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The company behind this product is NDS nutrition, a renowned company that manufactures acclaimed health and beauty pre-workout supplements. The NDS Cardio Cuts 2.0 was created in response to a demand for supplements that not only reduce weight but also increase the body’s energy during workouts.

This sort of demand requires a perfect and delicate blend of all the ingredients needed to make the NDS Cardio Cuts a success. NDS Cardio Cuts 2.0 is sugar-free, and it contains high amounts of caffeine and TeaCrine, to keep you on your feet during workouts sessions.

Indeed, this thermogenic mixture helps your muscles heal after an aggressive workout while increasing your endurance at the same time. However, NDS nutrition does not have a BBB rating, so despite all its energy-giving ingredients, this supplement still needs a lot of testing so its effects on the body can be verified.

There are only two versions of Cardio Cuts available – Cardio Cuts 2.0 and Cardio Cuts 3.0. These versions contain different active ingredients, with the 3.0 version being supposedly more effective in weight loss and energy gain. All in all, both versions contain the same type of active ingredients, but differ when comes to their composition.

We are a bit skeptical about a few of its promised benefits. The secret of the effectiveness of every supplement lies in its ingredients composition. In Cardio Cuts 2.0, there are 44 ingredients involved, of which about 4 are active weight loss ingredients. These ingredients include MCT powder, CLA, and Carnitine Complex.

Many users have testified to its effectiveness in increasing energy for workout sessions. However, there’s been reports of dizziness, nausea, and jitteriness in some of its users. In fact, Cardio Cuts is not recommended for those on blood thinners, pregnant women, and those with heart problems. Cardio Cuts and Weight loss

Lastly, there’s no concrete scientific study or research to support the claim that Raspberry Ketones are effective in weight loss. The only research done with Raspberry Ketones was done in-vitro. All in all, the ingredient composition of the Cardio Cuts does not guarantee an effective weight loss effect. Cardio Cuts and Endurance

Muscle fatigue is caused by the buildup of lactic acid in the body muscles, and beta-alanine counters the buildup of lactic acid by increasing your carnosine levels, which acts as a buffer against lactic acid. Cardio Cuts contains 1g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, which maximizes your endurance during workouts. Cardio Cuts and Muscle Recovery

Sometimes, the pain might last for days or even weeks. Therefore, to reduce the pain of muscle fatigue and tears, Cardio Cuts supplies the body with BCAAs (branched-chain amino acid) like L-Glutamine, L-leucine, L- histidine, L-isoleucine, and L-Valine.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Cardio Cuts are pre-workout supplements that help you reduce weight while enriching your body with the necessary nutrients for improved workout sessions. Cardio Cuts 2.0 pre-workout comes in powdered form, and it should be mixed with water. Since this supplement has the dual function, the doses and times depend on what you want from it.

For workout sessions and pre-cardio, you should add 1 to 2 scoops of this supplement to 8-12 oz. of cold water if you’re mixing one scoop, 16-24 ounce for two scoops, and take it 30 minutes before workouts to get the desired result. For weight loss/pre-cardio:

Furthermore, you should not take more than the prescribed two scoops a day. Since the supplement is in powdered form, you should take at least 125 oz. of water per day. Lastly, Cardio Cuts supplement contains oily ingredients, which makes it quite difficult to dissolve completely in water. Cardio Cuts Reviews

There are quite a few reviews about Cardio Cuts, even though the numbers are lower than expected for a product that has been around for this long. There are lots of negative reviews about its weight loss effects, with many users complaining about its inefficiency. However, some users mentioned the energy-boosting effects, which helped them increase their workout sessions.