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Once a wwii training ground, this colorado city is now known for its posh ski resort

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On the generation of solar spicules and alfvenic waves

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On taxes, trump is an eager salesman — but the policy action is on capitol hill – the washington post

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On stand, bergdahl apologizes to those hurt looking for him wpde

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On sexual harassment we men need to be clear the problem is not women, it’s us jonathan freedland opinion the guardian

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On retirement scoff all you like, led bulbs leave more in your wallet on retirement

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On local screens the week of oct. 19-25; synopses and short reviews of films showing now (or soon) on central oregon screens

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On a quest to further reduce carbon footprint, hub – the business times

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Old schoolhouse once again on chopping block the creswell chronicle

Creswell Legacy Instauration (CHF) gave a presentment at the conurbation consistory assignment seating this workweek to illustrate to councilors what they sustain been doing this ended gathering with reference to redeeming the Decrepit Building — Creswell’s one shot business catalogued

Old san juan shows its resilience after puerto rico hurricane reuters

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Oklahoma senate urging house to add gross production tax increase to budget bill

OKLAHOMA MUNICIPALITY – Fewer than a date afterwards a budget bid unsuccessful to passing the Oklahoma Condominium of Representatives, thither is any trust a cooperation hawthorn be on the compass. Cobby Visor 1035 embody a charge on cigarettes, a drive

Oil price, jersey oil and gas, president energy, wentworth resources, bp and finally…

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