, I almost hit three folk each wearing all-black head to toe stepping off the pavement left field. My wee Smart car has very thin windscreen pillars but that still doesn’t offer enough visibility to see people dressed as if Benicio Del Toro hunting South American drug lords in the night, totally oblivious of traffic. For god’s sake, wear reflective hi-rez armbands, jackets, head torches, even LED lit trainers soles will help. Dear Scottish Government – make safety wear mandatory!!! (Sorry about the Tory bit.)

Does any reader use the M8 for daily travel or used it lately? Tailgated by White Van Man is the norm. You overtake a big rig and choose a distance ahead to move back to the inside lane only to see Mr Grim Reaper a foot from your boot, face contorted in an expression a rugby player in a scrum will envy, trying to push you faster than the speed limit. gas dryer vs electric dryer singapore Once you move aside he’s onto the next driver. Tailgating is illegal, but give me jam-packed 20 mph city roads to the race track of the M8. Last trip I took to Glasgow and back left me drained.