Carson city traffic signal network keeping pace with development, officials say carson city nevada news – carson now t gasthuys

"There may be areas of town where these developments are occurring where we may see increased traffic volumes that affect the signals and how you experience your travel during the day," she said. "There’s really just a couple of different areas with big developments going on. Those are the developments we are looking at to have a substantial impact on traffic."

Site improvements have begun on 44 acres of the Lompa Ranch property and the first phase of Blackstone Ranch, a development featuring 189 single-family homes along Saliman Road adjacent to Carson High School between East Fifth and Robinson streets. A 372-unit apartment complex has also been approved adjacent to Blackstone Ranch.

There are 147 single-family attached townhomes planned for Arbor Villas Apartments along Little Lane; a cumulative 240 apartment units in planning along both sides of GS Richards Way; and 105 single-family attached units at Mills Landing off State Street and East William.

Parts of that project will front South Curry Street with entrances and exits located at Koontz and Clearview in close proximity to South Carson Street, a typically high traffic area that Malone said has actually seen a significant reduction in volume since the final segment of the Carson City Freeway opened in August 2017.

"We’ve invested in traffic counters, so any time someone has a comment or concern about traffic in a certain area, our internal team and deploy those counters and we can look at volumes by time of day, hourly volumes, and they also capture speed of cars," Maloney said. "We collect a lot data to understand the volumes."

"With the South Carson Street Project and the freeway opening, that has brought us into a new phase of modifications to that network," he said. "The interchange to Mica is going to continue to see increased volumes year over year. That’s our biggest challenge and that’s where we’re focusing on."

The portion of South Carson Street from the freeway interchange north is still owned by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), which will be relinquished to the Consolidated Municipality of Carson City. Currently, an interlocal agreement with NDOT gives Carson City the responsibility to operate and maintain lights along that corridor, Jacklett said.

That model includes Reno-Sparks to the north, where unprecedented growth is occurring, as well as the communities of Western Lyon and Northern Douglas counties, areas managed, in part, by the Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) and the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC).

Residents and visitors can access Carson City’s virtual city hall through Carson City Connect at There they can view frequently asked questions and submit service requests. There are also apps available for IOS and Android smartphone platforms.

Concerned or interested residents can also attend regular meetings of the Carson City Board of Supervisors, which convenes the first and third Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m. inside the Carson City Community Center, 850 East William Street.