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We were already certain we wanted a Travato and given what we had seen for quality issues in Hymer models, we didnt really have a flame going for one of their units. But we tried to keep that door open to see a Banff without traveling far before we made final decision.

No regrets. The Travato has been super. Rear bath showering is roomy, easy and excellent heated water by the Truma. We sleep on the twin Froli supported beds with absolute comfort. With all of the windows, the interior daylight gives us an uplifting feeling from stem to stern; some of the Class B’s have some dark areas.

I think the only thing we have nitpicked about is passing each other when walking between the twin beds is tight. Instead of 30 inch wide mattresses, some of the other brands have slightly narrower cabinets and mattresses. However, we are thankful at night to be sleeping on these 30 inch wide mattresses. The slight walking inconvenience between these with two people is an insignificant issue.

We have tested every feature. Except for an unplugged connector in the solar panel wiring, no other issues in the coach or the RAM chassis. And we can hardly call an unplugged connector an issue. I suspect the mating halves were just not pressed firmly together. It has not come apart again.

A few people took issue with the Promaster not having a tilt steering wheel. My wife is 5′-8" and I am 6′-1". We both are very happy with seating, steering, controls & information placement. The mirrors are outstanding. Surprisingly, ditto the stereo, even with Sirius digital music. While a Sprinter is a bit more upscale in finish, we have no complaints with the Promaster.

The visual quality was not so bad. Everything was stable and not rattled on the road. But cheaper one has it’s own reasons. The gas heater and A/C is loud (very). The galley looks small and cheap. Driver side chair is not completely swiveled. No back camera supported. No passenger side armrest. But, some of those are changeable.

– The second alternator produced enough electricity. Since we usually stayed RV parks and moved a lot, I felt like I was free from electricity. We never warred about the refrigerator while away for long day tracking or shopping. About the A/C, I don’t know how long it can be run.

The included 8 pieces of cushion were too soft for us, and making king size bed at night was a hard job. We removed all the cushions and bought two 2" IKEA matrices. Those are just fit as a sofa cushion when it folded a bit. Converting to bed/sofa was just easy (30sec is enough). We highly satisfied about this (I don’t need permanent bed anymore)

The Banff’s sewer system is weird and stupid. It has separated two sewer outlets. The galley gray tank is located just under the sink(inside) and uses gravity system. The black tank is actually shower gray and toilet black combined form and located under the rear floor(outside). The black sewer pushes out with macerating pump through the 1" hose, but the final outlet is 3" usual RV type. I had to elongate the sewer outlet cause it is very hard to connect to the black sewer adapt to the outlet (it is located at the deep useless small black box). Now I am considering to make one outlet.

The built in Suburban gas heater is very loud and I smelled kind of petroleum odor. I removed all putty between outside heater vent cover and car metal plate then treated with heat silicon to eliminate the smell. We used Dr Infrared electric Heater every night and it worked like a charm and quite. The problem was its carrying day and night. After returned from our trip, I installed Dr Infrared Heater inside the empty driver side storage space. I moved the usb adapter and 110v outlet to inside. I didn’t operate it in real world yet (I worry about the air circulation).

When it’s cold outside, some cold air came in through the gas stove panel and we added the heater cover with Velcros and it actually worked. The Banff has not factory insulated at all. I added insulation as I could but freezing cold night we had to turn both electric and gas heater together.

When it’s rain, water drops from the awning cover and comes in. We needed to cover it and no choice other than the vinyl so far. It looks not pretty but works. I am still looking for the better method. For the screen, we used magnetics for easy access.

Works well. When we stopped rest area for lunch, we used microwave a lot and never worried about the battery voltage drop. The refrigerator is running through only 12v (I could see 110v plug while taking off the original counter top) and worked just fine. It ran without any issue for 3weeks traveling and ice cream was never melted.