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been dealing with this issue in my 2003 Mini Cooper s for about 6 month now really want my car back. gas gangrene Getting codes p2301 and code P2304, no spark, before the car stopped running, I was hit, not sure how hard, in the passenger side door the next time I drove it, it died, when I shut it off burning the lead to the starter solinoid. I know there is no inertia switch since it was integrated into the srs in these models,but could I have been hit hard enough to not set the airbags off but still mess with sensors? I read a post that talked about something like this happening and the starter would burn up. All fuses and relays are fine as well as the mega fuse in trunk. The mini dealership had it a month and couldn’t figure it out and they told me it was the dme, I sent the dme to g4 computers to be repaired and they said it was a blown transistor in the computer, but when I put it back in still the same results and same codes. Is there a dealer reset for this or could it be a software problem? Or could I be getting these codes from the line in the gas tank. electricity manipulation As far as I have been told (since I don’t have pressure guages) I have fuel pressure.

The car was running great! Got hit while parked at home , I’m not sure how hard I was hit dented the passenger side door up pretty good.(need new door and mirror) got in the car the next morning drove with a little bit of a stutter for a few miles stopped to talk to my wife and shut car off. Went back to the car to try and start it and nothing not even a click. Noticed smoke coming from hood (starter /flywheel) pulled the starter lead from starter to solinoid was burnt. Replaced starter, car cranks over fine but won’t start. I then tested and checked all fuses and relays, all checked fine. gas exchange in the lungs happens by the process of Pulled coil and decided to replace tha, still the same cranks won’t start. Replaced spark plugs and wires,still the same. Replaced pigtail connector to coil, no luck. Checked cam sensor tested fine, checked the crank sensor got some weird readings on that so I replaced that just to be sure. Still no start, cranks fine.i had the battery tested and charged a few times in this whole process, tested good and charged. Took it to a local Indy bmw shop they couldn’t figure it out. o gastro Towed it to another local shop they couldn’t figure it out but said they thought it was the dme. Towed it to mini dealership where they had it for over a month and couldn’t figure it out and they said they thought dme. gas stoichiometry Towed the car back to my house, sent dme to be repaired they said there was a blown transistor and they died it. Put dme back in and still the same cranks but won’t start. All the time getting the same two fault codes p2301 and P2304. The car is still dead.

So there was no spark when you tested? Also, the dealer didn’t find your problem so I’m not sure I would trust that they did everything they said. You can get a cheap fuel pressure gauge set at harbor freight for around $25. electricity how it works However if there was no spark when you checked that would lead back to coil, crank sensor or computer control of spark, all of which you say you addressed. That means it must be an issue in the ignition circuit. Check all the fuses and relays again including all connectors at the fuses. gas zauberberg Could be a water intrusion that has corroded a connection. Maybe someone else can contribute to advice. Those codes indicate that the PCM, DME on a Mini, is not able to initiate spark. There is another set of electrical connections on the passenger side behind the kick panel. Since that was the side that was hit I’d look there for wiring or connection damage. la gasolina lyrics translation It really sounds like this is a connection issue. Here is a link to a good examination of the fuses, relays, and connection locations.…nd-wiring.html