Career fair displays the new oil and gas industry news electricity transmission vs distribution


The Oil and Gas Career Fair was developed by the CTE (Career & Technology Education) Welding and Construction Advisory Committee of KISD, which is currently made up of nine representatives. These representatives are from Karnes County and who work in industries that utilize welding and construction processes in their daily work.

KISD currently has other industry advisory committees/experts, such as healthcare, business and law enforcement, whose main purpose is to advise KISD faculty and administrators about both their current and future workforce needs. This helps KISD incorporate updated curriculum and host industry guest speakers to bring their current and future perspective of the skills and educational training that employers need for their workforce.

“Textbook and computer learning is essential to building a solid foundation for the CTE classes; but having industry advisors speak directly (as an aligned committee) to the students, and sharing with educators their needs for the job and employment hirings, is essential to producing a workforce ready community,” says Bret Baldwin, consultant of Straet Global Consulting, LLC.

From Carrizo Springs to China, DeWitt County to Dubai, several companies’ representatives, were glad to share with the students and educators about their livelihood and international experiences. They were also glad to hear about the students’ sincere interests.

CTE Advisory Committee member for KISD and local entrepreneur Leslie Wynn commented, “For the students to have something to see and learn about their opportunities to make a good living is huge. I am honored to be a part of this community through the advisory committee that helps students with real-world applications, and helps to make them more marketable.”

Students were given the chance to meet and discuss all aspects of the oil and gas industry, which even included those representatives who were set-up to discuss how they help the industry with their talent acquisition and recruitment of employment candidates.

Kenedy High School junior, Timothy Jacues, wanted to use Friday as a chance to learn more information about the oil and gas industry, and because his family members have been working in the industry for more than 25 years. As someone growing up in an ever-present high-tech world, he isn’t sure about the industry and what opportunities of high-tech (oil and gas) are available to him.

“During the last month of the school year, I was excited to hear about the opportunity to learn more about the Oil and Gas Career Fair from my welding and construction teacher, Terry Jones. He shared with us, that all we had been learning for the past school year can now be seen by attending the career fair. That is why I came.”

“This is really my first time to see all of these opportunities in the oil field; as I have heard a lot from my family members, who have been in it over the years, making good money”, said Runge High School senior Josiah DeLosSantos, who attended the event with his high school ag teacher, Robert Barth.

“It was indeed a great day. We are so very thankful to the CTE Advisory Committee for organizing this career fair and the many companies which came to support our area students,” McClellan stated. “They made a tremendous sacrifice – taking time out of their work day, bringing in their equipment, personnel and expertise. We sincerely appreciated each person.”

At the end of the fair, the common thought had by many, who came to represent their company, was best summed up by an SRS Frac Tank Rentals representative, “I wished that they would have had something like this for me when I was in school. I think about how much further I would have been in my career – this is great.”