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As the industrial uptick happens, the first thing that gets consumed more is the industrial consumable and the metal-centric world is clearly moving towards a more composite world which means that a lot of the new products and businesses that are being created are not metal-centric. Gas x strips walmart All this turns into a delightful venture for Carborandum as K Srinivasan, MD, Carborundum Universal tells ET Now. K Srinivasan : As the industrial uptick happen the first thing that gets consumed more is the industrial consumable it is like braces, cutting tools whatever you do in terms of finishing products, in terms of home improvement, in terms of any construction fabrication etc. Gas estimator So consumables pick up is a beginning of the up cycle. Electricity trading strategies So we have been seeing double digit growth the abrasive business for us grew by almost 16 per cent in this quarter, we expect to stay around this kind of a growth during this year. The machinery increase would come later in the capacity utilisations actually start getting better. Electricity kwh cost uk As of now projects are still not happening, consumption-driven growth means consumables growth first and then capacity creation happens later.

ET Now: Clocking in, a good 25 per cent share in the abrasive segment, what are the growth plans and what is the market share like in the ceramics EMD segment as well? K Srinivasan : Yes, the abrasive segment would be probably 25 plus and we expect to improve market share for many reasons one is that we have now The surge in products for all the three tyres of the market, the premium, high end, the value for money and the bottom end which is cheap and dirty products. Gas up yr hearse So we expect that with pick up in the consumables business the uptrading would happen and more and more customers will move from the cheap and dirty to the value for money segment.

Consequently we expect actually market shares to move up for us. Electricity and circuits test In the ceramic business over 65 per cent to 70 per cent of our production is actually exported and they give us for high end applications like high voltage switch gear for solid oxide fuel cells for armour etc. Electricity tower vector A significant part of it goes in the Europe and US, these industries are extremely buoyant and we are doing very well. Gas house The electro mineral business really is a raw material business it supplies the fused minerals for the abrasive ceramics etc. Us electricity hertz and so if growth mirrors the growth of both the abrasive ceramics and other business, this is also doing very well our businesses out of Russia, South Africa all of them are running almost flat out to capacity at the moment. ET Now: Are you being conservative when you are guiding to growth which is two times the GDP, GDP is 7.5-8, will the growth be of 15-16-17 per cent from Carborundum for the foreseeable future, CAGR for the next three years? K Srinivasan : We believe on a medium to long term basis the metal centric world is clearly moving towards a more composite world which means that a lot of the new products and businesses that are being created are not metal centric, to a large extent they are non-metal centric which means composite, which means fine ceramics, which means engineered ceramic material etc and this is where Carborundum has got its strength.

We have been now tied up into tier-2 supplies of some of these big industries, at the moment they are not big but these are things that can grow to mega scale as we progress. Gas vs electric stove safety So, people really see value in getting into material science companies like Carborundum which has a unique advantage of working across 30-40 technology platforms. Gas nozzle icon That is broadly to answer why people see value in this. Y gasset Are we being conservative, I said yes we are being conservative because these mega opportunities tend to take time, we do not need to win 10 opportunities, we need to win one of the good opportunities.

Gas mask bong nfl We are working on many of them like you already know that we have six BSIR approved labs across the country, we are filing IPs regularly on the material science space, quite a few of these IPs are getting into commercial production so there are good times ahead. ET Now: Do you believe a key growth segment are these new age opportunities that you are working on, if one or two of those 10 or 20 click then will that be the bigger growth sphere for you as a company? K Srinivasan : We must take the predictable present which is really the growth on the known parts of the business which will chug along as a double the GDP growth which is what we talked of this 15 per cent plus and then the mega opportunities which is a bold tong, we plan for it, we work on it but we do not budget it into our growth plans, if it happens it makes it even better.

K Srinivasan : The electro mineral business as the name suggests is electricity plus materials, that is the reason we tend to be in these businesses where electricity and materials available be a plenty and are affordable. Electricity office Russia is a big place for us, we are the second largest silicon carbide producer in the world, power cost in Russia is among the cheapest in the world or probably today with the low cost of rouble, we have 80,000 tons running flat, we expect to look at phase two and see whether we can grow that further. There it is only question of putting up capacities and growing.

Gas up We probably would have done it faster but for a bit of hiccup we want to wait and see how the rouble pans out. Gas in texas Things are stable and probably we will go ahead with the next phase of growth there. Gas finder mn The business in China is essentially in an abrasive business initially targeted to manufacture in China and address rest of the world, primarily imports into India but with the current cost structures and the kind of changes that have happened we found this model is not working.

Bp gas station We now have moved to an outsourced manufacturing model by which our people have agreements with manufacturers where to our specification and design we have products made to address Chinese market as well as for exports. The manufacturing facility, the factory in China, have all been sold, the transaction has to be completed, we hope to complete it in this quarter or early next quarter. Gas efficient cars 2016 With that we will have a non-fixed asset based business model, we will manufacture with third party toll manufacturers and address markets in China and India. Electricity and magnetism review This will give us the flexibility and the cost advantage because we must accept that there is an asymmetry of costs in China between international companies and local companies.

K Srinivasan : Yes, we also supply extensively to the automotive industry and that will be a big boost to all the engineering industries including Carborundum Site: