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I use cash envelopes for the categories of groceries, household expenses, gas money, car maintenance, gifts, clothing, allowances, restaurant, animal feed, and personal care. Household is any item for the running of the house like laundry detergent, toilet paper, shampoo, and soap and also things like nails, screws, or anything I might have to pick up at Lowe’s. gas oil ratio for leaf blower Personal care is for hair cuts and beard trims. I also have funds set up that I deposit into every month for insurance, computer/phone replacement, and medical, college, and vacation (although that one doesn’t get contributed to right now). I track those on a spreadsheet.

It took me a few months to get the amounts for each envelope right, but we seem to be sailing smoothly now. You just adjust your amounts until you are happy with it. We started out with $200 a month in Household, which was too much, so the next month I adjusted to $100 a month, but that wasn’t enough, so now it is $150 and that covers everything with some left over. gas vs electric oven cost It took me a while to get the right amount for groceries, too, but I consistently stay in budget now.

The first thing to do is write up a yearly budget so you know what money is coming in and out and when. you add in everything for everything so you add in food, gas, haircuts, clothes, when you do the car you add in registration/insurance/tyres/services etc…we have bills that come in quarterly/6 monthly and annually so we figure out how much it is a month and put it away in a seperate account so when those bills arise the money is there, we take cash out for groceries and gas and our "mad money". electricity distribution costs We also have birthdays, anniversaries and christmas money in the budget we have everything in ours. I do put an amount each month in an envelope with a list of gifts I want to get people and carry it with me so if we see a great sale we can get it and we buy things all year. It can be hard when you start off but if you stick with it it works. we are now debt free and after doing my moms for 18 months she will be debt free next week. static electricity in the body effects It also allows you to know the best times for holidays, how much you can pay off debt etc…I already have next years budget written up for us and my mom so we can start looking at getaways that we want to take and how much we can spend etc…if you pm me I can send you some pages that I use to keep us on track….even with a lot of unexpected medical bills this year we have managed pretty well

We do a form of Zero based budgeting, primarily because it’s familiar to DH. I’ve kept it super simple, primarily based on a combination of our government’s suggested spending percentages of broad categories and previous year’s actual spending. However, I’ve always ‘paid myself 1st, transferring 10% of all income from whatever source to savings. wd gaster theory As soon as we bought our initial home, we made it a point to create an EF, to eventually reach 1% of the value of that home. That fund fixes anything that goes awry, updating, upgrading, or landscaping. While we are currently mortgage free, we pay condo fees which have potential to increase annually. gas up We drive an older, paid off SUV, that fits our needs, $ 1K deductible, basic insurance paid annually so it and dog have a sinking fund, sub set Auto/Misc. Anything leftover, is sweep into a linked savings a/c as soon as the month’s finances have been reconciled.

Repetitive Bills are paid electronically, two business days before month’s end, each dated to be paid two business days before they are actually due. Following SA practice, vendors that don’t impose a fee are now initially charged on CCs that pay the best ‘cash back’ rates. 10% is transferred 1st, monthly bills, followed by quarterly or annual. Last are non repetitive bills. We both get a cash allowance to cover personal spending, hair cuts, manicure/pedicure, lunch out, treat friends, misc. spending.

Tuesday is designated ‘ DESK DAY,’ I verify everything has been paid as anticipated. gas knife lamb If we have spent the sum allocated in a specific category, spending in that category stops. electricity and magnetism study guide answers If it’s transportation or food, I adjust one of the other categories…if I must. I usually can adjust food budget which is only for edibles if I run short somewhere. If DH overspends his allowance he ‘borrows’ from me as I really don’t spend much.