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What’s the difference between oil and gas pipelines_ – 660 news

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association is trying to clear up some of the confusion people have about oil and gas pipelines. A recent pipeline leak at Nexen operations in northern Alberta has put pipeline safety in the spotlight. CEPA vice

Linking smallholder and commercial farms_ a strategy for tackling sdg 2 _ devex

Tukula Farming Company staff operate a tractor in a field of groundnuts in Malawi. The Clinton Development Initiative Anchor Farm Project partners with 56,000 neighboring smallholder farmers and provides them with access to quality inputs for maize and soy production

Donors and social entrepreneurs_ an evolving partnership _ devex

Off-Grid: Electric, a Development Innovation Ventures grantee, is a startup that delivers clean, affordable energy by enabling customers to prepay for electrical services weekly using mobile money. USAID’s Development Innovation Venture program is meant to test relatively unproven concepts from

I was in new york city on 9_11 (op-ed) _ rt op-edge

Trends 9/11 tragedy 8:46am. I was watching local morning news and learned that a plane had apparently flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Immediately I started filling in the blanks. It must have been a small

Graduate programmes & engineering _ graduate jobs_schemes at jaguar land rover _ targetjobs

Pulses racing. Spines tingling. Throughout our history, our iconic vehicles have delivered some of the most emotive driving experiences on the road. Today, with increasing demand and ever-growing ambition, we’re seeking the next generation of innovators who will capture the

Chamber deeply concerned over changes to labour legislation

Chamber deeply concerned over changes to labour legislation Thursday, September 17, 2015 by: SooToday. com Staff Facebook Twitter Google + NEWS RELEASE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ************************* “Additional proposals could add to the cumulative burden, impacting jobs and the economy” The

‘green inferno’ has too much gore, too few scares – richmond times-dispatch_ movies and television

What’s the point of watching horror movies? An often-argued reason is catharsis. Horror movies have a unique way of dredging up cultural anxieties and playing them to their worst ends on screen, so when the lights come up, we can

Halliburton to pay _18.3 million in back oilfield wages _ the texas tribune

Enlarge Photo by Lindsey Gee An Texas-based oilfield service giant has agreed to pay nearly $18.3 million in back overtime wages to more than 1,000 U. S. employees, following a federal investigation. The U. S. Department of Labor announced Tuesday

Overnight energy_ feds launch criminal probe over volkswagen emissions _ thehill

CRIMINAL CHARGES FOR VW?: German automaker Volkswagen Group is under criminal investigation by the Justice Department over its efforts to skirt Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions rules. DOJ launched the probe in light of the EPA’s revelation Friday that some

Electric car sharing comes to coal country _ takepart

A French electric car sharing company has landed in the United States with ambitions to create the biggest carbon-free automotive network in the country. The company, Bolloré, is establishing its beachhead not in San Francisco, Seattle, or any of the

New report shares details about the global power semiconductors market review & 2020 forecast – whatech

Details WhaTech Channel: Materials & Chemicals Research Reports Published on Monday, 28 September 2015 16:51 Submitted by Orbis Research WhaTech Max News from: Orbis Research Page views: 6 times Consistent with our stated policy of making available the best research

Production technician _ oilonline

Role synopsis The Production Technician is a Multi-Skilled position. The Production Technician is focused on critical production issues using higher order skills including: troubleshooting, analysis, problem solving, critical thinking, and diagnostic and reasoning ability. The Production Tech works closely with