Cartoon county mn- the lunacy of it all. k electric bill


Farenthold, for example, spent more than $84,000 in federal money defending himself against a suit brought by a former legislative director who claimed the then-congressman used inappropriate, sexually charged language in an interaction (another aide also claimed Farenthold created an unsafe work environment through his sexualized language and foul exploits).

The Huffington Post reports that the bill goes a bit further than just limiting cash flow, reforming a grievance reporting system mired in the 1990s: “Under the current law, which has been in place since 1995, Capitol Hill staffers who claim they’ve been harassed or discriminated against have to undergo counseling, mandatory arbitration and a 30-day ‘cooling off’ period before going to court. They won’t have to do any of that anymore.”

The bill doesn’t accomplish everything Speier set out to do. The provisions within the bill are limited to sexual harassment claims and sexual misconduct claims only — not claims of discrimination, even if those claims are sexual in nature. e suvidha electricity bill lucknow The bill also does not provide representation to alleged victims free of charge. electricity cost calculator Although those two requests were in the House version of the bill, Senate leadership encouraged the bill’s authors to pursue those objectives in separate legislation.

My guess is…not a damn thing. For those of you that are unaware, there was an investigation that ensued in January 2018 regarding accusations of Troy Salzer, your county extension agent. electricity notes Accusations were that (among other things), he used his position to utilize Cartoon County resources for his own personal use on his farms. Well, the initial complaint began with our county auditor informing Sheriff Lake of the allegations. Our sheriff rightfully asked the Aitkin County Sheriff’s office to investigate the allegations to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest.

Well, the results are now public, finally…and if you’re interested, the Aitkin County ICR number is 18000101 and you certainly can get the entire reports, interviews, and such for yourself. electricity sound effect Don’t take my word for it, do your own homework. gas in back and chest Reports, supporting statements, and admissions make it undeniably clear that Troy was using Carlton County resources for his own benefit. Sadly, the Aitkin county attorney chose not to bring any charges, citing poor policy by Cartoon County.

Make your own conclusions, get the reports, read them and come to your own decisions. year 6 electricity I’ve written Troy’s boss asking what he plans to do, its painfully obvious he’s not planning on doing anything. If he is, he’s awful quiet about it, he doesn’t even reply. My county Commissioner is also avoiding me like the plague…passing on my requests to other department heads within the county. Folks, the resources that were exploited are yours. You pay taxes that pay for this stuff…why is it permissible for a state employee to use resources you pay for for his own benefit? Do you think the county would let you use a dozer, excavator, or a grader for a weekend? Of course not, but apparently its okay for Troy to use a $92,000 tractor, a four wheeler, a few trucks, and buying power of the county for his own use. gsa 2016 calendar Paul Gassert is on the board that oversees the extension office…why was nothing done years ago when the tractor disappeared? So many questions…so few answers.